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The Energy Bit is a news magazine focused on research, sustainability, renewable energy, and emerging technologies – like the blockchain. We are interested in sharing the latest news, interviews, and opinions over a variety of renewable energy sources, storage, and distribution methods.

We here at The Energy Bit believe that the potential of the DLT/blockchain technology with its benefits to peer-to-peer trading, security and smart contracts, will especially revolutionize the renewable energy industry.

(We welcome you aboard this mission to follow, educate, and share our passion for blockchain technology in the energy sector.)

Our content:

InterviewsTo keep our readers up to date, we conduct private interviews with companies, industry experts, and commentators.

Project Locator – An easy to use visual overview of anything energy related. Find your projects by using filters or keywords. Overview of basic information such as name, location, contact, and social media. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think your project or company is missing from the map.

Freeword ArticlesAn editorial series touching various subjects and topics. Not always about energy, but more about the planet, environment, society, and humanity in general.

Energy Market UpdatesA summary of the latest happenings put together in a nice manner for you to indulge in.

News FeedA collection of relevant articles provided by Google, curated by us!

Twitter Feed Tweets from around the world touching the same subjects and related to the audience we have on Twitter

If you would like to be involved – writing, being interviewed or just interacting, then please, do drop us a line – info@theenergybit.com or Facebook/Twitter direct message!

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