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FEATURE: Energy storage at sea could enable full transition to renewable power

This was found to be true in Britain, France and Germany. It means that renewable energy can now compete with fossil fuels on price, without requiring government subsidies. However, renewable energy is only cheap when it is being produced. When the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, we remain dependent on fossil fuels and nuclear…

Minigrids: Solutions for Africa’s Energy Challenges

Many people are shocked to learn that there are roughly 700 million people still living without electricity. Most are in countries like Kenya India and Bangladesh. Countries like Kenya are making progress and helping with that progress are technologies like minigrids. Similar to a microgrid, a minigrid provides power to a community or campus of…

6,000 Maine solar projects in limbo amid uncertainty over federal decision on net metering petition

The fate of net metering in New England — and across the United States — remains unknown, but resistance to its erasure is mounting. More than 450 organizations, 57,000 individuals and 37 states submitted comments opposing a petition that could set a national precedent and end a billing practice that credits users for investing in solar…

This could really undercut the solar industry.

Barry Hobbins, Maine’s Public Advocate

Why are plants green?

When sunlight shining on a leaf changes rapidly, plants must protect themselves from the ensuing sudden surges of solar energy. To cope with these changes, photosynthetic organisms — from plants to bacteria — have developed numerous tactics. Scientists have been unable, however, to identify the underlying design principle…

Our model shows that by absorbing only very specific colors of light, photosynthetic organisms may automatically protect themselves against sudden changes — or ‘noise’ — in solar energy, resulting in remarkably efficient power conversion.

Gabor, an associate professor of physics and astronomy

Wells Fargo 150 GWh renewable deal supports solar development in California and Virginia

Financial firm Wells Fargo has secured approximately 150,000 MWh (150 GWh) of renewable energy per year in new deals announced this week. The agreements with Shell Energy North America and its subsidiary MP2 Energy LLC includes contracts for 7 years. Wells Fargo’s commitment supports the development of new utility-scale solar…

We appreciate the collaboration with Shell Energy and MP2 in developing these creative transactions to deliver retail renewable energy supply to our California and mid-Atlantic real estate portfolios, and support the communities where we work and live.

Richard Henderson, Head of Wells Fargo Corporate Properties

How University Microgrids Give Campuses Intelligent Control of Energy Assets and Use

A recent survey of 2,000 U.S. voters by the Civil Society Institute found that most had never heard of the term microgrid, or they had heard of it but had the wrong impression. But when microgrids were explained to them, they showed a strong predisposition to the concept. Although microgrids have existed since the electric grid…

Once people understand microgrids, they see the importance of them in their community.

Andrea Camp, senior project manager at the institute

Zambia seeks consultants for renewable energy investments

The National Pension Scheme Authority of Zambia (NAPSA) is seeking to recruit a consultancy firm to provide investment and transaction advisory services in the area of renewable energy projects financing. NAPSA, through Zambia’s ministry of national development planning, has received financing from the African Development Bank…

What China’s ‘unprecedented’ grid means for U.S. renewables

China’s grid engineers, plotting a route for a massive new transmission line to feed Shanghai’s insatiable electricity appetite, faced a historic barrier in their land — the Yangtze River. Spanning the crowded river with transmission towers and lines was too dangerous, so the giant State Grid Corp. of China (SGCC) went underneath it just west of Shanghai with…

There’s no comparison anywhere else in the world. It’s like we’re all still pedaling our bicycles, while the Formula 1 race car goes flying by.

Gregory Reed at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Energy

Cleantech Solar and ING ink Asia Pacific’s largest green loan for commercial and industrial rooftop solar projects

Cleantech Solar, one of the largest commercial and industrial (C&I) focused solar PV developers in Asia, has secured a US$75 million green loan from ING Bank N.V., Singapore Branch (ING). ING was the sole Mandated Lead Arranger and Green Structuring Advisor. This is the largest green loan in Asia Pacific to date in the C&I renewables…

We consider the Cleantech Solar team to be best-in-class, in a C&I sector that has experienced tremendous growth. A strong technical grounding and resolute customer focus have been instrumental to their success. ING is thrilled to have combined Cleantech Solar’s strengths with ING’s renewables expertise to arrange a specially structured solution to support their business.

Adrian Lian, ING’s Lead for Renewables and Power Asia Pacific

Iceland, a world leader in clean energy, supports Africa’s push for geothermal power

At the beginning of the 20th century, Iceland was one of Europe’s poorest countries, its people relying on a precarious and polluting mix of imported coal and local peat for electricity. But over the next century, the island nation would pull off one of the great energy makeovers in history, casting off fossil fuels and embracing geothermal power…

We are a small country, but we try to focus our efforts in certain areas and this is one of them.

Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson, Iceland’s Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources

Blockchain Surges Forward

Industry experts predict a surging acceptance of blockchain technologies in the next three years, and the global cryptocurrency mining market is forecast to reach almost $40 billion. With a growing number of organizations around the world adopting cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, smart companies operating within the space…

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