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Eradicating EV range anxiety with Chargetrip

Chargetrip was founded in 2017 by a group of friends who share the same interest in sustainability. It all began when Mark, one of the people who would eventually become the co-founders of Chargetrip, acknowledged that he didn’t feel confident using his electric car for long trips. He was using his EV only for short commuting because of range-anxiety…

Regarding fuel cell vehicles, we believe that using hydrogen for cars is energy inefficient. While hydrogen is almost 150 times more energy-dense than lithium batteries, you lose about 60% of the power along the supply chain, when generating, converting, chilling, transporting, reconverting, storing, pumping, decompressing it, and turning it back to electricity to power the electric motor of a fuel cell-powered vehicle.

Pieter Waller, CCO, Chargetrip

Britain Saying Goodbye To Coal, Sunlight & Wind Climb From 3% To 37% In One Decade

Good bye, coal. Hello to natural sunlight being our dominant form of energy again. In many ways, the 20 century was about coal, but the 21st century is not. The collapse, the demise, of coal is undeniable. Britain recently measured a milestone toward that end. The country has gone two full months without burning coal. No need to generate power…

The four remaining coal-fired plants were among the first to be shut down. The last coal generator came off the system at midnight on 9 April. No coal has been burnt for electricity since.

Dr. Nathan Hagens, Director of the Institute for the Study of Energy and Our Future

This CEO is urging Congress to better support the clean energy industry. Here’s why he thinks a Clean Energy Jobs Fund is the right move forward

To say that the United States is at a pivotal moment in its battle with Covid-19’s adverse economic effects would be an understatement at best. After months of patchwork state and local lockdowns, policymakers at all levels are working hard to facilitate the transition from economic rescue and rehabilitation to eventual recovery…

Nevada Irrigation District goes green, now using 95-percent renewable energy

As the world seeks to tackle the growing threat of climate change and do its part to meet California’s goal of 100-percent clean energy by 2045, the Nevada Irrigation District announced it is using 95-percent clean, renewable energy to power all its operations, effective this June. To accomplish this, NID has changed where it gets its power, from PG&E…

NID is a leader among water agencies in the production of clean, renewable hydropower and, with this change, we become a leader in the use of that clean, renewable power. This step is also further evidence that NID is acting on its sustainability policy that calls for NID to become more socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable.

Keane Sommers, manager of Hydroelectric Operations

Merger brings solar power and fossil fuels together

It may not seem like a match made in heaven, but officials from two local energy companies say they believe the merger of a fossil-fuel distributor and solar power designer/contractor is the best of both worlds. Charlottesville-based gasoline, propane, and fuel oil distributor Tiger Fuel has purchased 40% of locally-based…

Clipsal solar looks to deliver the world’s most customizable energy management platform

Founded by CEO Preeti Bajaj and CTO Neil Maguire, Clipsal Solar has created a platform that plays the role of both a consumer-facing home energy management solution and a utility-facing distributed resource management and grid analytics solution. The company has also been financially backed by parent company Clipsal, a premier Australia…

As more and more inverter companies have connectivity through the cloud, we’ve built a platform to connect to all of those. We don’t really care which inverter that you have or which meter that you put into your subpanel or what big loads you put on your home. We are connecting all of those through the clouds and are maintaining those connections.

CTO Neil Maguire, Clipsal Solar

Monash researchers propose new approach to energy management in microgrids

As electricity grids continue to evolve amid increasing adoption of renewable distributed energy resources (DERs), such as rooftop PV, battery storage, and electric vehicles, customers are effectively lowering their power costs. But in order to maximize the individual value of these assets, DER owners should be enabled to participate in different markets…

From a grid perspective, the coordinated and controlled use of DERs provides substantial benefits for the stability of the broader network. The increase in the local value results from the potential participation of DERs in different markets also provides flexibility to prevent or relieve localized network performance issues.

Dr Reza Razzaghi, Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering

Ellen, Denmark’s First Electric Ferry, Passes All Tests With Flying Colors

Ellen, Denmark’s first all-electric ferry, entered revenue service in September last year. The electric ferry trial was supported by the Horizon 2020 program funded by the European Union, so of course, the backers wanted to know if Ellen met all the program criteria. The results are now in and the answer is a resounding yes. After 10 months in…

Transactive energy market to help ‘lower’ consumer power costs

Monash says the research paper, which was published in international open-access journal – Energies – suggests the implementation of a transactive energy market (TEM) framework to help consumers lower their power costs, by reducing peak demand, and accessing revenues from the provision of network services, such as frequency and…

While transactive energy is a novel approach for energy management and trading, it has the capacity to be used in microgrids to facilitate the integration of DERs in existing networks.

Co-Director of the Monash Grid Innovation Hub and Associate Professor at the Department of Data Science and AI, Faculty of IT, Ariel Liebman

Volkswagen launches home EV charging system sales ahead of ID.3 vehicle deliveries

Volkswagen has started to sell a home-charging device as the automaker prepares to bring its new ID family of electric vehicles to market. The ID.3 is the first electric vehicle under the ID label and will only be sold in Europe. Customers who made reservations for the launch edition, known as ID.3 1st, will be able to order their vehicle starting June 17…

Lithium-ion Batteries (LIB): Opportunities and Threats

Over the last two decades, LIB technology has been used in the defense sector for underwater applications such as conventional submarines, special force delivery vehicles, UUVs, and torpedoes. Despite wide use in a variety of applications, lithium-ion batteries can be described as a relatively immature energy storage technology…

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