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Used EV Batteries Could Power Tomorrow’s Solar Farms

As the number of electric vehicles on the world’s roads multiplies, a variety of used EV batteries will inevitably come into the marketplace. This, says a team of MIT researchers, could provide a golden opportunity for solar energy: Grid-scale renewable energy storage. This application, they find, can run efficiently on batteries that…

There’s more work to be done in that area. It involves collaboration between people who have the data, people who can build the smart control algorithms, and the people who build the electronics around these systems.

Ian Mathews, Marie Curie research fellow formerly at MIT

Renewable Energy Integration into The National Grid- Challenges and Opportunities

The renewable energy sector is the emerging poster boy within the energy sector with increasing integration into the national grid, resulting in reducing the average electricity cost to consumers. In the recent past, the national electricity market (NEM) has come under pressure thanks to higher penetration of solar PVs across the continent and falling gas…

New online platform aims to turn EV batteries into virtual grid

The platform has been developed by clean-energy company L7 Drive and can turn batteries and other systems into active assets, which can automatically trade energy to where and when it is required. The system is also said to be responsive to sudden changes in the grid, for example, a power outage during a storm, and can will automatically…

L7 Drive has truly introduced an exciting and promising solution by combining various technologies. This should be of great business interest for a wide range of customers from the automotive to the energy sectors.

Senior advisor Tero Sarkkinen

Dual-use solar farms welcome nature back to the land

Most ground-mount solar projects built in the United States are on gravel, turf or dirt. And therein lies the Catch-22 of solar projects. The draw of solar is its ability to provide clean power that preserves beautiful landscapes that are in danger from coal mines, oil wells and fracking. But mounting solar on gravel, dirt or turf ruins the natural…

We shouldn’t be using land management practices with renewable energy projects that degrade natural ecosystems, like using gravel under solar panels instead of native plants.

Elysa Hammond, senior vice president of environmental stewardship at Clif Bar

New Mexico Consortium: Using Wastewater To Produce a Better Algae for Biofuels

New Mexico Consortium scientist, Joseph Msanne, along with colleagues Shawn Starkenburg and Juergen Polle, recently published an article titled An Assessment of Heterotrophy and Mixotrophy in Scenedesmus and its Utilization in Wastewater Treatment, in the June 2020 issue of Algal Research. This review looks at whether growing…

Ford, VW to collaborate on vans, pickup, electric vehicle

DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) — Ford and Volkswagen will each offer a small city van, a larger cargo van, a small pickup truck and an electric vehicle as part of their global alliance announced last year. The companies announced some details of what the venture will yield Wednesday, with the city van created by VW based on the latest Caddy model…

Asia’s top renewable energy markets: China, India and Japan

EY’s Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) ranks markets across the globe based on investment and implementation opportunities in the renewables space. Out of all countries assessed, the 40 best-performing countries are listed in the index. South and Southeast Asia have a strong representation in the list, with more than…

This is a defining and transformative moment for the energy industry, despite the current crisis. Stakeholders are looking to collaborate and invest in companies where climate change and sustainable development is embedded in their strategy. Energy leaders should take action to invest in renewables and related sustainable long-term projects, including energy efficiency, smart power networks, and low-carbon transport infrastructure.

EY Global Energy Leader Benoit Laclau

Adani Green Energy Wins the World’s Largest Solar Award; Leapfrogs Towards Goal of 25 GW of Installed Capacity by 2025

As a part of the award, AGEL will build 8 GW of solar projects along with a commitment that will see Adani Solar establish 2 GW of additional solar cell and module manufacturing capacity. This award, the largest of its type ever in the world, will entail a single investment of US $6 billion and will create 400,000 direct and indirect jobs…

What is Gravitricity’s Gravity-Based Energy Storage System?

British start-up company Gravitricity has developed a system to store excess electricity by using the power of gravity. The company’s power supply system uses a series of winches to store electrical energy as potential energy by raising large weights in a vertical shaft. When energy is needed, the weights can be released and the winches can be…

Remote communities the winners in $20m microgrid funding round

The judges have spoken and the recipients of the federal government’s Regional and Remote Communities Reliability Fund Microgrids pageant have been chosen, with 17 projects in nearly every state and territory (sorry ACT, South Australia and Tasmania) receiving between $300,000 and more than $3 million each to get started…

NextGen Nano: The Future of Nanotechnology in Solar Applications

Solar technology is approaching a new future thanks to pioneering steps in nanotechnology. One such development is Nextgen Nano’s patented Polypower, which uses biopolymers in solar cells, and is part of the next generation of solar technology. The nanotechnology solution is not only better for the planet due to the use of biopolymers in…

Dutch pension fund APG keen to buy into Tata Power’ clean energy InvIT

Dutch pension fund manager APG Asset Management NV has evinced interest in acquiring a 51% stake in Tata Power’ renewable energy infrastructure investment trust (InvIT), said two people aware of the development. InvITs are trusts that manage income-generating infrastructure assets, typically offering investors regular yield and a liquid…

We have very ambitious targets in renewables. For that, we require money and we are looking at bringing in strategic investors.

Praveer Sinha, managing director and CEO, Tata Power

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