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Cenfura® Announces RAIF Investment Vehicle

Cenfura Ltd. is proud to announce the opening of a new investment vehicle – the Cenfura RAIF (Reserve Alternative Investment Fund). Cenfura‘s unique utility token offering has proved to be very popular and due to the growth of the company and scale of investment to bring about large-scale projects, Cenfura will now offer investment through the…

The RAIF is a prime investment vehicle that allows Cenfura to accept investment in a structured and regulated way. It makes investment easy and clear, which is something we hope for all our investors

— Gary Hammond, Cenfura Energy Funds Director

PV Plant Owned by First Solar Is Being Paid to Help Balance Chile’s Electric Grid

Back in 2016, First Solar proved in a California pilot project that utility-scale solar farms can provide critical transmission grid services. Four years later, the leading U.S.-based solar module maker has taken the next big step in turning this capability into a real-world grid resource: convincing a grid operator to pay for it…

Hydrogen power: the sleeping giant of clean energy?

Is hydrogen the sleeping giant of European energy? If the European Commission’s strategy to achieve climate neutrality is anything to go by, it could indeed be the fuel that drives the EU’s Green Deal and the economic bloc into the 21st century. But despite July’s announcement of plans to boost hydrogen power to 14 percent of the bloc’s energy mix…

Pros and Cons of a Net-Zero-Energy Building

Between the worldwide shift toward green building as a way to fight climate change and the simple fact that reduced energy usage lowers utility bills, zero-energy building, aka net-zero-energy or NZE building, is piquing increased interest among landlords and investors. The practice isn’t being widely adopted yet, but it’s key…

Net-zero energy is really about zeroing out the energy normally produced from fossil fuel sources and replacing it with on-site renewable energy.

Eric Corey Freed of Organic Architect

ECOWAS: IRENA aims to reinfonce power grids with green energy

A call for tenders has recently been launched by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The aim is to select consulting firms for the development of a programme to strengthen the electricity network infrastructure of member countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)…

Sunrun and GRID Alternatives provide free battery systems to low-income customers in wildfire-prone regions

Sunrun announced a partnership with GRID Alternatives that will provide 100% free battery systems to low-income customers in wildfire-prone regions. The batteries will be funded through California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) Equity Resiliency Budget, enabling Sunrun and GRID Alternatives to provide batteries at zero cost to…

How Investing Partnerships Can Fuel the Growth of Renewable Energy

Two months after departing the hedge fund he founded, Jeffrey Ubben is putting more of his money—and energy—into clean energy. Last week, Ubben’s recently-launched Inclusive Capital Partners was the lead investor in a new partnership between Schneider Electric, a French energy company with worldwide operations, and Huck Capital…

There’s a lot of noise-heavy data in ESG. Our goal really is to simplify around one, two, or three metrics, which will solve problems and drive value. Energy is the easiest to measure.

Jeffrey Ubben

Pilot-project for peer-to-peer energy trading launches in Singapore

Electrify, a Singaporean energy innovation company, has launched a pilot-project for peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading in the city-state. The project will allow consumers to purchase renewable electricity produced by private solar panel owners via an online marketplace from across the city. The pilot project is built upon Electrify’s proprietary P2P…

The Synergy platform is one of the very few in the world capable of facilitating P2P energy trade on a city-wide scale, and is designed for a modern city by allowing us to harness rooftop real estate to maximise urban solar potential.

Martin Lim, CEO of Electrify

LANDPROCESS completes asia’s largest urban rooftop farm in thailand

Alongside a team of engineers and designers, Bangkok-based landscape architecture firm LANDPROCESS has realized ‘Thammasat university rooftop farm’ – or ‘TURF’ – in the Pathum Thani province of Thailand. repurposing a massive 236,806 ft2 of previously unused space, the project marks Asia’s largest organic rooftop farm. combining the tradition…

Battery startup Anzode receives $1.7M to develop new generation of non-lithium batteries

The CEC is awarding almost $11 million to developers of energy storage technologies other than lithium-ion batteries to meet California’s 100% clean energy statutory requirement and the need for a diverse set of longer-duration storage technologies. Anzode’s batteries use inexpensive materials, which translates into a 70% cost…

Our rechargeable zinc-manganese batteries provide great performance and safety and are much cheaper than lithium, making them a viable solution for backup power and energy storage. Future generations of our technology could even find their way into automobiles.

Sebastien Belanger, president and CEO of Anzode, Inc.

Past, present, and future of lead–acid batteries

When Gaston Planté invented the lead–acid battery more than 160 years ago, he could not have foreseen it spurring a multibillion-dollar industry. Despite an apparently low energy density—30 to 40% of the theoretical limit versus 90% for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs)—lead–acid batteries are made from abundant low-cost materials and non-flammable…

Capital Dynamics Makes Multi-Gigawatt Bet on California Energy Storage

Swiss asset manager Capital Dynamics quickly compiled one of the most ambitious energy storage pipelines in the U.S. The firm is teaming up with Tenaska to develop and operate nine battery projects totaling nearly 2 gigawatts and up to 7.8 gigawatt-hours of grid storage in California. They will target the coastal hubs of San Francisco, Los Angeles and…

It’s obvious to us that the energy transition will require a combination of hybrid plants — solar-plus-storage, wind-plus-storage — as well as standalone storage. But, there’s still plenty to be built before it starts to make a dent.

Benoit Allehaut, managing director for clean energy infrastructure at Capital Dynamics

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