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Finland – The global leader of wood bioenergy

In Finland, bioenergy plays a key role in the production of renewable energy and is largely integrated into the forest industry. According to data of Statistics Finland, in 2018 the total consumption of wood fuels was 105 terawatt-hours (TWh). Wood fuels represented the most important energy source in Finland, covering 27 percent of the total energy…

How Does Vehicle To Grid (V2G) Work?

Vehicle to Grid technology, also referred to as ‘V2G’, enables energy stored in electric vehicles to be fed back into the national electricity network, otherwise known as the grid, to help supply energy at times of peak demand. It’s considered a real game-changer in the electric vehicle space, because this two-way transfer not only encourages a more active way…

Texas Utility CPS Energy Kicks Off Search for More Than 1GW of Clean Resources

San Antonio municipal utility CPS Energy wants to replace aging fossil-fueled generation with more than a gigawatt of solar, energy storage and flexible capacity, and it’s asking for ideas on how to get there. A request for information (RFI) released this week is the opening step toward meeting CPS’ “Flexible Path” plan, which calls for an 80 percent…

We are looking at this capacity…to ultimately replace a power plant, so it has to be available when our customers need it. It could be natural gas, it could be long-duration storage, it could be a technology we’re not even aware of right now.

CPS Energy Chief Operating Officer Cris Eugster

MHPS Will Supply Battery Energy Storage Systems to Help Balance the California Grid

Hecate Grid, an energy storage company formed by Hecate Energy and InfraRed Capital Partners Limited (acting in its capacity as manager of InfraRed Infrastructure Fund V), has awarded Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc. (MHPS) the Johanna Energy Storage System (ESS) project. Hecate Grid will own and operate this grid-connected energy…

At MHPS we take pride in understanding our customers’ needs and providing customized short- and long-duration energy storage solutions. We anticipate a beneficial partnership with Hecate Grid, which has deep experience in utility-scale energy storage projects, to support California’s efforts to evaluate, optimize, and move forward with viable clean energy technologies. We are supporting a Change in Power.

Tom Cornell, MHPS’s Vice President of NEXT

Polytechnic lab inspires youth to discover the future of energy

Electricity literally brightens our lives, but public understanding of its supply seems dim. Many people vaguely picture a central power plant emitting a hum of current through wires that crisscross a wide region. The reality is more complex and changing quickly, so a multidisciplinary team at Arizona State University is shining…

Using the Power from the Sun and the Energy from the Earth – California Climate Solutions Company Announces Plans to Revolutionize the Way Homes are Powered in the Future

Fourth Wave Energy (OTCQB FWAV) a San Jose, California based publicly traded climate solutions company has announced it is preparing for the launch of its new smart home clean energy system that uses the sun and the earth to heat, cool, and power homes. Enough solar energy reaches the earth every hour to fill all the worlds’ energy needs for…

The new product is called GeoSolar Plus (GSP) and the company’s management team believes it has the potential to fundamentally change the way homes are powered in the future.

Hawaii Energy Conference 2020 goes virtual

The annual Hawaii Energy Conference goes virtual this week as a three-hour, live streaming event on Thursday, after being postponed in March due to Covid-19 concerns, featuring industry experts discussing the role the energy sector can play in solving Hawaii’s most current and pressing challenges. The conference adopted the theme…

The Hawaii Energy Conference has regrouped at a critical time for Hawaii and our country. The incredible macroeconomic stress and individual financial burdens are reverberating across our nation and there is no greater time to have meaningful dialogue on affordability and equity. Building a recovery plan that is inclusive of all socioeconomic groups is imperative.

Jennifer Potter, commissioner with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission and member of the conference program committee

Why This Renewable Energy ETF Is Just Getting Started

The ALPS Clean Energy ETF (ACES) and is renewable energy ETF brethren are on torrid paces this year, but ACES could be in the early innings of what could be a lengthy boom. Believe it or not, there could be some help from the coronavirus pandemic. ACES follows the CIBC Atlas Clean Energy Index. That benchmark is comprised of U.S. and…

Outside of equity markets, funding for renewable energy projects rose 5% during the first half of 2020 despite economic and financial disruptions from the pandemic as an investment spike in the offshore wind market offset sharp declines in other sectors.

