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Blockchain Battery Grids Are Powering Up at Lightning Speed

Equigy, a blockchain platform for managing batteries connected to the electric grid, is expanding its operations in the European Union. Ecologic technology news outlet, Green Tech Media, reported on May 29 that three major European Union’s electricity transmission system operators, or TSOs, joined Equigy’s platform. More precisely, TSO with…

We could have used other technologies for this as there are just a few participants. But looking ahead we expect the energy market to become one big dynamic, decentralized system with many actors interacting at the different voltage levels and believe that blockchain is the technology that can grow toward this vision. […] It future-proofs us from an IT strategy perspective.

Digital transformation technology program manager at TenneT and Equigy technology leader, Martin Van’t Verlaat

CPPIB, KKR, others eye Fortum’s Indian solar projects

At least six firms, including Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), Brookfield Asset Management Inc., private equity firms Actis Llp, KKR, Macquarie Group, and Edelweiss Infrastructure Yield Plus Fund, have separately evinced interest in acquiring a majority stake in Finland’s state-controlled power utility Fortum Oyj’s 500 megawatts (MW)…

Everything put together may be in the region of $900 million. Whoever buys the majority stake will also put the equity in the new platform. There will be a pre-decided equity contribution. Fortum wants to spread meteorological and weather risks. The renewable energy sector needs massive liquidity and, hence, this stake sale.

Welcome action on hydropower front

While the Covid-19 lockdown has significantly reduced overall power demand, it is notable that the share of hydropower has actually risen. Hydroelectric generation has the ability to ramp up almost instantly to meet unexpected load changes, and so maintain system stability. Note that during the nationwide 9pm, 9-minute lamp lighting event on…

Electrifying West Africa with a renewable grid

There has been much debate about how areas experiencing renewable explosive growth can manage the myriad of intermittent sources of electricity. But these are mainly focused on regions with mature power grids and relatively static growth in demand. What if you tried to grow renewable energy at the same time that you tried to grow a…

Why The World’s Largest Asset Manager Has Seen Its Shares Soar

It’s off to the races for the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock Inc. (NYSE:BLK). At a time when the majority of Wall Street’s megabanks are just starting to buy into the green investing ethos, BlackRock has quickly established itself as the purveyor of ESG and renewables investing. BlackRock owns one of the largest global renewable power…

Empire State Building Slashes Carbon Emissions By 40% With Energy Saving Upgrades

Construction of the Empire State Building in New York City couldn’t have started at a worse time. The depression had come to America. Central Park was a hobo village where the destitute congregated. When the building was finished in May of 1931, Alfred E Smith, the building’s owner, insisted that every room in the building remain lighted at all times…

New solar farm offers bite-size chunks for small business on road to energy democracy

The completion of the 9.4MW Robinvale solar farm last week marked a milestone not just for the project’s developer Suntech, but also for a company called WePower and its plans to open up Australia’s renewable energy procurement market to a potentially huge market of small businesses. As RenewEconomy reported last week, Suntech’s 9.47MW(AC)…

We want to establish a base layer of virtual PPAs, and then it’s the customer’s choice. If you want firming, we can provide it. We have multiple partners.

WePower co-founder and CEO Nick Martynuik

Thanks To Renewables And Machine Learning, Google Now Forecasts The Wind

Wind farms have traditionally made less money for the electricity they produce because they have been unable to predict how windy it will be tomorrow. Here’s how: Google and the Google-owned Artificial Intelligence firm DeepMind combined weather data with power data from 700 megawatts of wind energy that Google sources in the…

The way a lot of power markets work is you have to schedule your assets a day ahead. And you tend to get compensated higher when you do that than if you sell into the market real-time.

Michael Terrell, the head of energy market strategy at Google

Selling fear despite the evidence

Merchants of fear have already been at work, preparing to lather up the masses later this year with disturbing images of hardship and misery. The strategy is to equate job losses with clean air and skies, to link in the public mind the pandemic with strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s as dishonest as the days of May are long…

This is what a carbon-constrained world looks like.

Michael McKenna, a deputy assistant to Trump on energy and environment issues

Stadler orders ABB traction and energy storage technology

EUROPE: So far this year Stadler has awarded ABB orders worth more than US$180m to provide traction systems and battery energy storage for locomotives and train sets to be supplied to operators in Europe and North America. This total includes customized electrical equipment for the 71 multiple-units that Stadler is building for Transport for…

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