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Sunrun Reports Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sunrun (Nasdaq: RUN), the nation’s leading provider of residential solar, storage and energy services, today announced financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2020…

In the quarter, we moved to a digital sales and streamlined operating model, improving our cost structure trajectory. In July we reached an agreement to acquire Vivint Solar to expand our customer reach and improve scale efficiencies. We have increased our customer value proposition with new virtual power plant contracts, increased battery adoption, and launched a new venture for further home electrification.

Lynn Jurich, Sunrun’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder

Tesla is considering a home ‘energy package’ with solar, Powerwall, EV charger bundle

Tesla is considering becoming a “power provider” in Europe, according to a new survey it sent to local owners and is looking into bundling solar, Powerwall, and its EV charger together for some kind of all-in-one home energy package. Over the last few months, Tesla has been making more moves to expand its solar and energy storage business…

Nuclear Energy Is Almost Here

Assembly of the world’s largest nuclear fusion project is underway. At a facility in Saint-Paul-lez-Durance, southern France, the U.S. and six other countries have launched what has been described as “the most complicated piece of engineering anybody has ever attempted.” Called the Iter Project, it is set to replicate the reactions that power the sun..

Biggest influencers in solar energy in Q2 2020: The top companies and individuals to follow

GlobalData research has found the top solar energy influencers based on their performance and engagement online. Using research from GlobalData’s Influencer platform, Power Technology has named ten of the most influential people in solar power on Twitter during Q2 2020…

The $16 billion plan to beam Australia’s Outback sun onto Asia’s power grids

Could Australia, one of the world’s biggest exporters of coal and natural gas, become a solar superpower? The island continent, distant from Asia’s megacities, plans to capture the plentiful Outback sun, store it in giant batteries until nightfall and transmit it to Singapore along a watermelon-width cable traversing 2,800 miles of seafloor, including a…

The cool new thing is to seriously talk about moving renewable energy around long-term as the carbon-free alternative to the existing fossil fuel trade. This is the most plausible solution I have seen to helping Asia decarbonize its energy supply.

Peter Cowling, chief executive of Vestas Australia, a wind farm builder

African grid operators that don’t open up to solar risk being left behind

African grid operators that don’t put solar power onto their systems risk being bypassed as prices for solar production and storage continue to fall, John van Zuylen, CEO of the Africa Solar Industry Association, tells The Africa Report. There are already many places where solar energy is the cheapest option says Van Zuylen, who is based in Kigali…

a significant uptake of solar in the African energy mix, grid-connected but probably mostly off-grid. By rejecting solar, the national utilities may create themselves a new problem: losing their reliable customers.

New 6-Bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Can Power Your Off-Grid Home For 30 Years Safely

Icelandic renewable energy company IceWind is now launching its innovative six-bladed wind-powered turbines for home use in the U.S. Wind now accounts for 7.2% of power generated in the United States, and IceWind says that will be around 20% in less than a decade, by 2030. But most of that is the huge horizontal turbines you see in commercial…

What we have designed over at IceWind is actually a vertical axis wind turbine. The large difference is those big turbines, when wind comes from different directions you either need to use a gearbox to change those blades to face that wind direction, or stop them and change it. Vertical axis wind turbines are omni-directional. We can take wind from any direction.

Samuel Gerbus, one of IceWind’s mechanical engineers

VeChain enters the 2nd project phase with Chinese natural gas giant

Back in April, the VeChain Foundation and the Chinese natural gas giant Shanghai Gas (Group) Co, Ltd. agreed to work closely together to establish an “energy-as-a-service” ecosystem. The energy group is a big player in China, has a share capital of 4.2 billion RMB (about 592 million USD), and occupies about 90 percent of Shanghai’s gas market…

Consultants needed for West Africa Clean Energy Corridor

The ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) has launched a request for expression of interest to seek a consulting company for the expansion of the West African Clean Energy Corridor (WACEC) program and its institutional implementation framework. The United States Agency for International…

ECOWAS energy policy should place solar PV at its core. Hybrid solar PV-battery power systems appear to be the least-cost solution for the region. A strong transmission grid infrastructure can enable substantial wind electricity generation from Niger and Mali, which can further reduce the entire energy system [levelized cost of energy] of West Africa.

Virtual inertia in practice: How South Australia’s second big battery made its mark

Recently Hitachi ABB Power Grids held a great webinar showcasing their Virtual Synchronous Machine [VSM] and discussing its use with South Australia’s second big battery – the installation at Dalrymple, also known under the acronym ESCRI, which is a 30 MW/20 minute battery. In this note I provide a financial analyst’s perspective on what was…

The capability of the power system to resist changes in frequency by means of .. …equipment that is electro-magnetically coupled with the power system and synchronized to the frequency of the power system.

Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Inside China’s drive for digital currency dominance

In the 13th century, Kublai Khan, the Mongolian emperor who founded China’s Yuan Dynasty, upended monetary convention with a magisterial edict: Accept my money, or die. The threat of execution was not so novel back then, of course. The Khan’s true innovation lay in his refashioning of money itself. The grandson of fearsome Genghis realized he…

Generac, the Backup Generator Giant, Launches Souped-Up Home Solar-Storage System

Solar-battery systems may be useful for providing backup power during power outages. But many of the systems on the market today don’t pack enough punch to start up power-hungry air conditioner or pumps, or store enough power to run an entire home’s electricity load for more than a handful of hours at a time. That’s how Generac Power…

There’s a gap between what the customers want and what they’re being delivered in the solar-storage field. A typical installation requires significant work to rewire critical loads and replace household electrical panels to provide reliable backup power, which can add several thousand dollars to the final price.

Russ Minick, head of Generac’s clean energy business unit

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