S&P Global Market Intelligence


Tesla’s solar energy business could end up bigger than anticipated. During the company’s second-quarter 2020 earnings call last week, CEO Elon Musk outlined how the electric car company is taking further steps in its mission toward increasing the use of sustainable energy. Musk noted the company’s home solar panels are available at a price of…

So there’s like three elements of the sustainable energy future: wind and solar sustainable energy generation, battery storage, and electric transport. Those three things. And the mission of Tesla is to accelerate sustainable energy.

SCE and Opus One partner for California’s first customer-owned DER pilot

The three-year long-pilot project is a first-of-its-kind pilot in California. It’s called Electric Access System Enhancement (EASE), falls under the US Department of Energy (DOE’s) Solar Energy Technologies Office, and aims to improve the affordability, reliability, and value of solar technologies on the grid. SCE will use Opus One’s GridOS Transactive Energy…

Hybrid inverter integrates distributed energy resources, supports smart grid function

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have developed an intelligent power electronic inverter platform that can connect locally sited energy resources such as solar panels, energy storage and electric vehicles and smoothly interact with the utility power grid. Inverters convert electricity from the direct current generated by power sources to the…

Every one of the companies offering solar power, smart appliances, EVs and so on typically have a different control system for their products. What we want to create is a way to integrate all these systems using a common platform and create a smoothly functioning, autonomous, distributed energy system. The platform encourages the installation of clean, energy-efficient distributed resources while minimizing the expense of multiple pieces of equipment in a home.

Madhu Chinthavali, who leads ORNL’s Electric Energy Systems Integration group

Asia Reassesses Energy Transition Strategies, Accelerates Digital Transformation

Grid resilience and renewable energy integration remain core investment areas in Asia as the region continues to increase its power grid capacity to support surging energy demand created by industrialization and economic developments. Asia’s power leaders are continuing to invest in integrated power infrastructures to re-balance their…

Linking solar with energy storage and EV technologies

Solar power has become a given element of the world’s energy systems. However, investment trends are constantly changing thanks to evolving technologies, lower costs, and new remuneration policy mechanisms supporting energy development. Such a dominant trend is exemplified by the phase-out of old, stable remuneration schemes, which are…

We are moving away from the centralized form, revolving around a small number of power stations, towards a decentralized form with cities, towns, and houses acting as their own mini power stations. EVs, residential solar and storage offer an efficient and cost-effective way of achieving this type of energy system.

Frank Gordon, head of policy at the UK’s Renewable Energy Association (REA)

1.4 Million Ugandans to Access Reliable and Affordable Energy Under New Initiative

Millions of people, smallholders and entrepreneurs in remote villages across Uganda are set to access reliable and cheap electricity for the first time under a new off-grid solar scheme agreed between ENGIE through its Solar Home System company Fenix International and the European Investment Bank, one of the world’s largest financiers of…

Our new partnership with the European Investment Bank in Uganda will allow Fenix to provide ultra-affordable PAYGO systems to millions of people in villages across the country. This will provide access to clean solar power and financial empowerment. As of now, ENGIE is providing decentralized electricity to more than 4.5 million people in nine countries through solar home systems from both Fenix and ENGIE Mobisol, as well as mini-grids from ENGIE PowerCorner.

Yoven Moorooven, CEO of ENGIE Africa

South-South Cooperation in Green energy: India’s NTPC to develop Solar Park in African nation Mali, says Indian envoy

India’s National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC) has bagged the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) contract for the development of 500 Mega Watt Solar Park in Mali as a private investment initiative of International Solar Alliance (ISA). Confirming this to Financial Express Online, India’s ambassador to Mali, Anjani Kumar…

This convergence provides huge potential for closer cooperation for mutual benefit between India, Mali and other countries of West Africa. The recent policy decisions taken by the Government of Mali to exempt VAT and import taxes on equipment such as solar panels, wind turbine blades, pump turbines etc. can be explored by Indian business for solar and other renewable energy projects in Mali.

Ambassador Kumar

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