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Edge Innovations in the Utilities Industry

For electric utilities, these are disruptive times. The ongoing shift to sustainable energy sources creates a whole new level of grid complexity. Alternative power sources are intermittent and decentralized, all the way down to the solar rooftops of homes and businesses that feed power onto the grid, creating new grid management challenges for utilities..

Investors power the renewables revolution

Data for electric power consumption in Israel during the COVID-19 crisis indicate that renewable energy companies are dominating the field. Figures show that in March, when the crisis was at its peak, electricity produced from renewable energy sources reached 27% of total electricity production in Israel, as compared with 10%, in ordinary…

When I entered this field over a decade ago, electric power prices around the world shadowed the price of oil. The two were completely correlated. With time, however, this correlation ended, and the primary reason for this change is that, today, almost no electricity is produced from oil. So, oil prices no longer have a direct effect on the price of electricity.

Asa Levinger, CEO of Energix Renewable Energies (TASE: ENRG)

5 sustainable mobility startups that might just change the world

Michelin’s Movin’On Summit was held virtually last week, and five sustainable mobility companies won its Startup Challenge because they stood out as being able to move from “ambition to action.” The Movin’On Summit was originally meant to be held at McGill University in Montreal in June, with former US Secretary of State John Kerry as its keynote…

What conditions precede and promote the rapid adoption of off-grid renewable energy in Africa?

Only half of Sub-Saharan Africa’s population have access to basic electrification. Fewer still have electricity connections that are reliable enough for productive uses. As a result, many individuals and businesses in the region turn to expensive and dirty captive power sources, while those that cannot afford to do so simply remain in the dark…

Sustainability in Desalination

As the world’s population grows, the number of people facing water scarcity issues is expected to rise, with some estimates pitting the number of people experiencing water shortages to be at 60 percent by 2025. With 97 percent of the world’s water in oceans, seawater desalination represents a major opportunity for alleviating water stress across the…

For example, in Saudi Arabia, around 10 percent of the [country’s] electricity is used for seawater desalination. In Abu Dhabi, the desalination sector contributes more than 22 percent of the Emirate’s total CO2 emissions. Given the fast growth of global desalination capacity, development of clean-energy driven, energy-efficient freshwater generation, particularly seawater desalination, is more urgent than ever nowadays.

Peng Wang, professor of environmental science and engineering at Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Covid-19 vs Climate Change: What Can We Learn?

Unlike its health, economic, or gendered impacts, Covid-19 has yet to cause an overt crisis for Asia’s environment. On the contrary, with factories closed and roads empty, the smog-layered skies above most major cities are clear blue for the first time in years. With humans indoors, deer and monkeys are venturing out to explore Asia’s now-empty…

If humanity can put our economies on hold as a safeguard from a global threat like Covid-19, why haven’t we been able to take similar measures to confront a global killer like climate change?

Scientists develop low-cost, high power density vanadium flow battery stack

The development of renewable energies such as wind energy and solar energy is limited by their inherently random and intermittent nature. However, the vanadium flow battery (VFB) offers a cost- and energy-efficient, long-life energy storage technology that can store and smoothly output power from renewable energies. The VFB energy…

This new VFB stack technology not only maintains the high power density of conventional stacks, but also reduces total cost by 40% compared to conventional stacks.

Prof. LI Xianfeng from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

PG&E Strengthening Community Resilience with Comprehensive Microgrid Solutions

Today, the California Public Utilities Commission approved Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E’s) comprehensive and cost-effective microgrid proposals, which are designed to reduce the number of customers affected by Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events and mitigate the impacts to those who remain affected. A PSPS may be used when…

Non-Monetary Bitcoin Use Cases: Virtual Power Plants & Digital Identities

Bitcoin (BTC) is proving to be not only a monetary technology, as entrepreneurs find new applications in an increasing number of areas. This week, Brandon Arvanaghi, Layer1 Technologies Chief Security Officer (CSO), explained how Bitcoin is used to stabilize electrical grids that heavily rely on renewable energy sources, while Microsoft went live…

We are the first company to perfectly align the economic incentives of large-scale energy consumption for high-performance computing, such as Bitcoin mining or cloud computing, and the need for grid stabilization by energy market regulators. As reported, the company also plans to amass 25% of the Bitcoin hash rate by 2021 in just their Texas facility alone.

Alexander Liegl, Co-founder and CEO of Layer1

Vanguard Advances Blockchain Technology Pilot To Streamline Asset-Backed Securities Markets

Vanguard, in partnership with technology provider Symbiont, announced today the completion of the first phase of a blockchain pilot designed to digitize the issuance of asset-backed securities (ABS). In close collaboration with a large US ABS issuer, as well as BNY Mellon, Citi, and State Street, Vanguard successfully modeled the full lifecycle of an…

We continue to assess new technologies, collaborating with our clients and partners, with a focus on making the risk transfer process across the industry more robust and efficient.

Puneet Singhvi, FMI Head and Markets and Securities Services lead for Blockchain, DLT and Digital Assets, Citi

China’s digital plan will help it leapfrog US as tech leader

“If you want to get rich, first build a road.” China’s gleaming modern infrastructure is a testament to this cheeky proverb. Realizing that China now has less need to build roads and bridges, Beijing is betting instead on building the most advanced data factory running on the biggest and fastest information highway. The goal is clear: remake China into…

Closed landfills may house solar farms

Solar power is getting a lot of attention these days as our country strives to reduce greenhouse gases. Sunny cities like Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Antonio have ramped up solar power production; however, in cloudy coastal municipalities such as Seattle, investments in “sun power” have been lagging. One reason is Washington is blessed with…

Hydroelectric power is the cheapest source of renewable energy, at an average of $0.05 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), but the average cost of developing new power plants based on onshore wind, solar photovoltaic (PV), biomass or geothermal energy is now usually below $0.10/kWh.


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