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How the First Net-Zero Energy Communities in the U.S. Operate

As with any brilliant innovation, net-zero energy communities were an idea first, and then came the hard work on making the idea a reality. Their goal was to operate without drawing any non-renewable energy from the local power grid. Making a single building net-zero was doable, but what if an entire community could offset its energy…

Green Energy and Recovery After the Coronavirus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic holds sway over a fragile economy in a more divided world. Grand visions on what the recovery might bring disguise the fact that room for maneuver is limited. Financial balances and goodwill lost in earlier crises have yet to be restored. There is no normal to depart from or return to which creates a…

PSE&G Highland Park Solar Storage System – Let the Sunshine In

The PSE&G Highland Park Solar Storage System is located on two acres of a remediated former municipal landfill. In addition to converting the fallow space into a productive solar farm that provides clean, renewable energy to the electric grid, the project also has improved the neighborhood. Situated across from a multifamily housing…

Facebook unveils ‘hyperscale’ district heat system at Danish data centre

Facebook has unveiled a new heat recovery system at a wind-powered data centre in Denmark that shuttles surplus heat from its servers to homes in the nearby community. The district heating system, developed for Facebook by local heating firm Fjernvarme Fyn, transfers heat generated at Facebook’s 50,000 square-metre facility to radiators in…

The qualities that drew us to Odense include the ability to connect to a highly reliable Nordic electric grid with opportunities to add new sources of renewable energy, good access to fibre, and the talent needed to build and operate the data centre. But what really differentiated this site from others was the opportunity for heat recovery.

Lauren Edelman, energy specialist at Facebook

Exxon’s Big Bet On Algae Biofuels Is Crumbling

In the late 2000s, Big Oil led by Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE: RDS.A), BP Plc. (NYSE: BP), ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM), and Chevron (NYSE: CVX) hyped algae biofuel as the fuel of the future, pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the emerging industry with promises of decarbonization and energy innovation. More than a decade later, the algal…

Natron Energy Raises $35 Million in Series D Financing to Expand Sodium-Ion Battery Commercialization

Natron Energy, the world’s leading developer and supplier of high-power, long-life and low-cost Sodium-ion batteries using Prussian Blue chemistry, announced today that it has raised $35 million in Series D funding to further its product operations to meet market demand. ABB Technology Ventures, NanoDimension Capital and Volta Energy…

Our customers in the data center and telecom markets value the safety, sustainability, and performance of our sodium-ion batteries. This funding round allows Natron to accelerate production to serve the increasing demand for safe, fire code compliant alternatives to both lithium and lead batteries.

Colin Wessells, Natron’s CEO and co-founder

Investors Still Betting on Next Big Energy Storage Technology: Solid-State Batteries

The U.S. may have fallen behind Asia and Europe in battery manufacturing, but a number of well-funded companies are looking to get the country back in the game with a technology that could supersede today’s lithium-ion chemistries. Companies including Ionic Materials, QuantumScape, Sila Nanotechnologies, Sion Power and Solid…

Lithium-ion today, with a metal-oxide cathode and carbon-based anode, is starting to approach its theoretical limits.

Solid Power CEO Doug Campbell

Natron Energy, developer of sodium-ion batteries, raises $35M as investment in storage surges

Natron Energy, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based startup developing a battery using Prussian blue analogue electrodes and a sodium-ion electrolyte, raised $35 million in series D funding led by ABB Technology Ventures, NanoDimension Capital and Volta Energy Technologies. Return backers Chevron Technology Ventures, Khosla Ventures, and Prelude…

Florida Company Develops Way To Generate Power By Harnessing The Gulf Stream

OceanBased Perpetual Energy has pioneered a way to generate electricity by harnessing the Gulf Stream, the steady-flowing ocean current that brings warm water from the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic and up the East Coast, past Greenland and all the way to Iceland and the British Isles. The Miami-based company is working with Florida…

We put the turbine in the water for 24 hours, and lo and behold, we actually produced electricity for 24 hours nonstop. And that, to me, was history…and this is when we realized, this is real. This is the real thing.

CEO Nasser Alshemaimry

Futuristic flying taxi to use hydrogen fuel cell power in CityHawk eVTOL craft

Urban Aeronautics Ltd, one of the world’s leaders in VTOL aircraft, has signed an agreement with Hypoint Inc. to advance the incorporation of hydrogen fuel cell power in its CityHawk eVTOL design, company executives announced. Urban Aeronautics, which is pioneering the next generation of eVTOL aircraft for commercial air taxi and air rescue…

The company’s new turbo-air cooled fuel cells increase the lifespan of hydrogen powertrains from 5,000 to 20,000 hours and only take a few minutes to refuel, representing a significant improvement over existing systems.

Burkina Faso kicks off ‘Solar Cluster’ plan

The national renewables body of Burkina Faso has launched a ‘Solar Cluster’ initiative to establish a domestic PV industry and promote energy efficiency. The program introduced by ANEREE – the Agence Nationale des Energies Renouvelables et de l’Efficacite Energetique – is backed by the UN’s Green Climate Fund, which will help the renewables body access…

Sudan’s first ‘Solar Lab’ to provide quality-assured technology

The lab’s core function is to ensure the quality and longevity of imported solar systems and support Sudan’s solar revolution. In a large and high sunshine hours country like Sudan, solar energy offers significant opportunities and a better way to rebuild post-COVID-19. With many of Sudan’s imported solar systems being refurbished, testing…

The opening of this facility constitutes a great leap forward in the renewable energy sector in Sudan.

Dr Omar Abdullah Ibrahim, the director of planning and studies at SSMO

Engineers Use Electricity to Clean Up Toxic Water

A team of engineers may be one step closer to cleaning up heavily contaminated industrial wastewater streams. Researchers from the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering developed an electrochemical oxidation process with the aim of cleaning up complex wastewater that contained a toxic cocktail of chemical pollutants…

We have employed an incredibly powerful process that eliminates even the most persistent non-biodegradable pollutants, such as pharmaceuticals and pesticides, as well as various classes of organic compounds that can be found in many industrial effluents. The process is relatively simple, does not require the addition of chemicals or severe operation conditions, and does not produce additional waste streams.

Julia Ciarlini Jungers Soares

Alliant Energy storage project will let Iowa town add more rooftop solar

Alliant Energy, the U.S. Department of Energy and the Iowa Economic Development Authority are jointly supporting a battery-storage solution in Decorah, Iowa that aims to connect customer-owned solar while maintaining reliable electrical service across the community. Battery storage is needed in Decorah because one electric circuit that serves…

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