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Unquestionable Outperformance for Green Energy: The Clean Edge Green Energy Index

Each week a team member from Nasdaq Global Indexes provides insight into what is happening across a variety of investment theses. From index and ETF performance, to analysis of market trends, our experts will cover what’s hot in the world of passive investment strategies. This week, Mark Marex, CFA, discusses Nasdaq’s Clean Edge Green…

Avoiding blackouts all together with behind-the-meter storage

Whether California could have avoided its recent rolling blackouts is by now a moot point for Ted Ko, vice president of policy and regulatory affairs at the commercial storage company Stem. To avoid such outages in the future, Ko said in a recent interview with pv magazine, the state’s utilities, grid operator and regulators need to make the best use of all…

The value you get out of storage, and what the benefits are, are completely dependent on how you operate and how smart your software is.

Ted Ko, vice president of policy and regulatory affairs at the commercial storage company Stem

Emrod Chases The Dream Of Utility-Scale Wireless Power Transmission

California wildfires knock out electric power to thousands of people; a hurricane destroys transmission lines that link electric power stations to cities and towns; an earthquake shatters homes and disrupts power service. The headlines are dramatic and seem to occur more and more often. The fundamental vulnerability in each case is that the power…

The Private Sector Unleashes Energy’s Potential

Under President Donald J. Trump, innovation spurred by public-private partnerships has continued America’s energy renaissance. These combined efforts help entrepreneurs to unleash the full potential of the Department of Energy (DOE)-funded research and development enterprise. These partnerships have also strengthened our national defense…

Portugal reaches world’s record low solar power prices in auction

Minister of Environment João Pedro Matos Fernandes said the latest round of bidding for the construction of solar power plants in Portugal resulted in savings for electricity consumers of EUR 559 million over 15 years since the start of production. The state allocated 670 MW of the 700 MW it offered in its second auction, which included an accepted…

It is foolish to pay for renewables at market rates.

Matos Fernandes

‘Enormous opportunity’: how Australia could become the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy

Brandon Bickford is only in town for the weekend. The 26-year-old has come back home to Kalbarri, the tiny Western Australian town where he grew up, with his fiancée to visit family. He’ll be making the 574km drive back south to Perth on Monday morning. The young man with an athletic build says growing up here was like living in the flipside of a…

We’ve seen the costs associated with production of green hydrogen coming down, or coming down sooner than expected. We’ve also seen the development of the electrolyser to commercial scale and people start talking about demand. That has been a missing link.

Terry Kallis

Scientists Develop Technique To Produce Biofuel From Algae To Boost India’s Clean Energy Efforts

Indian scientists have developed low-cost biodiesel from microalgae under the INSPIRE programme of ministry of science and technology. The Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (Inspire) is an innovative programme sponsored and managed by the ministry for attracting talents to research and innovation. Various biofuels that…

RNG’s Growing Role in Decarbonization Strategies

Today, we know that the industrialization of our modern society has led to unintended consequences for our environment. Many of the means through which we power our buildings, drive our cars, and heat our spaces can have a negative impact on the planet, and on the health of those we care about. Fortunately, much of this is changing through a…

Europe overtakes China as biggest consumer of plug-in electric vehicles

China has long been recognized as the world’s biggest consumer of electric vehicles. It’s also the world’s largest producer of EVs. But that appears to have changed. According to figures compiled by Bloomberg, in the first half of 2020 European drivers bought more plug-in electric vehicles than Chinese consumers. Figures suggest that over…

Engineering drives next-generation solar power in Southeast Asia—Black & Veatch interview

Mitesh Patel, Renewables Director-Asia, US-headquartered EPC player Black & Veatch, speaks to pv magazine about the key trends driving the solar market, especially in Southeast Asia, and strategies to improve the bankability of PV projects…

The investment appetite for renewable energy developments in Southeast Asia is growing. Governments and private investors anticipate a new phase of solar power development, driven by a convergence of low-interest rates and available liquidity as the region emerges from Covid-19, alongside decreasing costs of technology and new opportunities to leap forward through advanced engineering.

Mitesh Patel

The Black Sea region’s renewable energy potential on the agenda

The high-level international investment conference Energy Week Black Sea will take place on a virtual event platform on 29-30 September bringing together the authorities, project operators of Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria, as well as IFIs/DFIs, multinational energy companies. A limited amount of free passes is available for…

Sweden’s Azelio aims for U.S. market with long-duration energy storage tech

Leading global certification body UL is working together with Sweden-based Azelio to evaluate its long-duration energy storage technology for entry into the United States market. The objective of the evaluation is to achieve a field certification of Azelio’s technology in 2021 for a specific project in California. As part of Azelio’s entry strategy for the…

The US market has shown great interest in Azelio’s technology and the need for long-duration energy storage is rapidly growing. We are now taking a big step towards market entry by partnering with UL to certify the technology for North American grid standards.

Jonas Eklind CEO of Azelio

Qatar’s national solarized fintech strategy

The State of Qatar is a World Bank high-income economy, backed by the world’s third-largest natural gas and oil reserves. Qatar has the third-highest GDP per capita in the world, with very high human development. Similar to other Gulf Cooperation Council states – the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain – Qatar is…

The ongoing coronavirus crisis not only highlights the importance of tech and fintech, but also accelerates adoption and development. We will continue in our efforts to enrich and develop the tech and fintech infrastructure in Qatar as an enabling platform and look forward to seeing more international FinTechs, including those from the U.S., easily integrate into Qatar’s thriving eco-system via Qatar Financial Center’s (QFC) FinTech license and wide range of benefits.

Mr. Yousuf Al-Jaida, CEO of QFC

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