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Disadvantaged California Community to Host the Largest Advanced Energy Community Built on Blockchain

The Energy Coalition and Community Electricity, in collaboration with UCLA and a consortium of partners, have been awarded a $9 million California Energy Commission (CEC) EPIC grant. The Bassett-Avocado Advanced Energy Community (BAAEC) is a local, disadvantaged community that is serving as the host of the project. The consortium will…

COVID-19 Providing a World of Research on the Grid and Microgrids: IEEE

With their controls and ability to provide resilience, smart microgrids can solve numerous energy-related challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis, says the co-author of a new Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) report about how the pandemic has affected the industry and grid. Farnoosh Rahmatian, immediate past chair of…

Microgrids include a lot of remote controls and automation that are very, very attractive in the COVID environment.

Farnoosh Rahmatian

Tesla request reveals deep divide among agencies over battery power

A simmering dispute between the state’s electric grid manager and the Public Utility Commission has burst into view over a request by Tesla to make it easier to develop battery storage systems in Texas. The electric carmaker’s request before a committee of Electric Reliability Council of Texas, wouldn’t normally attract much attention…

This is the kind of thing Texas should be able to adapt to. When there is a new technology, a new way of doing things, we embrace it and pull it into the market and we make it work.

Commissioner Arthur C. D’Andrea

Mexican power market rule change illegal: Chamber

The regulations “are a flagrant violation of the constitution and laws of Mexico,” CCE said. Mexico’s energy ministry (Sener) sought to push through sweeping changes to electricity legislation without public consultation or regulatory impact analysis on 12 May, claiming the Covid-19 pandemic and related changes in electricity demand…

Conamer’s opinion is legally required and the former director is the person who knows better than anyone else that the changes will damage competition.

energy lawyer Luis Miguel Labardini

Hydropower and the impact of COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic will reset our society and economy in ways we cannot yet imagine. When we recover from this crisis – and we will recover – we can expect to see significant new approaches to global governance, economic development, environmental and social sustainability, and energy systems. There will be a rethink about our critical…

This year is going to lay the foundations to how we set out the decades ahead. When there have been oil crisis or financial crisis previously, the return to fossil fuels has happened very quickly. We can’t let that happen this time if the targets set in Paris are going to be met. This is an important time to advocate for renewable energy.

Eddie Rich, CEO of the International Hydropower Association (IHA)

The risk to beneficial electrification: residential demand charges

Your house has an older natural gas hot water heater which develops a small leak, so you naturally decide that it is time to replace it. Because the leak is small, you have time to research the most efficient replacement for your home. You discover that you have two choices. Your electric utility is offering a rebate to switch to a more efficient electric heat…

ADB to finance Southern Thailand wind power and battery energy storage project

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has agreed to finance the Southern Thailand wind power and battery energy storage project. The loan was signed with Lomligor, a subsidiary of BCPG Public Company (BCPG). The project is expected to generate around 14,870MWh of electricity annually while offsetting 6,364 tonnes of carbon in the…

This project contributes to Thailand’s Power Development plan targets for clean energy and also demonstrates the potential of integrated renewables and batteries to provide clean energy for southern Thailand.

ADB private sector operations department Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Pacific infrastructure finance division director Jackie B Surtani

Energy storage poised to tackle grid challenges from rising EVs as mobile chargers bring new flexibility

As EV adoption grows, newer vehicles will put greater stress on the electric grid due to their larger batteries and capacity for faster charging, according to Rhombus Energy Solutions. A new white paper from the company predicts the cost of lithium-ion batteries will drop by 60% over the next decade, helping enable a new set of charging solutions…

Grid power availability will become a significant problem for fleets as they increase the number of electric vehicles they operate. Integrating energy storage with vehicle-to-grid capable chargers and smart [energy management system] solutions is a quick and effective mitigation strategy for this issue.

Rhombus CEO Rick Sander

German pipeline operators present plan for world’s largest hydrogen grid

German gas pipeline operators have presented a plan to create a 1,200-kilometre grid by 2030 to transport hydrogen across the country, which would be the world’s largest being planned so far. The €660m ($715.8m) grid dubbed ‘H2 Startnetz’ would link consumption centres in North Rhine Westphalia and Lower Saxony states to 31 so-called ‘green…

A completely new energy grid would emerge in Germany on the basis of the existing gas grid, which gives industry sectors such as steel or chemicals the possibility to become climate neutral.

FNB Gas managing director Inga Posch

Q CELLS gives companies access to low-cost solar power without the need to invest their own capital

For companies in Germany, solar power from their own rooftops is the most cost-effective way of generating electricity at the direct site of consumption. However, many medium-sized companies shy away from the planning and capital-intensive investment often required for their own solar system. With its new service offerings of power…

With Power Contracting, we offer companies a complete solution for the clean and cost-effective procurement of electricity with solar energy as the central power source. Q CELLS takes over the planning, financing, construction, and operation of the solar plant as well as the supply of the residual electricity completely from one source.

Madlen Apel, Team Leader Energy Solutions Q CELLS

Opportunity Assessment of Grid-connected Battery Storage Market Reveals Lucrative Prospects for Manufacturers

For over a period, energy storage in the power sector has been conquered by one technology which is pumped hydropower storage. The deployment of renewable energy and policies for modernizing the electricity production as well as consumption are significantly propelling several advancements including the battery storage…

CS Energy Completes Construction of New Jersey’s Largest Solar Plant

CS Energy, LLC, a leading integrated energy firm that designs and builds optimized projects in the solar, storage and emerging energy industries, has successfully completed the largest solar project in New Jersey. The project owner, Ben Moreell Solar Farm, LLC and Department of the Navy (DON) executed a lease for approximately 170 acres of…

WePower shows data centres how to save and rave about their renewable cred

A new study by WePower, the blockchain-enabled renewable-energy marketplace for commercial and industrial energy users, finds that the Australian data-centre sector accounts for more than 4% of national energy consumption — it’s usage is second only to the resources sector — and that contracting for renewable energy can…

One of the misconceptions is that solar can’t meet the 24/7 demands of data centres, and to a degree that’s true, but by making diversified energy purchases across renewable technologies, data centres can acquire energy portfolios that reflect their usage.

Report author, Harley Tempest, Head of Sales at WePower

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