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PTT Plc and Plug and Play Announce Strategic Partnership to transform Thailand

PTT Public Company Limited has announced a strategic partnership with Plug and Play Tech Center, the world’s largest corporate innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, with the intention of raising national competitiveness and transform Thailand through digital transformation under PTT’s Powering Thailand’s…

Tesla Battery Ambitions Power This Unique Active ETF

For ETFs in 2020, it pays to have ample exposure to Tesla stock. The ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (CBOE: ARKQ) proves as much. ARKQ, a rising darling among equity-based actively managed ETFs, is higher by almost 58% year-to-date owing in large part to a 10% weight to Tesla. Broadly speaking, analysts are fawning for Tesla with…

Nothing matters more on Battery Day than understanding how the million-mile batteries could profoundly change the auto business model.

Jefferies analyst Philippe Jean Houchois


Yesterday Malachite Mews ran its first successful simulated power failure which meant using the system completely off grid. Our engineers removed the connection to the grid yesterday by flicking the circuit breakers and the new system seamlessly took over, with no break – not even a light flicker – residents had no idea it was happening…

Our Malachite Mews microgrid uses Cenfura Token (XCF) for all its settlements – this is the first time the token is taken into use, making Cenfura one of the first energy companies in the world to use this model.

Cenfura Ltd

The complexities of Thailand’s energy landscape

IRENA reports that the total renewable energy capacity in Thailand could increase to 37% – up from its current 12%. Overall, the PDP sets out a plan for a power production split between natural gas (53%), non-fossil fuels (35%), and coal (12%). A new government was sworn in in July 2019, and it is said the new Energy Minister, Sontirat Sontijirawong may…

Emerson buying Medina utility software company for $1.6 billion

Emerson will pay $1.6 billion to acquire Open Systems International Inc., a Medina-based company that provides software for utility industries. Emerson, a St. Louis-based global technology and engineering company, plans to operate OSI as a new stand-alone business that will collaborate with Emerson’s existing Ovation platform…

An enormous change is underway as utilities globally are investing to digitize the grid and adapt to rapidly evolving energy sources and new technologies that increase consumer choices.

Lal Karsanbhai, executive president of Emerson’s Automation Solutions business

Long-duration energy storage makes progress but regulation lags technology

If you were building an electrical grid from scratch (with no regard to regulations or finance), then long-duration energy storage would be a requisite. It just makes sense — store energy when it’s cheap and/or abundant, and discharge when the price is high, or the energy is needed by the grid. Use it to load-shift, peak-shift and smooth; to replace fossil…

What recent trials teach us about peer-to-peer power trading

Peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading continues to undergo trials across the world, looking at how it might change energy generation and consumer attitudes to renewable energy. Power Technology took a look at how one of the most recent trials fared, and what those involved learned about P2P trading. P2P technology would enable households with their…

Generators and consumers involved in P2P energy trading mechanisms need not depend on utilities or retailers for their energy, and can make smart, sustainable choices about the usage and distribution of renewable energy.

GlobalData senior power analyst Somik Das

EGEB: McLaren’s finish line for ICE cars is 2030

Mike Flewitt, the CEO of UK supercar maker McLaren Automotive, told the Financial Times that the company will focus on hybrid supercars for the next 10 years, and fully shift to electric by 2030. It does not expect to launch a fully electric car until after 2025. McClaren currently has two hybrid cars, the P1 and the Speedtail (pictured), in its…

We will be developing engines for the next 10 years, selling for the next 15 years, but we expect a lot of the world to be aligning around the 2035 date [for a full shift to electric cars].

Mike Flewitt, the CEO of UK supercar maker McLaren Automotive

The Great Reset: How cities are leading the energy transition

I remember attending a conference in Geneva in 2018 – just over a year after the US announced its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement – at which one of the keynote speakers from the US claimed that his government had not done anything for the climate. While the US’ withdrawal was quite discouraging to environmentalists everywhere, I felt the…

Charging India’s battery manufacturing capacity

The coronavirus pandemic has strengthened the need for encouraging domestic manufacturing in India since it is overly dependent on imports to suffice its requirements. This has gained urgency since substantial commodities are imported from China, a country, with whom India’s geopolitical tensions is making trade increasingly difficult…

NITI Aayog has proposed setting up gigafactories aggregating a capacity of 50 GWh over the next ten years at projected cost of USD 5 billion. India was late to the solar power equipment and Li-ion manufacturing race, but it should not miss the future battery technology opportunity.

EnerVenue looks to shake up the battery market with metal hydrogen technology

In what has become the summer of battery storage, a new chemistry has entered the fray, with battery startup EnerVenue launching today with $12 million in seed funding. The company is betting on the success of metal hydrogen batteries, specifically nickel-hydrogen batteries. This chemistry has proven to be an incredibly powerful…

4 green companies that are changing the world

It is widely known that we are experiencing a climate crisis due to human-induced climate change. While climate change is a natural process, man-made choices and actions are accelerating this process and damaging our planet in different aspects. Fortunately, pioneers in clean energy and sustainability are committed to improving methods of…

It is difficult to understand that as human beings we have to adjust and change our habits in order to make a difference. These companies are showing us that anything is possible.

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