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A roundup of venture capital funding in clean energy

Batteries have won the lion’s share of recent cleantech venture capital — but here are some recent funding rounds for fusion, graphene, electrical panels, circuit breakers, geothermal drilling and direct-air capture of CO2. Venture capital investors and their funds are still hungry for deals in cleantech and renewable energy…

Geothermal remains the most promising non-nuclear dispatchable energy source. It does not require storage, has a small land footprint and at the depths Quaise is targeting, becomes viable and competitive throughout the world, not just at today’s geothermal sites.

Vinod Khosla

Delta and SJSU develop micro solar converter that captures 30% more energy in shade

Delta announced the outcome of its collaboration with Silicon Valley-based San Jose State University (SJSU) to advance renewable energy research and talent. The project underscores Delta’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment to partner with universities and institutions in the United States to nurture talent capable of developing…

DOE Announces US$30 Million to Develop Fuel Cell Technology

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy (FE) has announced up to US$30 million in federal funding for cost-shared research and development (R&D) projects under a funding opportunity announcement (FOA) for small-scale solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems and hybrid energy systems. This FOA seeks to develop advanced…

The projects resulting from this funding opportunity represent a significant step that will benefit the United States and ultimately our global partners for decades to come.

Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy Steven Winberg

Three Key Ideas Emerging about Microgrids in an Era of Societal Disruption

Microgrids are among the disruptive class of tech, that which challenges the status quo to improve society. However, lately a technology’s worth is based less on how well it disrupts and more on how well it responds to societal disruption. With the disruption brought by COVID-19, products like teleconferencing, home delivery and…

S&C is already seeing interest from utilities in stocking up on spare parts and replacement equipment for the fall and winter storm seasons. Because they see the very real possibility of being more on their own if COVID-19 continues to degrade supply chains into the fall.

Erik Svenholm, vice president of non-wires alternatives at S&C Electric

South African Solar Energy Blockchain Startup Raises $3 Million, Plans to Expand Across Continent

The blockchain peer-to-peer renewable energy platform has now closed its $4 million Series-A funding round. South African blockchain peer-to-peer renewable energy platform Sun Exchange obtained a $3 million investment from Arch Emerging Markets Partners, thereby closing its $4 million Series-A funding round, according to a statement issued…

Capturing the green energy of the deep blue sea

Nasser Alshemaimry was on a boat last month, heading for a spot in the Atlantic Ocean to test out his turbines. He was also, he said, heading for completion of his final life goal. A year ago his company, OceanBased Perpetual Energy, agreed to work with Florida Atlantic University to develop a way to generate electricity by harnessing the steady-flowing Gulf…

Tidal is not 24/7 power. It’s back and forth. . . . The Gulf Stream flows 24/7/365. He calls it “the Holy Grail of perpetual energy.

Nasser Alshemaimry, the chief executive of OceanBased Perpetual Energy

Growing the Power Grid in Africa, with Todd Moss

In this episode, host Daniel Raimi talks with Todd Moss, executive director of the Energy for Growth Hub and a nonresident fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute. A former diplomat with the US Department of State’s Bureau of African Affairs, Moss discusses efforts to build electricity capacity across Africa, as well as economic and political…

Broad Reach Power to Build 15 Battery Storage Projects Across Texas by End of 2020

Broad Reach Power, a rapidly growing energy storage independent power producer (IPP) based in Houston which owns a three-gigawatt portfolio of utility-scale solar and energy storage power projects in Montana, Wyoming, California, Utah, and Texas, today announced that it will build 15 utility-scale battery storage plant sites in areas near…

Energy storage could take $40B foothold in microgrid sector by 2029

A growth in microgrids will drive a major rise in energy storage capacity over the next decade, according to a new report. Guidehouse Insights (formerly Navigant Research) forecasts that cumulative capacity for new installed energy storage in microgrids is expected to exceed 36,938 MW globally by 2029. The installations, if fully realized, could…

The markets for both energy storage and microgrids have developed significantly in the last few years thanks to major price decreases and accelerated adoption. Looking ahead, the global market for ESMG is expected to grow rapidly, with total annual capacity additions increasing from 650.4 MW in 2020 to 8,633.4 MW in 2029.

Ricardo F. Rodriguez, research analyst with Guidehouse Insights

Adani Green Energy Wins the World’s Largest Solar Award; Leapfrogs Towards Goal of 25 GW of Installed Capacity by 2025

As a part of the award, AGEL will build 8 GW of solar projects along with a commitment that will see Adani Solar establish 2 GW of additional solar cell and module manufacturing capacity. This award, the largest of its type ever in the world, will entail a single investment of US $6 billion and will create 400,000 direct and indirect jobs…

Nikola Motor to open pre-orders for fuel cell pickup truck to compete with Ford, Tesla

Nikola Motor Company, the Arizona startup that made its debut as a publicly-traded company June 4, will open reservations later this month for a hydrogen fuel cell electric pickup truck that was designed to compete with the Ford F-150. Reservations, or pre-orders, will open June 29 for the hydrogen-electric pickup truck known as the Badger…

We went directly after the Ford F-150 market and it’ll be a direct competitor to the Tesla Cybertruck as well.

Nikola Motor founder and chairman Trevor Milton

Top Players in Blockchain Technology in Energy Market 2027 – Electron • LO3 Energy Inc • Power Ledger • ConsenSys • Omega Grid • IBM • Drift • Btl Group Ltd

Global Blockchain Technology in Energy Market Research Report and Forecast to 2020-2027 Report provides extensive research on the fast-evolving Blockchain Technology in Energy Market. It also gives the competitive landscape of the leading companies with regional and Global analyses of the market till 2027. The new report on the global Blockchain…

Water vapor in the atmosphere may be prime renewable energy source

The search for renewable energy sources, which include wind, solar, hydroelectric dams, geothermal, and biomass, has preoccupied scientists and policymakers alike, due to their enormous potential in the fight against climate change. A new Tel Aviv University study finds that water vapor in the atmosphere may serve as a potential renewable energy…

We sought to capitalize on a naturally occurring phenomenon: electricity from water. Electricity in thunderstorms is generated only by water in its different phases — water vapor, water droplets, and ice. Twenty minutes of cloud development is how we get from water droplets to huge electric discharges — lightning — some half a mile in length.

Prof. Colin Price

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