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Look to Clean Energy ETFs as EU Pushes for Climate Change Initiatives

As European leaders meet to discuss a proposed coronavirus response package, renewable energy exchange-traded fund investors are betting on increased funding for climate-related endeavors. On Monday, the Invesco Solar ETF (NYSEArca: TAN) increased 4.0% while the broader Invesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETF (PBW) rose 2.4% and First…

It’s clear: we are putting this in law, we are hitting net-zero by 2050 and we are prepared to put the money behind it. It has made investors more ready to price in the growth in renewable energy capacity over the next two decades.

Meike Becker, a utility analyst at AB Bernstein

The 10 most popular US states for off-the-grid living, according to HomeAdvisor

Off-grid tip: Diane Vuković, an author and writer for the blog Primal Survivor who regularly updates a list of off-grid laws relating to water, electricity, and waste in each of the 50 states, deemed New York “one of the strictest” when it comes to regulations…

However, this does not mean it is impossible to go off-grid in New York. It just means that you will likely have to do a lot more research to find a place where off-grid living is allowed and get numerous permits, licenses, and inspections.

Diane Vuković

Mercom: Venture capital drops for storage, efficiency while smart grid companies reap higher funding

Venture capital funding in battery storage companies fell 61 percent during the first half of this year compared with the same period of 2019, according to energy consulting and communications firm Mercom Capital. Mercom’s global report showed that $536 million in capital flowed to 14 transactions from January to June 30. Last year, the VC…

How Microgrids Boost University Decarbonization Efforts

Higher education has become a standard-bearer for climate action. More than 400 colleges and universities have pledged to become carbon neutral between now and 2050 (or earlier) through Second Nature’s Climate Leadership Network program and over 40 currently get all of their electricity supplies from renewable energy. And of the 180 schools that…

Ayala’s AC Energy to build 100-MW solar park in India

Philippine-based firm AC Energy Inc plans to install a 100-MW solar photovoltaic (PV) park in India’s Rajasthan state through a joint venture with UPC Solar Asia Pacific. This will be the first “major” investment of Philippine group Ayala Corp’s (PSE:AC) subsidiary AC Energy, the latter said in a bourse filing on Sunday. The so-called Sitara Solar project…

India is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets for renewable energy. We look forward to participating in this market as we continue to expand around the region.

AC Energy’s president and CEO Eric Francia

Improved Advanced Energy Storage Using New Nano-Engineering Strategy

The rapid development of renewable energy resources has triggered tremendous demands in large-scale, cost-efficient, and high-energy-density stationary energy storage systems. Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) have many advantages but there are much more abundant metallic elements available such as sodium, potassium, zinc, and aluminum…

The strategy of strain engineering could be extended to many other nanomaterials for rational design of electrode materials towards high energy storage applications beyond lithium-ion chemistry.

Professor Wang

EnTech Solutions Unveils New Microgrid Technology

EnTech Solutions recently unveiled its newest microgrid technology, Xcape. These scalable units are agile energy and storage solutions for businesses to achieve resilient power and accelerate sustainability goals. Businesses today are more at risk than ever of costly power outages. Commercial and industrial (C&I) companies lose thousands of dollars…

Many businesses are interested in microgrid technology in theory, but do not know where to start and can’t afford the cost of engineering, procuring, and constructing one from scratch. We’ve taken our extensive research and development (R&D) in microgrid technology and created a product that we know works and can be scaled up or down to fit our customer’s power generation needs.

Scott Romenesko, president of EnTech Solutions

First shaft power plant connected to grid

The world’s first shaft hydropower plant has gone on stream in Germany. As well as producing green energy, the plant is also kinder to the natural environment than conventional hydropower plants. The turbine is concealed in a shaft in the river bed. Fish can pass freely over the power plant on their migration downstream. The new plant concept was…

Africa can become a renewable energy superpower

The power of climate science denial in the UK, thankfully, has been in retreat over the past decade. Nigel Lawson’s Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) may still boast a prime Westminster address, but its influence has waned. In fact, its decline aptly mirrors the fortunes of the coal industry, including US titans such as Peabody Energy…

Origis Energy clinches PPA for Florida solar-plus-storage project

Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU), a municipal electric utility in Florida, will be the off-taker of a 50-MW solar park with an integrated storage component that will be built by Origis Energy. The Florida-based company and GRU, owned by the City of Gainesville, have signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) that supports the city’s goal of sourcing all…

Grid4C and Trilliant Partner to Deliver Next Generation Smart Meter Analytics Technologies, Powered by AI

Trilliant Networks, a global provider of leading Smart Grid and Smart City IoT solutions, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Grid4C to deploy its AI-powered solutions to Trilliant’s smart metering platform. Utilizing Trilliant’s expanded IIOT platform for Smart Grid and Smart City solutions, the partnership will enhance…

For more than 20 years Trilliant has been supporting some of the world’s largest utilities with their AMI and smart meter networking technologies, and we are excited to partner with them. Our machine learning insights will be embedded into Trilliant’s technology, providing enhanced reliability for providers and customers while simultaneously conserving energy and saving pivotal resources.

Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, Grid4C founder and CEO

‘They need to be ready.’ Study warns of growing solar waste

Federal scientists are warning that a wave of waste from solar panels could catch landfills off guard unless researchers figure out ways to recycle it. In a study published last week in Nature Energy, analysts at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory said roughly 8 million tons of solar photovoltaic panels are expected to hit…

The end-of-life phase is one we haven’t confronted yet. But we’re going to soon. This problem is going to come to us. The industry, policymakers, researchers, society as a whole — they need to be ready for that.

Garvin Heath, lead author of the study and an expert on life-cycle assessment for energy technologies at NREL

Long-Term Value of Grid Storage Is All About Capacity, Study Finds

The grid is heading in the direction of more renewables, with or without overarching policies to guide it. There’s general agreement that the ability to store electricity will become more valuable as this happens, but the exact value of energy storage in a dynamically evolving electrical system is hard to pin down. A new study from current and former…

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