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Digital Currency Mining – Interview with Frank Holmes, HIVE

In June 2017, the formation of the company HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. was announced publicly. In September of 2017, HIVE completed the acquisition of its first data centre operation, a green energy-powered facility in Iceland utilizing GPUs to verify transactions on the Ethereum blockchain network, in exchange for rewards/fees paid in…

Blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally improve transactions for all. HIVE’s operations provide shareholders with exposure to the operating margins of digital currency mining and a portfolio of coins. That makes this a unique global company out of the gate.

Frank Holmes, Executive chairman, HIVE

Bangladeshi solar-sharing start-up aims to cut power waste

A start-up that helps rural Bangladeshi owners of home solar power systems trade their surplus electricity with their neighbours won an international award for climate change innovation Thursday. SOLshare, set up in 2014, aims to stem the waste of more than a billion dollars in energy each year when home battery storage systems connected to solar…

Portland General Electric Jumps Into Virtual Power Plant Business

Portland General Electric, the largest utility in Oregon, is jumping into the cutting-edge business of turning home batteries into grid resources. The company announced this week that it has received approval from regulators to link up 525 homes with solar-storage systems into a controllable fleet, often referred to as a virtual power plant…

This is part of our overall efforts to really understand distributed resources on our system. We’re looking at a decarbonized future. As we add renewables to our system aggressively, we need a flexible distribution system where customers are excited to bring some of their flexibility to the system to help balance those renewables.

Andy Macklin, director of the utility’s Smart Cities & Grid Products divisions

Pump or dump? With oil in decline, Africa ponders its energy future

As the COVID-19 pandemic bashes economies and demand for oil, many African nations dependent on exporting fossil fuels are “hemorrhaging” cash, African energy experts warned this week. The crisis – which comes as more investors shun carbon-heavy businesses – is a taste of what may happen if Africa’s rich oil and gas reserves become…

Africa could become the custodian of a new sustainable development world order.

Fatima Denton, director of the United Nations University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa

Energinet kicks off grid studies for 1GW Hesselo

Danish grid operator Energinet is initiating preliminary studies for the up to 1GW Hesselo offshore wind project farm to establish the project’s onshore grid connection. Hesselo, located in Kattegatt, is the second of the three offshore wind farms proposed in the Energy Agreement 2018. The first is Thor. Initially, Hesselo was scheduled for…

Energy major announces plans to produce hydrogen from ‘largest plant of its kind’

Norwegian energy major Equinor has released details of a major U.K.-based project that will combine hydrogen generation with carbon capture and storage. The Hydrogen to Humber Saltend, or H2H Saltend, project will be based at the Saltend Chemicals Park close to Hull, a city in the north of England. Equinor said the development would be…

Tesla’s Autobidder Platform Is One Example Of A New Energy Future

In April 2020, Tesla TSLA submitted an application to Ofgem’s Gas and Electricity Market Authority to become an electricity supplier in the UK. Tesla’s move positions the company to capitalize on the changing energy landscape. Tesla manufactures a wide range of hardware and distributed energy resources (DER) from EVs and battery…

Alcoholic drinks firms look to mitigate environmental impact with buildings that run on renewables

From beer and wine to whiskey and vodka, alcohol is big business. And while many of us enjoy the odd tipple now and again, the sector requires a great deal of energy and water to produce the beverages people drink. As concerns about sustainability grow, some firms are developing buildings that harness both technology and renewable…

Siemens Energy unveils sustainable storage initiative

The initiative, which was announced last week, aims to bundle knowledge in order to design and build a new ecosystem of technology partners which will help the company to develop efficient, climate-friendly energy storage solutions. Energy storage solutions are known to help comprehensive for the fluctuating feed-in of…

We want to offer every customer the optimal energy storage solution that best suits their needs.

Siemens Energy’s Anette Ossege-Schaffrath

Berlin’s First Smart City Quarter Powered by Panasonic

Panasonic is proud to announce the start of its innovative, CO2-saving energy solution for the smart city project, Future Living® Berlin. The urban beacon is an important project in the company’s wider smart cities portfolio, which contribute to its focus on the decarbonization of society. The installation in Berlin combines both green & sustainable and…

We bring to the project over 60 years of heating and cooling expertise alongside decades in PV and battery solutions, and a passion for innovations that will shape the future for generations to come.

Junichi Suzuki, Chairman and CEO of Panasonic Europe B.V

Solar mini-grids smarter, cheaper option for many global communities with no power

Solar-powered mini-grids can play a “critical role” in delivering universal electricity access across the globe, helping to connect the 789 million people worldwide who still do not have access to reliable electricity, a new report says. The new report – State of the Global Mini-Grids Market Report 2020– was published on Wednesday by Bloomberg…

In the fallout of COVID-19, countries have a unique opportunity to ‘Recover Better’ and reset their economies while accelerating energy access. Now, more than ever, we need a thriving mini-grids sector that can power critical infrastructure and give access to the 789 million people worldwide who lack electricity.

Damilola Ogunbiyi, CEO of Sustainable Energy for All

pv magazine video: New business models develop in surprising directions

Corporate power purchase agreements and the combination of PV plants with hydrogen production open up new medium-term financing opportunities for solar projects, as was demonstrated at the fourth session of the PV magazine Roundtable Europe event. The evolution of corporate deals may have been slowed by current price developments but…

It won’t be a gigawatt market tomorrow but if you don’t pay attention to it now, you will miss it.

Karl Hauptmeier, of hydrogen company Sunfire

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