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Vietnam ranks low in clean energy adoption

In the bottom half of a global, clean energy transition ranking, Vietnam languishes far behind many of its neighbors. Vietnam placed 65th out of 115 economies in 2020 Energy Transition Index, released by World Economic Forum (WEF), down nine spots from last year to continue lagging behind many other Southeast Asian countries…

Green Energy and Decentralized Marketplace with Assaf Ben-Or, Greeneum

Greeneum’s aim has always been to create a viable, efficient, and smart green energy market. Our network is focused on using blockchain and AI machine learning technology to help accelerate the transition to green and sustainable energy. We offer GREEN certificates and Carbon Credits to producers of green energy in our network…

We are extremely positive about the future of green energy around the world. While we cannot deny that COVID-19 is creating a lot of disturbing waves for many countries, it has also brought out the importance of nature.

Assaf Ben-Or, Founder & CEO

Disadvantaged California Community to Host the Largest Advanced Energy Community Built on Blockchain

The Energy Coalition and Community Electricity, in collaboration with UCLA and a consortium of partners, have been awarded a $9 million California Energy Commission (CEC) EPIC grant. The Bassett-Avocado Advanced Energy Community (BAAEC) is a local, disadvantaged community that is serving as the host of the project. The consortium will…

Q&A: Energy studies at MIT and the next generation of energy leaders

Students who engage in energy studies at MIT develop an integrative understanding of energy as well as skills required of tomorrow’s energy professionals, leaders, and innovators in research, industry, policy, management, and governance. Two energy alumni recently shared their experiences as part of MIT’s energy community, and how…

Enel breaks ground on 70MW Chilean solar

Enel Green Power Chile has started construction of the almost 70MW Azabache solar farm in the Antofagasta region of the South American country. The $49m Azabache is located about 10km from the city of Calama and will operate together with the 90MW Valle de los Vientos wind farm as Chile’s first hybrid power plant. Azabache is due to be…

We are continuing to develop and build renewable projects despite the current challenging situation because we remain strongly committed to our decarbonisation plan for the benefit of the whole energy system.

Enel Green Power Chile general manager James Lee Stancampiano

Intel targets net-positive water use and world’s ‘most sustainable’ PC

Intel announced the new goals alongside its annual Corporate Responsibility Report. The report reflected on efforts to improve water efficiency, energy efficiency and waste diversion. The new 2030 goals will see Intel work with computer manufacturers to create an energy-efficiency PC that eliminates carbon, water and waste at both the design…

With our new goals, we challenge ourselves to achieve net positive water use, 100% renewable power, zero total waste to landfills, and additional absolute carbon emissions reductions, even as we grow. We will also launch collaborative initiatives to drive additional carbon emissions reductions and sustainable chemistry practices across our industry.

Intel’s director of corporate responsibility Suzanne Fallender

Past its peak? Battered oil demand faces threat from electric vehicles

With economies reeling from lockdowns to curb the virus, the sharpest plunge in oil prices in two decades has slashed the cost of filling up a tank of gas, eroding some of the incentive to make the switch to cleaner fuels. Looking ahead, cuts in capital spending forced upon energy companies as their revenues crumble could tighten supply enough to…

We think this will lead to a tipping point, accelerating the switch to electric vehicles in many more countries around 2023-24.

Per Magnus Nysveen, senior partner at Rystad Energy, a consultancy in Oslo

Australian investor helps fund Formosa 2 build

Australian investment manager AMP Capital has completed a $145m mezzanine debt investment with Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners to support the acquisition of Swancor Renewable Energy and the construction of the 376MW Formosa 2 offshore wind farm off Taiwan. Stonepeak is buying 95% of Swancor’s renewable business…

The transaction represents our first infrastructure debt investment in Taiwan – it’s a key milestone for our business and delivers a unique, quality asset for our clients around the world.

AMP Capital head of infrastructure debt in Asia Simon La Greca

56 MW hybrid microgrid powers up at Western Australian gold mine

Not only the biggest but also the first one to integrate wind generation on-site, the Agnew Gold Mine microgrid project is leading the way in decarbonizing Australian mining. In favorable weather conditions, the 56 MW project delivered by distributed energy producer EDL is able to cover up to 70% of the mine’s power requirements with renewable…

We applaud Gold Fields for their vision in embarking on this journey with us, and their role in leading the Australian mining industry’s transition to clean, reliable renewable energy.

EDL Chief Executive Officer James Harman

Zimbabwe tenders for 500MW solar power plants in renewable energy drive

Zimbabwe’s state power transmission company has invited bids for the construction of 500 megawatts (MW) of solar power plants as part of a drive to increase its use of renewable energy and end power cuts. The southern African nation since last year has endured cuts, known locally as load shedding, lasting up to 18 hours after a devastating…

The Zimbabwe Electricity and Distribution Company (ZETDC) is intending to contract 500MW of PV solar plants of varying capacities at different identified strategic locations.


Prevalence grows for renewable energy plants with battery storage

Renewable energy power plants are more often being built with energy storage systems, especially batteries, as the cost of energy storage continues to fall, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). And Today’s Power Inc., a subsidiary of Arkansas Electric Cooperatives Inc., is in the final stage of completing another solar array…

“AmeriCoin: Is Tokenized Asset Distributions not Universal Basic Income” states Alastair Caithness Chief Blockchain Policy Advisor of Libertarian Party and CEO of Ziyen Energy

The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will always be one in which he is remembered for his undeniable role in the civil rights movement. Another legacy he championed towards the end of his career prior to his assassination in 1968, is the belief that poverty, not just amongst people of color, should not be normalized and he fought tirelessly to…

AmeriCoin is the only feasible way to save Main Street America. I credit Andrew Yang and the Yang Gang for their sentiment; however, we must provide more than just pure survival but a solution to kick start the US economy and give every American the opportunity to live the American Dream.

Alastair Caithness, Head of the AmeriCoin project

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