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Africa, Electrification, and Decentralization with Lightency

Lightency is a green tech startup that provides a decentralized energy marketplace to connect different energy stakeholders starting from the energy consumer. Lightency mission is to create self-sustained communities where energy is traded like any other commodity. Today we have a management team composed of its three co-founders…

The P2P energy trading platform, Powerchain, connects energy consumers to energy producers in order to collect energy data and provides trade opportunities. Consumers can buy electricity at lower prices when demand is low, and producers can better monetize their energy injected in the grid when the demand is high.

Jaafar Saied, CEO & CO-founder, Lightency

IEX gets CERC approval to launch green energy market

The exchange conducted a mock trading session on Tuesday which saw good participation from its members and partners. It plans to start trading from August 21. As a signatory to the Paris Climate Agreement 2016, India has committed to install 40 per cent that is 450 gigawatt of renewable capacity by 2030. Furthermore, consumers both…

For your business or organization, it’s easy being green

The most valuable asset you have is your reputation, and whether you are running a company, organization or municipality, the public’s opinion of you and your place in the world is critical to your success. One area of laser-like public focus right now is environmental stewardship —how responsive your company or organization is to climate…

More buildings in Singapore going greener as 376 projects bag BCA’s Green Mark Award

SINGAPORE – An aircraft hanger at Changi Air Base which uses solar panels and retrofitting works at One Raffles Link which will achieve an overall cooling system efficiency to save the equivalent of $120,000 a year is among projects that won awards from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), as buildings go greener in Singapore…

The upward trend of building owners going for higher tier Green Mark Certifications (Green Mark Platinum and above) is indicative of the industry’s awareness of the positive impact of green buildings and recognising them as key in our efforts to fight climate change.

Building and Construction Authority (BCA)

Siemens Energy to deliver green hydrogen plant in China

Siemens Energy and China Power have signed an agreement for a hydrogen production system in Beijing. The 1MW electrolyser is the first of its kind to be built by Siemens Energy in China and will be delivered in May 2021. The plant will produce the clean gas for a fuelling station in Beijing’s Yanqing district, which is one of the three main…

Germany’s RWE rakes in $2.4 billion to fund renewable energy expansion

BERLIN: German utility RWE on Tuesday completed a 2 billion euro ($2.4 billion) share issue to back its expansion into renewable energy, including its $480 million purchase of wind turbine maker Nordex’s project development pipeline. The move increases RWE’s share capital by 10 per cent and was successfully placed with institutional investors…

We are very pleased how well our offer was accepted and how our growth ambition in renewable energy is being supported by our investors.

Chief Executive Rolf Martin Schmitz

‘Our low-carbon future needs to be circular’

Researchers say it would reduce the environmental cost of low-carbon infrastructure – such as offshore wind turbines, solar panels and batteries – which are required if the UK is to achieve its net-zero carbon targets. The technologies often use copper, rare earth metals and novel composites which are damaging because of the way they are extracted and…

At this time, millions of tonnes of composites, precious and rare earth materials are being extracted, processed and deployed in infrastructure with nothing in place that suggests that these materials can be sustainably recovered, managed and returned to productive use at the potential scales required to meet accelerating low carbon infrastructure deployment…

Lucid Motors boasts it will have ‘the fastest charging electric vehicle ever offered’

Lucid Motors announced that its forthcoming all-electric sedan, the Lucid Air, will be the “fastest charging electric vehicle ever offered.” The company claims the Air will have the capability to charge at rates of up to 20 miles per minute — which translates to 300 miles in about 20 minutes. This charging time is possible by using a 900-volt charger with a…

The company is also developing a home charger that it claims will be the first AC charging stations with bi-directional charging ever offered.


Rolls-Royce Power Systems ups capacity for MTU EnergyPack microgrid battery containers

Rolls-Royce’s business unit Power Systems is increasing its capacity for producing battery containers. From 2021 the MTU EnergyPacks, as they are called, are to be manufactured in the Siemens-Technopark in Ruhstorf, Bavaria, where Rolls-Royce already has a production site. The tenancy agreement has just been signed…

We see growing demand for MTU EnergyPacks, since more and more customers are seeking on-site power generation solutions that use renewables. But when you use solar or wind power to generate electricity, you often need an interim solution for storage until it is actually consumed.

Cordelia Thielitz, Vice President of the Microgrid Solutions division

‘Largest Battery Storage Project In The World’ Unveiled In East Otay Mesa

Energy infrastructure company LS Power unveiled what it is calling the largest battery energy storage project in the world Wednesday in the East Otay Mesa community, intended to enhance the power grid’s reliability and reduce energy costs. The Gateway Energy Storage project — currently operating at 230 megawatts and scheduled to…

For more than three decades, LS Power has been at the leading edge of our nation’s transition to cleaner, more innovative energy solutions, and we are powering up Gateway Energy Storage as one more component of this vision.

LS Power CEO Paul Segal

California Reveals That the Transition to Renewable Energy Isn’t So Simple

The recent “heat storm” in California has pushed grid operators to impose rolling blackouts for the first time since 2001. A combination of heavy air conditioning usage, the unplanned unavailability of some power plants, limited options for importing power from neighboring states, and insufficient solar and wind generation have led to an…

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