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Eos Energy Storage Provides Business and Transaction Update

Eos Energy Storage (“Eos”), a leading manufacturer of safe, low-cost, and long-duration zinc hybrid cathode (Znyth™) battery energy storage systems, today announced three business updates and additional details regarding the potential business combination transaction (the “business combination”) with B. Riley Principal Merger Corp. II…

We are pleased to announce orders to deliver 1.5 GWh of our battery energy storage solution, which will be manufactured in the USA at HI-POWER, our state of the art joint venture multi-gigawatt manufacturing facility, co-owned with Holtec International (“Holtec”), located in Pittsburgh. We have further deepened our relationship with Holtec through their additional investment in Eos.

Joe Mastrangelo, Chief Executive Officer of Eos

What Schneider Electric’s Recent Move Reveals about the Microgrid Market

To understand the movement of the microgrid industry, its instructive to watch it’s large players, particularly, right now, Schneider Electric. The company has been navigating the industry’s tributaries for the last five years and seems to be signaling it sees an ocean ahead. The signal came in the form of Schneider’s mid-August announcement of a new…

You went from a very niche market to one where every energy consumer could probably benefit in some way.

Mark Feasel, Schneider’s president of smart grid, North America

Faster Acceleration Of Digital Technology?

Recently I was researching a new technological development I had heard about from a friend. It sounded like something that would make an interesting topic for an upcoming article, but my best-laid plans fell apart. I got sidetracked by a couple of splashy headlines designed to catch my attention. Like the Siren’s Song of Greek mythology, they…

New Zealand startup eyes global wireless electrical grid

A startup energy company in New Zealand believes it can power the world with a wireless electric transmission system that can bring power to hard-to-reach areas and do so at lower cost than with traditional power lines. The startup, Emrod, has teamed up with a leading power supply company to test power transmission using a series of…

We can use the exact same technology to transmit 100 times more power over much longer distances. Wireless systems using Emrod technology can transmit any amount of power current wired solutions transmit.

Emrod founder Greg Kushnir

Body Heat into Electricity: Scientists Developed a New Way to Charge Gadgets

Scientists from NUST MISIS have developed a new type of energy-efficient devices — thermocells — that convert heat into energy. This will make possible creation of portable batteries that can be applied to virtually any surface, including clothing, to generate electricity directly from the surface of the body. The results are presented in the…

We have shown the possibility of using a nickel oxide electrode based on hollow nickel microspheres in a thermocell. A record for aqueous electrolytes hypothetical Seebeck coefficient has been reached. In addition, we have found a nonlinear change in current-voltage characteristics, which is not typical for thermocells, which ensures an increase in the device’s efficiency.

Igor Burmistrov, one of the authors of the work, a scientist from NUST MISIS

This Utility Is Growing by Greening The Grid

For over two decades, Algonquin Power and Utilities Group (NYSE: AQN) has been making money for its shareholders by selling clean energy to its customers. Today, the company owns and operates a growing number of regulated gas, water and electrical utilities, as well as renewable energy power plants across the US and Canada. Its early focus on…

Candela Renewables Announces 140 MW Power Purchase Agreement

Candela Renewables announced an agreement with Google for a 140 MW power purchase agreement in Texas, bringing new green energy to the ERCOT power grid. As part of the agreement, Candela will develop a new solar power project, boosting the local economy as a result of the investment and creating new construction and permanent full-time jobs…

Cyprus to install rooftop solar power units in 405 schools, kindergartens

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) issued a public call for companies to build rooftop solar power systems in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. The project for renewables and energy efficiency measures was launched in June of last year with the Ministry of Education and Culture. According to the tender documentation, 405…

The national power utility company gets a EUR 1.3 million deal to maintain the photovoltaic systems for ten years.


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Orix inks deal with Envision Digital to empower digitised operations across utility-scale solar farms in Japan

Orix Renewable Energy Management Corporation (OREM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orix Corporation (“Orix”), a diversified financial services group headquartered in Japan, and Envision Digital International Pte Ltd (“Envision Digital”), a global green tech and Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) technology leader, today announced a…

Australian and Thai firms team up to launch renewable energy credit marketplace spanning Southeast Asia

Australian energy trading technology firm Power Ledger and Thai company BCPG, a renewable energy business arm of Bangchak Corporation, have jointly launched a new project that will see them set up a marketplace which will allow firms, institutions and individuals across Southeast Asia to sell and purchase renewable energy certificates…

Gravitricity starts work on 250-kW, UK energy storage demonstrator

London — Innovative electricity company Gravitricity has started work on a project in Scotland to demonstrate a gravity-based energy storage plant that is cheaper than lithium-ion batteries, it said Aug. 31. The Edinburgh-based project aims to showcase a fast response capability based on a weight suspended from a winch in a vertical shaft that can…

Our demonstrator will use two 25-mt weights suspended by steel cables. In one test we’ll drop the weights together to generate full power and verify our speed of response.

Gravitricity lead engineer Miles Franklin

This is Why Microgrids are the Next Big Opportunity for Energy Investors

With rolling blackouts, wildfires, and a record heatwaves a stark reminder of just how fragile California’s power grid has become, microgrids “stepped up during the mid-August rolling blackouts, delivering flexible load and providing backup electricity, as extreme heat left the state short on power,” as noted by Microgrid Knowledge…

OPEC to cover blockchain tech in second workshop on energy and IT

The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries has announced that its Second Workshop on Energy and Information Technology will be held on Sep. 21 via videoconference. This year’s event sees blockchain technology join the range of energy and tech-related topics to be discussed…

The energy industry, particularly the oil sector, has always been eager to utilize and develop the latest cutting-edge technologies to improve efficiency and effectiveness of its operations, along with its environmental credentials.

OPEC secretary general Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo

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