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Near 80% Of People Would Personally Do As Much For Climate As They Have For Coronavirus.

As a 1980’s teen, arguments raged amongst my back-combed friends about swopping CFC-laden hairspray cans for pump-action bottles to save the ozone layer. Some thought changing wouldn’t make any difference, apart from to how high we could tease up our crimped locks. Thankfully, for the ozone layer (if not for taste or style) those of us who…

EGEB: Chinese solar manufacturers slash prices due to coronavirus slump

Chinese manufacturers make up around 73% of the global solar power supply chain. And those manufacturers have had to cut costs due to the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic crisis. Further, smaller companies may have to consolidate to survive. Of course this is bad news for solar manufacturers, but the silver lining is that it may create a…

The coronavirus added uncertainties to demand, especially overseas. Prices are still under certain pressure. But if the world is gradually recovering from the epidemic from the fourth quarter, cheaper prices may significantly raise competitiveness of photovoltaics.

CMB International Securities analyst Robin Xiao

After Coronavirus, What’s Next? China: More Coal, US: More Oil, EU: More Renewables

The coronavirus has done something no one ever thought possible. It has completely shut down the great economic engine of globalism and slashed carbon dioxide emissions around the world. Many people are seeing stars at night and mountain ranges during the day for the first time in their lives. The virus may be a once in a lifetime chance for…

Dual chemistry battery technology to be developed for Portsmouth International Port

Portsmouth International Port (PIP) has announced it will pilot a new smart energy system that includes a novel energy storage solution. It will include the design and construction of a dual chemistry battery technology project, specifically designed to meet port requirements. This will work together with advanced management software…

Cleaning up maritime emissions is now an urgent priority for the maritime sector and the PESO project will be a critical stepping-stone to achieve this… This will pave the way for decarbonisation and other emissions reduction across the port estate.

Jonathan Williams, CEO of Marine South East

AFC Energy, Acciona to test fuel cell systems at construction site

UK alkaline fuel cells developer AFC Energy Plc (LON:AFC) said Monday it has partnered with Acciona SA (BME:ANA) to conduct field tests of the H-Power fuel cell platform at one of the renewable energy company’s construction sites in native Spain. The H-Power technology can use cracked ammonia as the primary fuel source, resulting in lower logistics and…

This billion-dollar global industry has seen growing regulation, such as Europe’s Non Road Mobile Machinery regulations, come into force and with that, a movement by constructors and contractors towards a more sustainable on-site power generation alternative to diesel.

AFC Energy CEO Adam Bond

Advanced Lead Batteries Gain Traction in India as Amara Raja Batteries Ltd Partners with Gridtential Energy, Inc to Collaborate on Silicon Joule™ Bipolar Technology

Amara Raja Batteries Limited, India’s leading Industrial and Automotive Battery manufacturer and Gridtential Energy, the inventor of Silicon Joule™ bipolar battery technology announce that they have entered into a formal agreement to collaborate on bipolar battery technology. Under the technology evaluation agreement, Amara Raja Batteries…

The unique Silicon Joule™ Bipolar technology from Gridtential holds significant potential to deliver enhanced value to our customers. And very importantly, Gridtential helps meet our environmental commitment based on lead battery recyclability greater than 99%.

Amara Raja Batteries Limited Vice-Chairman and MD, Jayadev Galla

Scandinavian joint venture to specialize in recycling electric vehicle batteries

Norsk Hydro and Northvolt have set up a joint venture that will focus on the recycling of both battery materials and aluminum from Norway’s electric vehicle sector. In an announcement Monday, battery manufacturer Northvolt said the venture, dubbed Hydro Volt, would set up a “recycling hub” in Norway, with operations there slated to…

Northvolt has set a target for 50 percent of our raw material in 2030 coming from recycled batteries.

Emma Nehrenheim, chief environmental officer for Northvolt’s recycling business unit, Revolt

Malaysia eyes pandemic recovery with 1GW new solar tender

Malaysia has turned to large-scale solar as an engine of the post-COVID comeback, targeting smaller and local ventures with its largest tender to date. In recent days, the country’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources announced the fourth round of its large-scale solar (LSS) programme, designed to offer 1GWac worth of tender contracts and help…

BACNet Protocol Can Change Energy Storage Industry

The growth of the energy storage industry in the past few years has been huge, and the sector is expected to add another 2 GW of capacity in 2020. In many ways, energy storage solutions (ESS) are at the forefront of technology, evolving to adapt to the needs of both residential and commercial markets eager for more energy independence…

Smart Neighborhood Wins Smart Grid Award

Do you remember the futuristic animated television program The Jetsons? George Jetson lived with his family in the Skypad Apartments in Orbit City. His wife Jane was a homemaker. The couple had two kids (Judy and Elroy), a dog named Astro, and a robot maid named Rosie. Their home was filled with space-age gadgets that seemed unbelievable…

Sterling and Wilson looking to expand hybrid energy storage business

The Hybrid Energy Storage (HES) business of Sterling and Wilson is eyeing multi-million dollar projects in India, South East Asia, Africa and Latin America, as enterprises globally look to reduce their dependence on conventional energy. Hybrid energy is defined as a mix of solar, wind, gas, diesel and battery energy storage. Sterling and Wilson Hybrid…

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