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Tesla’s Million-Mile Battery Will Fuel A New Green Energy Boom

The million-mile battery for electric vehicles (EVs) could hit the market very soon, giving a boost not only to zero-emission vehicle ownership but also to renewable energy generation. While the million-mile battery will outlast whatever car it is placed in, it could still be put to good use after its initial purpose, providing a boon to the used EVs…

As a portion of the carbon footprint is emitted during the production phase of each vehicle, utilization of such vehicle over 1,000,000 miles dramatically reduces the lifetime carbon footprint per each mile traveled. Furthermore, battery recycling has the potential to further reduce emissions as components of a battery pack can be captured and reused, displacing much of the need for raw material mining and the associated emissions.


Blackouts Have Triggered an Energy Storage Boom in California

The threat of chronic blackouts is sparking a rush to install battery backup systems as California homeowners try to avoid disruptive power cuts related to wildfires. Blackouts are increasingly a part of life as Pacific Gas and Electric Co. strives to avoid igniting deadly blazes with aging equipment. At fault for some of the state’s worst wildfires, the utility…

Being able to run air conditioning on a brutally hot day, keeping the medicine in your fridge from spoiling, being able to power medical equipment, these are all vital needs.

Sarah Bucci, communications director at Grid Alternatives

Wind And Solar Can Power Green Recovery With Lower Risk Projects

Last week, the International Energy Agency (IEA) held a virtual Clean Energy Transitions Summit with participation from ministers representing 80% of global carbon emissions, “making the Summit the highest-profile energy and climate discussion since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.” While representatives of governments and international financial…

Wind Port project, where towering turbines could be made, looks like game-changer for Garden State, renewable energy companies

New Jersey’s economic officials hope their plans for a renewable energy windfall will arrive when it’s most needed. Although the idea of locally growing the offshore wind power sector was floated before the pandemic’s disastrous impact, the state’s attempt to make itself central in the industry’s supply chain with the proposed New Jersey…

There’s actually a benefit to the fact that Europe is at least a decade ahead of us. We can take a look at the advancements they’ve made in offshore wind and learn from it.

Brian Sabina of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

Iberdrola Selects Ingeteam for Battery Storage System

Scottish Power Renewables, Iberdrola’s subsidiary in the U.K., has awarded Ingeteam, an international technology group that specializes in electric power conversion, the contract for the supply of the company’s largest ion-lithium battery storage system. The project will provide back-up for the U.K.’s biggest onshore wind farm at Whitelee near…

Dongfang 10MW giant powers Chinese grid

Dongfang Electric has installed and grid-connected China’s first 10MW offshore wind turbine at the second phase of China Three Gorges’s Fujian Xinghua Bay wind farm. The single machine has a hub height of 115 metres above sea level with a rotor diameter of 185 metres, said Dongfang. It added that the turbine will now undergo testing and…

New McDonald’s flagship runs 100% on renewable energy

According to the International Living Future Institute, McDonald’s is the first in the world to pursue Zero Energy Certification. Net-zero energy projects save money not just on actual utility costs, but also because more cities and states are now offering subsidies or rebates for buildings powered by solar energy. This flagship McDonald’s…

These unprecedented times have only heightened the importance of innovation that fosters long-term security and sustainability.

Marion Gross, McDonald’s North America chief supply chain officer


Excellent news for you all today – the project at Malachite Mews is almost ready to come online. Solar panels have all been mounted, and battery rooms are done. Batteries can now be installed and the wiring completed so we can finally bring it all online and start properly producing electricity, as well as making the Malachite Mews residents lives better by…

How a circular economy can build a sustainable supply chain for batteries

The need for urgent and more intensive actions against climate change is broadly accepted and batteries are set to play a key role in reducing carbon emissions. Batteries are the major near-term driver to decarbonise road transportation and support the transition to a renewable power system. This will play a key role in reducing…

Why shares of Tesla, Workhorse, and other electric-vehicle makers are skyrocketing again

The stock prices of companies in the electric-vehicle sector continued to zoom down the highway on Monday, while fueled by a bevy of positive developments. Leading the pack as usual was Tesla, as Elon Musk’s company confirmed that it will announce new battery technology on Sept. 22. Analysts expect the breakthrough will enable Tesla’s cars…

McCain Foods unveils Australia’s largest ‘behind-the-meter’ renewable energy system

McCain Foods Australia announced today it has commenced construction on a renewable energy system that will reduce emissions from its Ballarat food processing facility by more than 27,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The project, which will house Australia’s largest “behind-the-meter” renewable energy system, will subsidise McCain’s energy consumption…

There has never been a behind-the-meter system this dynamic in Australia, and we believe it will set a precedent for large-scale projects for other major processing businesses.

McCain Foods’ Regional President Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India & China, Louis Wolthers

Largest battery storage system in US connects to California ISO grid

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) connected the largest battery storage resource in the nation to its power grid last month, signaling an era of rapid battery growth for the ISO in the next several years. The initial phase of LS Power Group’s Gateway Energy Storage Project in San Diego County came online June 9, adding 62.5…

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