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Enel Green Power Begins Operations at Second Phase of Roadrunner Solar Plant

Enel Green Power has started operations at the 245 MW second phase of its Roadrunner solar plant in Upton County, Texas. The overall 497 MW project is the largest operational solar farm in Texas and the company’s largest in the U.S. Roadrunner will sell its energy in a 65 MW power purchase agreement (PPA) with Mondelēz Int. and a 70 MW PPA with…

Our engineering and construction team executed on a project of monumental scale in record time, notwithstanding today’s ongoing challenges.

Georgios Papadimitriou, head of Enel Green Power North America

The Difference Between Green Energy And ‘Greenwashed’ Energy

For all the recent rhetoric about the impending global clean energy transition, make no mistake: the world still runs on fossil fuels. The energy mix may be changing, with COVID-19 pummeling the oil sector and a swath of green stimulus packages being announced by various governments, but there is no debate that hydrocarbons are still our most…

The authors found that 8 percent of current and planned mining areas overlap with nationally designated protected areas, 7 percent with key biodiversity areas, and 16 percent with remaining wilderness sites, which are considered important priorities for halting biodiversity loss.

Can the Future Be Driven Solely Driven by Renewable Energy?

The world is continuously walking towards adapting and promoting every method or initiative that guides the effort of going green. In the wake of the energy industry pronouncing environmental sustainability with a large range of diverse and innovative tech and non-tech measures, renewable energy is sure to become the…

Green Power Station: Continental starts photovoltaic power generation in Zhangjiagang

The technology company Continental has launched its photovoltaic energy generation project at its production site in Zhangjiagang, China. Phase I of the project has a total photovoltaic capacity of 1,918 megawatts and is expected to generate 1.8 million kilowatt-hours per year. This means that the Zhangjiagang plant will meet half of its electricity…

End China’s Infection of the US Power Grid

China and “probably one or two other” countries can shut down the U.S. power grid through a cyberattack. This disturbing revelation was made by Admiral Michael Rogers, former head of the National Security Agency, to Congress – in November 2014. China has also become the world’s leading supplier of transformers – the “spine” of electricity…

The need to scrutinize existing Chinese made items and prevent further purchases from China and other hostile countries, including Russia, is common sense. It will also be good for the U.S. economy.

EGEB: Solar-window tech makes a leap forward with better clarity

The Journal of ACS Applied Materials has published new research that describes a breakthrough in optimizing solar window technology. A team of scientists at UbiQD, an advanced materials company in Los Alamos, have achieved landmark efficiency for solar windows without compromising on aesthetics. Solar windows passively…

Utilities’ continued investment in fossil fuels leaves them at risk of stranded assets — where power plants will need to be retired early — and undermines global efforts to tackle climate change.

Clean energy firms surpassing Big Oil in market value

RENEWABLE ENERGY: In what analysts say is a sign of the shifting energy economy, some of the largest renewable energy developers have already surpassed oil majors in market valuation. (E&E News)

Analysis: Initial results of Portugal’s solar+storage auction

Portugal’s recent PV auction marks a new era of battery storage for the country, says UK consultancy Everoze. It notes that the auction was so competitive that the winners had to cut their expected remuneration in the solar+storage category to negative values. It claims that the real winner is the government, as it is maximizing the value of scarce grid…

In the Portuguese auction, developers competed for grid capacity for large-scale PV projects. The Portuguese grid has limited grid capacity left available for generators at existing substations or at substations which are planned to be built in the next few years.

Michele Lauritano, senior consultant at UK-based Everoze

Senegal introduces VAT exemption for off-grid solar products

The Senegalese Ministry of Energy has introduced a VAT exemption for PV products when connected to an off-grid project. The new measure was promulgated on July 23 and is now in force. The Senegalese government has published a list of the 22 renewable energy companies that will be entitled to benefit from the new provisions, some of which…

Flywheel-lithium battery hybrid energy storage system joining Dutch grid services markets

A hybrid energy storage system combining lithium-ion batteries with mechanical energy storage in the form of flywheels has gone into operation in the Netherlands, from technology providers Leclanché and S4 Energy. Switzerland-headquartered battery and storage system provider Leclanché emailed this week to…

We believe that the combination of these two technologies provides a clear advantage for enhanced ancillary services and the further integration of renewables into the grid.

Leclanché VP for system engineering Daniel Fohr

Tesla tests the circuits for German energy market push

Musk’s Tesla (TSLA.O) has recently acquired a licence that will enable the carmaker to trade electricity across western Europe and the company has also been surveying customers in Germany about potentially using Tesla electricity in their cars. Such moves, consultants and energy industry executives say, could set the stage for the company – possibly…

Multimillion pound prize announced for first zero carbon transatlantic passenger flight

A new competition launched this week is set to reward the next great leap forward in sustainable flight, offering a cash prize expected to be in the millions of pounds for the first zero carbon transatlantic passenger flight between London and New York. Launched by sustainability consultancy Carbon Footprint, the Freedom Flight Prize is open to…

The Freedom Flight Prize puts 100 percent renewable flights right in the spotlight in order to address the climate emergency we face. The Prize does not accept the compromise that long haul travel produces a high carbon footprint – in fact it recognizes that the technologies to power flights solely on sustainable renewable energy are available.

John Buckley, MD of Carbon Footprint

How EVs Will Reshape the Auto Supply Chain

The transition from traditional internal combustion engines to electric vehicles will drive a massive change in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry for a large segment of the supply chain. This transition will not occur overnight. But even a slow transition will be dramatic for companies that are not prepared. The change the industry is…

Southeast Asia needs to go all in on the renewables revolution

The construction of hydropower dams on the Mekong has brought the river, and the world’s largest freshwater fishery, to a dangerous tipping point. Development plans that would push it over the edge march onward, even though an energy revolution that could save it has already begun. In July, the International Energy Agency (IEA) gathered high-level…

The decisions of countries that purchase Mekong hydropower are crucial to saving the river.

Decades-Old Mystery of Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Solved

AUSTIN, Texas — For years, researchers have aimed to learn more about a group of metal oxides that show promise as key materials for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries because of their mysterious ability to store significantly more energy than should be possible. An international research team, co-led by The University of Texas at Austin…

For nearly two decades, the research community has been perplexed by these materials’ anomalously high capacities beyond their theoretical limits. This work demonstrates the very first experimental evidence to show the extra charge is stored physically inside these materials via space charge storage mechanism.

Guihua Yu, an associate professor in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Cockrell School of Engineering and one of the leaders of the project

Costa Rica microgrid project turns on, uses CleanSpark software, Tesla battery system

A microgrid project located on an industrial equipment retail facility in San Jose will be utilizing CleanSpark, Inc.’s mPulse controller to coordinate all aspects of the system and improve overall performance. The microgrid will consist of a 222-kW solar system, and a Tesla 111-kW/223-kWh Powerpack provided by CleanSpark. The system is…

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