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Germany’s coal days are over – smart DER is the future, says BEE

The federation’s president, Simone Peter said that the Covid-19 crisis has changed the energy industry drastically, with coal at a near stand-still, and few lignite-powered facilities still connected to the country’s grid. In their stead, she noted, gas had returned to the country’s energy mix in greater force, to complement solar and wind energy…

You can’t just close your eyes to that. Now it is time to honestly assess the situation on the electricity market and to boldly tackle the right climate and energy policy measures.

Simone Peter

Round-the-clock renewable energy tenders worry developers

Bengaluru: Renewable energy developers are uneasy about the government’s recent focus on round-the-clock solar and wind tenders, as they feel this may not be workable in practice. The ministry of new and renewable energy conducted a round-the-clock (RTC) auction earlier this month for 400 MW of projects where the levelised tariff…

One Step Closer to Solving the Storage Problems of Renewable Energy

Although hydrogen is thought by many to be the solution to renewable energy storage, the green production of it is hindered by the poor conversion of the supplied electricity. “One reason is that the dynamic load of the fluctuating electricity from the sun and wind quickly pushes the materials to their limits. Cheap catalyst materials rapidly…

We wanted to see this with our own eyes and gradually heated the material in the laboratory to 1,000 °C.


Investment in global energy to drop by $400bn

Investment in global energy will fall by $400bn (£324bn) this year, the biggest slump in the industry’s history, as the Covid-19 pandemic fuels a collapse in energy demand. The International Energy Agency (IEA) said the unprecedented investment slump follows the most severe plunge in energy demand since the second world war. The price of oil…

The crisis has brought lower emissions but for all the wrong reasons. If we are to achieve a lasting reduction in global emissions, then we will need to see a rapid increase in clean energy investment. The slowdown in spending on key clean energy technologies also risks undermining the much-needed transition to more resilient and sustainable energy systems.

Fatih Birol

Webinar Provides Overview of Electric School Bus Charging Infrastructure

Representing CTE during the May 7 event were Executive Director Dan Raudebaugh along with Erik Bigelow, a senior engineering consultant. Included in the presentation were Brent Johnson, co-founder of Sage Energy Consulting, and Ari Kahn, an electric vehicle project specialist from Con Edison power company in New York state…

Chargers can be either AC or DC. Batteries are DC, and the grid power that you’re bringing in is AC, so a device is needed to translate that AC power into DC for storage in the batteries. The distinction with the type of charger is where that DC power being produced.

Erik Bigelow

Green Recovery Could Create 850,000 British Jobs, Report Finds

Britain could create 850,000 new green energy jobs this decade if it uses recovery stimulus to fast-track decarbonization, a report has found. Financial stimulus being used to kick-start the economic recovery from coronavirus should accelerate the U.K.’s path toward net-zero emissions and limit the worst effects of climate change…

Utah tech company offers solution to food crisis with sustainable water, energy for farms

A Utah company has developed a process for water and energy production that doesn’t produce carbon and removes solid waste particulates from the air. Chaac Technologies is able to extract water and power directly from the atmosphere with a patent-pending, environmentally friendly and affordable system for commercial agriculture…

Our technology removes the utility barriers that prevent farmers and growers from producing the food we need, particularly in areas where it hasn’t been feasible or practical before. Our technology draws water from the air to create renewable energy from pneumatic power generation, which could be of vital use in helping to resolve the growing food crisis within the U.S.

Jake Hammock, Chaac Technologies co-founder and CEO

COVID-19: Four Sustainable Development Goals that help future-proof global recovery

The pandemic has exposed that gains made to address poverty, hunger, good health and well-being may face serious setbacks, unless the global community also urgently addresses the global environmental threats that have similar capacity to gravely undermine the systems that enable humanity and the planet to survive and thrive…

Tesla’s ‘Battery Day’: Business as usual or an EV coup?

Both doubters and fans of Tesla Inc. have become accustomed to its CEO, Elon Musk, strutting onto a stage every so often to unveil a product someone can buy — be it a sedan, a battery for the garage, a roof shingle or a futuristic truck. What’s coming next may be different. The Tesla hype cycle has whipped to feverish levels over what Musk has…

The battery, is the most expensive component people ever put in a vehicle. From the standpoint of affordability and the value proposition of an EV versus an internal-combustion engine, anything that improves the performance and cost is a major announcement.

John Loehr, a managing director who studies autos and industry for consultancy AlixPartners

South Korea Embarks On An Ambitious Renewable Energy Plan

South Korea has made public a long-term energy plan that stipulates a shift to more renewable energy at the expense of fossil fuels and nuclear power. The Korea Herald reports the plan envisages renewable power to rise to 40 percent of the country’s energy mix in 2034, up from 15.1 percent currently. In the meantime, the share of liquefied natural…

Kazakhstan approves new green projects in a bid to cut fossil fuels in half by 2050

To date, there are already 97 operating renewable energy facilities in Kazakhstan, with over half of the renewable power generated by solar power plants and another fourth from wind farms. While more than 70% of the Central Asian country’s electricity is currently produced by coal-burning, the development of renewable energy has become an…

Energy gold mine … the wind-solar-storage plant that brings powerful self-sufficiency to the middle of nowhere

The best sources of energy are clean ones, of course, which is why global miner Gold Fields set sustainable energy company EDL the task of designing and building a power plant to enable its Agnew Gold Mine in Western Australia to become totally self-sufficient. A primary requirement in the brief was for “reliable” energy, says EDL chief executive…

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