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EGEB: Despite COVID, China’s solar panel output rises 15.7% in 1H of 2020

China’s solar panel production industry appears to have skirted the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2020. The country produced 59 gigawatts’ worth of solar panels in the first half of 2020, up 15.7% from 2019, said Wang Bohua, vice chairman of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, today…

UK Storage Startup Moixa Raises $6M to Fuel ‘Exponential Growth’ Plans

U.K. smart storage startup Moixa has raised £4.6 million ($5.8 million) of funding and aims to raise another £10 million by the end of the year, as it prepares to expand its energy storage management platform across the U.S. and Europe. Japanese conglomerate and battery maker Itochu, which is Moixa’s partner in the Japanese market, led the…

We are on an exponential trajectory. The next step is 50,000 or 100,000 [batteries under management] and then millions.

founder and CEO Simon Daniel

Eyeing China, India plans solar power park in Sri Lanka

India plans to set up a solar power park in Sri Lanka as part of a concerted strategy to project its presence in the Indian Ocean region, even as China aims to co-opt countries into its ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, said two people aware of the development. By leveraging the country’ solar expertise, India’s largest power generation utility NTPC Ltd plans to…

How ‘Virtual Power Plants’ Will Change The Future Of Electricity

If “virtual” meetings can allow companies to gather without anyone being in the office, then remotely distributed solar panels and batteries can harness energy and act as “virtual power plants.” It is simply the orchestration of millions of dispersed assets to manage the supply of electricity — power that can be redirected back to the grid and distributed to…

We expect virtual power plants, including aggregated home solar and batteries, to become more common and more impactful for energy consumers throughout the country in the coming years. The growth of home solar and batteries will be most apparent in places where households have an immediate need for backup power, as they do in California, where utilities are turning off the electricity to reduce wildfire risk.

Michael Sachdev, chief product officer for Sunrun Inc.

Nanogrids: A New Opportunity for the Solar Industry & its Customers

Both nanogrids and microgrids are forms of local energy—self-sufficient systems with power generation, controls and often energy storage—that serve customers within a discrete footprint. Although they can operate on their own, most North American microgrids and nanogrids are also connected to the central grid. They are able to island from…

E.ON Debuts ‘Resilience-as-a-Service’ for Remote Markets

German energy supplier E.ON is collaborating with UK energy firms Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) and Costain Group to roll out an innovative business model that monetizes resilience and grid stability services to remote areas. E.ON Innovation, one of Europe’s largest distribution system operators (DSOs) and the transmission…

Small-scale deployments to date have all been bespoke customized solutions, delivered at a price point which is too expensive for widespread adoption. Moreover, there is no proven business model in [Great Britain] for [distribution network operators (DNOs)] to access these services or the case of a clear need for service providers to create the solutions.


Honeywell and DTEK, Ukraine’s largest private-sector energy company, have today announced an agreement to launch Honeywell’s Experion® Energy Program in Ukraine, the core element of an initiative by DTEK to develop the country’s first grid-scale energy storage system. Honeywell’s Experion Energy Program enables industrial customers to…

The future of energy is focused on the transition from a centralized energy system to one that is decentralized and flexible, with an increasing focus on the provision of energy from multiple sources — including renewables.

Emanuele Volpe, Chief Innovation Officer, DTEK

Check Out This Amazing Design for an Underwater “Space Station”

Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, wants to build the equivalent of the International Space Station (ISS) — but on the ocean floor deep below the surface, as CNN reports. Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, wants to build the equivalent of the International Space…

We wanted it to be new and different and inspiring and futuristic. So [we looked] at everything from science fiction to modular housing to Japanese pod [hotels].

industrial designer Yves Béhar

Enel plans to deploy 1 GW storage capacity across renewable portfolio through 2022

There are approximately 170 battery systems over 1 MW operating in the U.S., the largest of which — a 62.5 MW project in California — came online in June. Installations are being driven both by the falling costs of storage as well as clean energy goals, Mohit Chhabra, senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council’s climate and clean…

Electrify to tap US$60M solar energy opportunity in Southeast Asia with launch of Singapore’s first peer-to-peer energy trading pilot, SolarShare; partners Senoko Energy and ENGIE Factory

Electrify, Singapore’s foremost energy innovation company, today announced the launch of the first commercial pilot-project for peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading in the city-state. This project will allow consumers to purchase renewable electricity produced by private solar panel owners via an online marketplace from across the city. One of the first few…

The Synergy platform is one of the very few in the world capable of facilitating P2P energy trade on a city-wide scale, and is designed for a modern city by allowing us to harness rooftop real estate to maximise urban solar potential.

Martin Lim, CEO of Electrify

Switch Will Use Tesla Megapacks for Hyperscale Energy Storage

Utility-scale energy storage has long been the missing link in the data center industry’s effort to power the cloud with renewable energy. A new project in Nevada will showcase a potential solution from Tesla, the electric car company led by tech visionary Elon Musk. Datacenter technology company Switch will use new large-scale energy storage…

With today’s announcement, Rob Roy’s Gigawatt Nevada now has four solar plants with battery storage projects in the state creating nearly 1 gigawatt of energy solutions. This project also ensures Switch’s power costs will remain in the 5 cents a KWh range and Switch clients will continue to enjoy low-cost, 100% renewable power for decades to come.

Adam Kramer, Switch EVP of Strategy

Toshiba’s megawatt fuel cells have enough juice to power a factory

Toshiba is set to roll out a hydrogen-powered fuel cell system capable of generating enough electricity to power 1,000 homes, or an entire factory or hospital in a boost to a government push of the zero-emission energy source. Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions has developed a 1-megawatt system consisting of at least 10 of its existing…

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