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India may ban Chinese firms from ISA’ solar home power system tender

Tightening its economic squeeze, India plans to disqualify Chinese firms from participating in the largest global solar home system’ price discovery tender, for the International Solar Alliance’ (ISA) member nations, said two people aware of the development. State-run Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) is conducting the exercise for a potential order of 47…

The Chinese firms will have to meet the specifications as listed by EESL. Most of the Chinese firms won’t fit the criteria.

Division of China’s State-Owned Power Grid Introduces Blockchain-enabled Blackout Insurance Policy

A division of China’s state-owned power grid has reportedly introduced a blockchain-enabled blackout insurance policy that’s issued to the chairman of a local firm that had to compensate for a recent loss due to a power outage. The Zhejiang Ningbo Power Supply Company has teamed up with Yingda Taihe Property Insurance Co., Ltd. in order to…

In the event of planned power transmission delays, blockchain technology is used to automatically trigger claims based on the results of power outage data research and judgment, and Yingda P&C Insurance completes the claims online.

Deng Chao, the internet business department manager at Zhejiang Ningbo Power Supply Company

Solar-For-Coal Swaps Could Turbocharge Clean Energy Revolution

Coal power plants in the US have been retiring at an average clip of 10 gigawatts per year as the clean energy transition takes hold. That may sound impressive, but it’s not nearly quick enough, considering that climate change is already buffeting the Earth. The pace has to pick up quickly in order to avoid more catastrophe. That’s where a new thing called…

The best way to boost our economy after the pandemic is to invest in renewable energy programs

Our country and state are at a turning point. Citizens are demonstrating for Black lives and police reform, more than 160,000 people have died from the coronavirus and tens of millions of workers are unemployed. And communities of color are facing the brunt of these crises. In Florida, over 7,700 people have died from COVID-19 and there have been…

How sustainable AI improves the triple bottom line

The recent seismic shift in public opinion about climate change has not only increased attention on the sustainability and societal impact of investing in a company, it’s also influencing the decisions being made in finance industry boardrooms overall, whether that’s implementing innovative business models or adopting new partnerships…

Climate change has become a defining factor in companies’ long-term prospects … awareness is rapidly changing, and I believe we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance.

chief executive Larry Fink of BlackRock

Facebook signs power purchase agreement with Apex Clean Energy

Facebook has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Apex Clean Energy to source nearly 170MW of renewable power. Located in Morgan County, Illinois, the 300MW Lincoln Land Wind project will supply Facebook in the US when it enters its operational phase next year. Apex Clean Energy operating company said the project will create…

Amid power outages, CEO of generator maker anticipates ‘massive change’ coming to the grid

The chief executive of a generator manufacturer told CNBC on Friday that he expects drastic changes are coming to power production and his company is making moves to capitalize on the future of electricity. Aaron Jagdfeld, CEO of Generac, in an appearance on “Closing Bell” said new battery technology has opened the door for households and…

We think that there is a massive change coming real soon in the grid. You’re going to see a lot more decentralized, on-site power generation, from solar to wind. Batteries are a key component of that, of course, because you need to be able to store that energy so that you can use it and deploy it at different times during the day.

Aaron Jagdfeld, CEO of Generac

Pakistan pushes renewables – but coal expansion continues too

Pakistan this week set in motion a plan to boost the share of its electric power that comes from renewables to 30% by 2030, up from about 4% today, government officials said. That will include mainly wind and solar power, but also geothermal, tidal, wave and biomass energy, he said. With boosts in hydropower capacity expected as well, the shift…

The targets in the newly announced policy are a 20% share of renewables in installed capacity of Pakistan’s power mix by 2025 and 30% by 2030.

Syed Aqeel Hussain Jafry, policy director for the government’s Alternative Energy Development Board

Alibaba-Backed XPeng Is Latest China Electric Vehicle Maker To Eye U.S. Listing

China electric vehicle maker XPeng, whose investors include Internet heavyweight Alibaba Group and Beijing smartphone supplier Xiaomi, filed to go public in the United States on Friday. The move comes after the June 30 Nasdaq listing of Li Auto, which raised $1.1 billion and whose shares have soared. They closed down 8.7% on Friday at $16.89, but…

In-vehicle technology functions are among the most important factors to Chinese consumers when they make vehicle purchase decisions, the prospectus says. That fits in with XPeng’s techie roots and aim to sell autonomous driving vehicles. In addition, China’s government has announced a plan to achieve a penetration rate of 30% for smart and connected vehicles among total vehicle sales by 2025, it said.

Yotta Energy CEO, Omeed Badkoobeh

The Top 5 Trends Defining Crypto in Late 2020

The cryptocurrency field is a place where everything changes in the blink of an eye. New technologies, key market players and trends shift much faster than in any other industry. From the current point of view, many exciting developments seem viable. Still, this chaotic industry can bring more opportunities within the upcoming months, and…

The long read: Advanced lead batteries for microgrids

As the world’s only global research hub dedicated to advanced lead batteries, the Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) is driving research and innovation into this tech. It aims to deliver next-generation batteries to meet increased global demand for renewable energy storage. Innovation in lead batteries has a long history, with…

Los Angeles County Trials Blockchain Platform for Sustainable Energy Trading

EVShare, an energy and transportation sector focused company, has begun the trial of a community energy sharing program in Los Angeles. The venture, backed by $20 million in partner financing and $9 million award from the California Energy Commission, has now completed the preliminary work to trial the blockchain powered…

The Energy Coalition, which is the leader of the project, has been engaging the community to commit to the project for over two years already.

Eduardo Javier Munoz, the CEO of EVShare

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