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Bank of America taps Duke Energy to expand renewable energy commitment

Bank of America announced today it is partnering with Duke Energy to further expand its renewable energy commitment by powering its headquarters and other Charlotte operations with solar energy. Through a renewable energy sleeved-power purchase agreement (PPA), the company is participating in Duke Energy’s Green Source Advantage…

By driving more clean energy solutions in our facilities, we are developing a broader sustainable energy ecosystem to help transform our operations and the communities where our employees work and live. These partnerships bring to the forefront creative thinking and innovative solutions to address a changing climate and clean energy access.

Andrew Plepler, global head of Environmental, Social and Governance at Bank of America

SB Exclusive: Inside BlockEnergy’s Military-Tested Microgrid – the Future of Distributed Renewable Energy is Here

Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is one of the largest bases in the country and the most mission critical for the study of energy and renewables. Some of the most important military personnel are housed there in times of crisis, so energy security and resilience are of the utmost importance…

We had the luxury of being able to start with a development budget and a clean sheet of paper to reimagine it – to go all the way back to when Edison and Tesla were debating AC or DC power systems over a hundred years ago.

Rob Bennett, CEO of ETL

Chinese electric buses roll out across Latin America

If 2019 was a watershed year for Chinese electric buses in Latin America, in 2020 they became mainstream. Latin American countries are moving towards cleaner public transport in their most populated cities. In the process, they have overcome existing entry barriers to the widespread rollout of technology-driven globally by China…

BYD sold 1045 buses last year in Latin America. This shows that the market is growing. It is not the size of the European market, or the US, but it’s already very close.

Adalberto Maluf, president of the Brazilian Association of Electric Vehicles and marketing director of Chinese maker BYD

MEPs want to boost energy storage in the EU to help spur decarbonisation

In a report adopted on Monday, MEPs in the Industry, Research and Energy Committee outline their strategy for energy storage, which plays a crucial role in reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate change. The Industry, Research and Energy Committee calls on the European Commission and member states to remove…

City seeks developers to create solar roofs for schools

NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) Commissioner Lisette Camilo and the New York Power Authority (NYPA) announced the planned installation of up to 16 megawatts of solar energy on the rooftops of 46 New York City public schools and several New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) sites…

The climate crisis is real and it’s urgent, that is why the City of New York is taking bold steps to generate solar power on city buildings, including some public schools.

Lisette Camilo, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services

AME forms JV to offer one-stop solar energy solutions

AME Elite Consortium Bhd has formed a joint venture (JV) to provide one-stop solar energy solutions to corporations in Peninsular Malaysia as well as its i-Park industrial parks. AME said its subsidiary Symphony Square Sdn Bhd (SS) had entered a JV agreement with Baozhou New Energy Technology Sdn Bhd (BNET). AME will hold a controlling 51…

McDonald’s announces plans to introduce ‘rapid charging’ for electric vehicles at new UK drive-thrus

McDonald’s U.K. said Monday that it was planning to install rapid charging points for electric vehicles at new drive-thru restaurants in the country. The fast-food giant is partnering with a firm called InstaVolt, which specializes in the technology. Charging infrastructure will also be introduced to existing drive-thru restaurants where feasible, with the…

Canopy Power and EDF to jointly develop renewable-energy microgrids in Asia

Canopy Power and Electricité de France (EDF) have signed a cooperation agreement to develop microgrid projects in Asia, based on a jointly devised market offering. Both companies are confident that this cooperation will open new business opportunities in the region and trigger further business commitment to jointly develop and…

While EDF brings decades of experience in owning and operating energy infrastructure, Canopy Power provides the regional and technical expertise of designing and building renewable microgrids. Together we offer cost-effective, modular energy solutions to businesses and communities striving to make the shift in the right direction.

Sujay Malve, founder and CEO of Canopy Power

8 steps towards a sustainable economic recovery

There has been much discussion over the past few years about the ‘energy transition’. The underlying premise is that the transition to lower and zero-carbon energy sources should be accelerated to mitigate the impact of global warming. The current pandemic is shining additional light on global interconnectivity and the need to collaborate and…

Energy Revolution: Disruptions In Power Sector, Moving Towards Energy For All

The energy sector is going through the disruption caused by digitalization. Power is no exception but there are two more factors that are driving disruptions in the power sector came out during discussion with Trans India law Associates (TILA) and with many partners & other legal associates from across India. Mr. Rohit Sharma, Head-Corporate Legal Affairs at…

Utilities to increase micro-grid capacity by nearly five times by 2029

Increasing power outages and deployments of distributed energy resources (DER) are forcing utilities to confront the limits of traditional grid infrastructure. As a result, more utilities are showing interest in micro-grids and are working to overcome a past bias against the technology due to fears of negative impacts on incumbent grids and potential loss of…

There is a growing recognition of how micro-grids can overlap and integrate with platforms such as DER management systems and virtual power plants (VPPs), which proves that creative aggregations can provide value across the new energy landscape.

Peter Asmus, research director with Guidehouse Insights

EDF launches major UK solar-plus-storage hybrid hunt

French utility EDF is launching a major solar-plus-battery storage hybrid initiative in England and Wales as part of plans to double its installed renewable base. However, EDF will not be alone, with an ex-state owned green investment fund having also unveiled plans to bring forward at least 1GW of subsidy-free solar farms in the UK, the majority of…

Funding for solar inspection by drone, long-duration energy storage, and software for utilities

Quidnet Energy, a startup developing a long-duration energy storage technology, closed on a $10 million series B financing round. The firm also landed a contract with NYSERDA for a 2 MW/20 MWh demo project of its geomechanical pumped storage technology. That’s ten hours of storage versus the four hours typical of the predominant…

Quidnet’s GPS technology is a novel form of hydroelectric energy storage. It uses time-tested well-drilling and construction technologies to pump water under pressure into subsurface geological reservoirs to store energy. When variable renewable energy is not available, this water is released to drive hydroelectric turbines to power the electric grid.

Quidnet CEO Joe Zhou

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