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How Blockchain Technology affects the Future of Risk Management?

Cyber risk management is the process of identifying, evaluating, and controlling potential risks to an organization, which is one of the critical functions for modern businesses, especially so in times of Corona. With the advent of blockchain technology, it is being tested for practical applications, and risk management is one of those…

We can imagine a world in which contracts are embedded in digital code and stored in transparent, shared databases, where they are protected from deletion, tampering, and revision. In this world every agreement, every process, every task, and every payment would have a digital record and signature that could be identified, validated, stored, and shared.

Harvard Business Review

Qatar Is Supporting Fintech Growth with Sustainable Photo voltaic Vitality Initiatives, Native Companies Utilizing Blockchain to Streamline Operations

Qatar has been ranked or labeled as a high-income financial system by the World Bank. Though the Center Jap nation solely has a GDP of round $200 billion (quite a bit much less in comparison with many trillion-dollar economies), it’s house to simply over 2.7 million folks so the GDP per capita is kind of excessive (round $70,000 per individual)…

[COVID-19 related challenges] not only highlight the importance of tech and fintech, but also accelerates adoption and development. We will continue in our efforts to enrich and develop the tech and fintech infrastructure in Qatar as an enabling platform and look forward to seeing more international Fintechs, including those from the US, easily integrate into Qatar’s thriving ecosystem via QFC’s Fintech license and wide range of benefits.

Yousuf Al-Jaida, CEO on the Qatar Monetary Middle (QFC)

The Bitcoin Network Consumes 7 Nuclear Plants Worth of Power

Bitcoin mining is a process where groups of miners compete in order to capture as many block rewards as they can. Bitcoin miners essentially plug machines into the wall that consume electricity in order to hash away at the Bitcoin network’s consensus algorithm so they can outpace competitors. Hashrate is how analysts measure the amount…

Microgrids Are The Past and Future of Our Electrical Consumption

When Thomas Edison’s first electrical systems were installed in the 1880s only a few privileged homes in New York City could afford it. One of which was the not-so-humble abode of the banker J.P. Morgan, who had his own generation station first set up by Edison himself in 1880. These electrical systems, usually used for lighting, soon became a very…

Tesla Hints Higher Density Battery Technology for Battery Day Event

Last year, Tesla acquired Maxwell technologies, a company working on creating dry electrode batteries and supercapacitors. Interest in super capacitors is somewhat limited for Tesla because although they can discharge very large amounts of energy rapidly, they are unable to hold a lot of it. They remain a potential candidate for the new…

Boston Fed Is ’30 to 40′ Blockchain Networks for Digital Greenback Experiments

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, one among 12 regional Federal Reserve banks working below the U.S. central bank, is evaluating greater than 30 totally different blockchain networks to find out if they’d help a digital greenback. The Boston Fed, because it’s extra generally identified, introduced earlier this month it was actively testing…

What we’re doing now really is much more thorough, much more building a platform to see whether distributed ledger can meet the needs of a U.S.-based central bank digital currency. Can it actually function?

Boston Fed Senior Vice President Jim Cunha

Ricoh to develop blockchain-enabled energy tracking system to increase use of renewables

Japanese firm Ricoh has announced that it is developing a platform that uses blockchain to make renewable energy systems more efficient by tracking power generation and consumption in real time. The firm primarily produces electronic products, including cameras and office supplies such as printers and photocopiers and has been trading…

Critics and collaboration: how the IEA governs bioenergy sustainability

Although classed as a renewable energy source, bioenergy has its detractors. Regardless, it continues to make a significant contribution to the global energy mix. We explore the International Energy Agency Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme and how collaboration can help advance the sector and counter its critics…

From the energy modelling work of the International Energy Agency, it is clear that bioenergy has a crucial role in the energy transition away from fossil fuels. There has, however, been a fair amount of misunderstanding about bioenergy in the past, despite its growing popularity.

IEA’s Luc Pelkmans

Could electric vehicles pose a threat to our power systems?

Road transportation, which is responsible for around 18% of global CO2 emissions, is a critical sector in which emissions reductions must be made. A switch from fossil hydrocarbon to renewable energy-fuelled transportation is key to limiting global temperature rises, and governments across the world have been setting targets and supporting schemes to…

Amazon signs PPA for third Irish wind project

Amazon will offtake the entire output of the farm, located in Galway. It already has similar arrangements for the 23MW Esk wind farm in Cork, due on line next month, and the 90MW Meenbog farm in Donegal, due to come on line in early 2022. All three farms as a result can be built without subsidy, Amazon said. The company said it will announce…

Duke Energy secures $109M funding for renewables projects development

Duke Energy Renewables has secured funding of $109.4 million from Goldman Sachs’ alternative energy investing group for new solar energy projects, Kallanish Energy reports. The tax equity funding will be used to fund a portfolio of approximately 75 megawatts of solar and solar plus storage projects, which will be developed and…

Goldman Sachs’ investment will support Duke Energy Renewables’ continued growth in the distributed energy space, which will further our goals of delivering long-term value to customers and investors.

Chris Fallon, president of Duke Energy Renewables

Renewables made up 57% of new capacity in US during first half of 2020

The significant deployment of biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind technologies has been highlighted by the SUN DAY Campaign, which analysed new data published by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Clean energy capacity made up around 7,859MW of the total 13,753MW new capacity added during…

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