About Us

We here at “The Energy Bit” believe that the potential of the blockchain technology with its benefits to peer-to-peer trading, security and smart contracts, will especially revolutionize the renewable energy industry. We welcome you aboard this mission to follow, educate and share our passion about blockchain technology in the energy sector.

Our team is a creation of 5 guys with a passion – the sustainable, renewable energy world. Check out our latest news, discussions and rumors to keep you up to date and in the know, so stay tuned!

The Energy Bit is created by:

Jussi – Web, Social and Marketing Extraordinaire. Jussi has been working in the tech world for about 15 years and enjoys cooking, family time and technical discussions.

Mike – A guy who’s on a perpetual learning curve of life guided by 4 pillars he swears by; Manners, Innovation, Karma, and Eloquence. Also enjoys card games and eating vendace with his mom.

Eeki– Self-taught world traveler, Eeki, describes himself as an impulsive person who enjoys being surrounded by nature and spending time with his family.

Tuomas – The old dude who thinks he is the boss. Experience in construction/development in Europe and Asia. He likes his moms cooking, good wine and spending time with his mates.

Timo – Once upon a time, a very hard working talented young man on a quest to conquer the world. These days, a humble family man and a blockchain/renewable energy enthusiast.

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