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Transparent Solar Panels Could Turn Skyscrapers Into Energy Collectors

(CN) — Imagine a world where skyscrapers, symbols of the urban future, serve as solar cells to produce energy instead of consuming it. That future might be closer than you think. A University of Michigan research team has developed a transparent, color-neutral solar cell with greater efficiency than ever before. The material, which is still in the testing…

Windows, which are on the face of every building, are an ideal location for organic solar cells because they offer something silicon can’t, which is a combination of very high efficiency and very high visible transparency.

Stephen Forrest, professor of engineering at the University of Michigan

Tesla deploys batteries at oil-rich Qatar’s first solar/storage project

Qatar is rich in oil and natural gas, but it has adopted a ‘don’t get high on your own supply’ policy since 2017 and started diversifying with solar. Now Tesla deployed Powerpack batteries at the country’s first solar and storage project. The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) described it as “a pilot project to store…

Place solar panels on rooftops, not open land | Letter

Solar energy, coupled with other renewables such as wind, has deep potential of powering the transition to a green economy. My family owns a farm with two rooftop solar arrays and a battery backup system, which proved handy in the recent power outage. With climate change-related storms on the rise, it’s good to have solar electricity available…

Mexican regulator opposes solar energy communities and storage

With the government having already introduced measures which will reduce the volume of renewables in the national energy mix, further new provisions will restrict the deployment of energy storage and the ability of solar energy generators to sell excess power to nearby consumers. Mexican energy regulator the Comisión Reguladora de…

The new decision affects a vulnerable social stratum that lives in remote communities and lacks an electricity grid, by denying them access to clean energy.

Mexican trade body the Asociación Mexicana de Energía Solar

Ithaca Energy in ‘offshore first’ as platform goes 100% green

The Jacky installation is now fully powered by wind and solar energy, according to the operator, after installation of an “EnergyPod” on board by Wood and Netherlands-based Amphibious Energy. Aberdeen-headquartered Wood said the pod will ensure the Central North Sea installation is powered this way until it is decommissioned next year…

Thanks to Wood and Amphibious Energy for their work installing the wind and solar EnergyPod, an offshore first!

Ithaca Energy

Europe’s Big Oil Companies Are Turning Electric

This may turn out to be the year that oil giants, especially in Europe, started looking more like electric companies. Late last month, Royal Dutch Shell won a deal to build a vast wind farm off the coast of the Netherlands. Earlier in the year, France’s Total, which owns a battery maker, agreed to make several large investments in solar power in Spain and…

During the last six years, we had extreme volatility in the oil commodities. We want to stay away from the volatility and the uncertainty.

Claudio Descalzi, 65, the chief executive of Eni

Australians have $16B plan to beam solar energy onto Asia’s power grids

SYDNEY — Could Australia, one of the world’s biggest exporters of coal and natural gas, become a solar superpower? The island continent, distant from Asia’s megacities, plans to capture the plentiful Outback sun, store it in giant batteries until nightfall and transmit it to Singapore along a watermelon-width cable traversing 2,800…

The cool new thing is to seriously talk about moving renewable energy around long-term as the carbon-free alternative to the existing fossil fuel trade. This is the most plausible solution I have seen to helping Asia decarbonize its energy supply.

Peter Cowling, chief executive of Vestas Australia, a wind farm builder

Using Liquid Air for Energy Storage and Maritime Propulsion

In the area of renewable energy vessel propulsion, the scale of maritime vessel technology allows for application of grid-scale energy storage technologies that would otherwise be impractical for road or rail vehicle propulsion. Initiatives are underway in the UK to develop grid-scale liquid air energy storage, with potential for a mega-scale plant at a…

Another miner eases out of diesel, opts for hydrogen and fuel cell

(Kitco News) – Using a A$1 million grant from Western Australia state, Fortescue Metals Group (ASX:FMG) said Monday its future bus transportation fleet will be powered using fuel-cell technology. The Australian iron ore miner is adding 10 full-sized hydrogen coaches, custom-built by HYZON Motors, to replace the existing fleet of diesel coaches…

IRENA wants to improve West African grids for renewables

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has published a request for proposal to seek consultants to draw up a program to strengthen power grid infrastructure in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region, to enable stronger penetration of renewables. The consultants selected will have to work with utilities, grid…

Danske Commodities Signs PPA for World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

Danske Commodities has signed a 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA) for the Dogger Bank offshore wind project in the UK. Under the agreement, Danske Commodities will be responsible for the trading and balancing of 480 MW of the project’s 3.6 GW capacity. The Dogger Bank Wind Farm, which is being delivered 130 km off the coast of Yorkshire…

The Dogger Bank PPA is a great addition to our long-term portfolio and it shows our commitment to British renewables. Danske Commodities has traded power in the UK for more than ten years and we see PPAs as a crucial part of ensuring the continued development of renewables.

Danske Commodities’ VP, Head of European Power Trading Tor Mosegaard

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