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Green investments critical to strong economy

The coronavirus hit hard, infecting over 1.5 million residents in the U.S. and triggering the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. New Jersey is at the epicenter of the pandemic, with more COVID-19 cases than any state except New York. Thanks to difficult but essential social distancing and reduced travel, the coronavirus is hopefully…

OPINION: COVID-19 – The road ahead for India’s solar power sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and has impacted our lives deeply. All sectors have been hit by the challenges caused by the outbreak of the virus strongly and the world’s transition to clean energy has been highly affected in these unprecedented times. There is a lot of uncertainty in the industry currently and it is how…

UNECE launches study, tool-kit for for sustainable renewable energy investments and deployment

A study by UNECE on linkages between renewable energy and nature and food production was created alongside mechanisms for political leaders, companies and representatives of affected communities to address issues and come up with mutually beneficial plans. UNECE said stakeholders can come up with win-win options in the…

In the case of renewable energy, projects are most commonly identified and proposed by private developers or utilities, and not as a result of systematic renewable energy planning. The need for a more comprehensive approach is evident. The renewable energy decision-making process should integrate the assessment of nexus considerations at every relevant step.

ENGIE and Fiat Chrysler begin work on world’s largest V2G facility

The plant will produce a smart EV charging infrastructure for a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) pilot project to be implemented by the Fiat Chrysler and ENGIE. The main aim is to support the deployment of electric mobility and to ensure the stability of the grid. ENGIE and Fiat Chrysler had announced their V2G pilot in September 2019. In full compliance with the safety…

Estimates have it that by 2025, the total storage capacity of electric vehicles in Europe will be over 300GWh, representing the largest distributed resource available to the European energy system. The market for V2G infrastructure, to date consisting almost exclusively of experimental projects, is now ready to get off the ground.

Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO of ENGIE Eps

Coal exports at risk in China trade war as government turns to green energy

The federal government’s technology roadmap to a cleaner energy economy includes investment in gas, hydrogen, and electric cars, however, coal appears to have been sidelined. Energy Minister Angus Taylor was adamant the government’s green investments aren’t risking taxpayers’ money, telling Deborah Knight the majority of funding will…

Technology, not taxes are the way we’re going to go about this.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor

Agenda: Crisis has given us a glimpse into the future of energy

LAST week it was announced that Britain had gone an entire month without coal-fired electricity generation for the first time since the Industrial Revolution. In a pre-Covid-19 world, this announcement would have made headline news. Way back in February, the Government announced plans to phase-out coal from Britain’s energy system by 2024, but the…

Solar energy farms could offer second life for electric vehicle batteries

As electric vehicles rapidly grow in popularity worldwide, there will soon be a wave of used batteries whose performance is no longer sufficient for vehicles that need reliable acceleration and range. But a new study shows that these batteries could still have a useful and profitable second life as backup storage for grid-scale solar…

I’ve talked to people who’ve said the best thing to do is just work your battery really hard, and front-load all your revenue. When we looked at that, it just didn’t make sense at all. It was clear from the analysis that maximizing the lifetime of the batteries would provide the best returns.

MIT researcher, postdoc Ian Mathews

Can Asia be the world’s first region to achieve energy transformation for all?

When a national economy cannot largely detach itself from heavily polluting industries it can be significantly more challenging to decarbonize. Asia is one such region where the energy question remains highly complex and delicate. Asia’s challenge is that it is home to 4.5 billion people and an economy dependent on manufacturing, from extraction to…

Borehole thermal energy storage for solar

The municipality of Drammen, Norway, has started testing a seasonal PV storage project that uses boreholes in the ground. The operators of the project are using electricity from PV modules to produce heat via a CO2 heat pump and outdoor air. The heat is produced by the CO2 pump during the spring, summer and fall, in addition to heat produced by…

We believe that the GeoTermos system, or adjusted variants of GeoTermos, will be an important piece of the green energy puzzle of the future, where several renewable and volatile energy sources interact as a whole in the energy system. To overcome the challenge with seasonal storage of enough energy from periods with excess energy to periods with high peak loads and energy and power shortage, typically in the heating season in Norway.

Kalskin Ramstad

Djibouti government approves Engie’s Grand Bara solar project

The approval was based on the adoption of a preliminary assessment that aims to materialize the completion of the construction project. The 360 million euro plant will be developed, built and operated by the French energy company Engie as part of a public-private partnership (PPP). The preliminary phase of the project will have a capacity of…

This project will increase the national production capacity to meet the country’s electricity demand. It is in line with our country’s sustainable and social development objectives and will help create many jobs.

Djiboutian presidency

New findings on the decarbonization of the Global Energy Trade

In the new report, Evolution of Energy Networks: Decarbonizing the Global Energy Trade, analysts predict the first tipping point for deploying renewable energy import infrastructure will be in 2030, when imported electricity via new HVDC power lines becomes cheaper than low-carbon natural gas turbines…

Places like Singapore, Japan, and the Netherlands are great examples of countries that cannot meet their energy demands solely through domestic renewable sources like wind and solar energy.

Tim Grejtak, an analyst at Lux Research and the lead author of the report

How This Billionaire-Backed Crypto Startup Gets Paid To Not Mine Bitcoin

Layer1 is a cryptocurrency startup backed by the likes of billionaire Peter Thiel. In recent months, out in the hardscrabble land of west Texas, the company has been busy erecting steel boxes (think shipping containers) stuffed chockablock with high-end processors submerged inside cooling baths of mineral oil. Why west Texas? Because thanks…

Mining Bitcoin is about converting electricity into money. By this fall Layer1 will have dozens of these boxes churning around the clock to transform 100 megawatts into a stream of Bitcoin. The average cost of production is about $1,000 per coin — equating to a 90% profit margin at the current BTC price of $9,100.

Alex Liegl, CEO and co-founder

Where Asia Is Taking The World With AI

The landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), research, and commercialization are increasingly broadening to Asia. The region, which is home to 61% of the world’s population, stands to gain the most from deploying AI given its still early stages of development but huge potential to scale returns. From Japan to Singapore, AI startup and research clusters…

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