Green Energy and Decentralized Marketplace with Assaf Ben-Or, Greeneum

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Greeneum is a decentralized platform that rewards you for supporting an eco-friendly future. Smart predictions, insights, and forecasts will be taken to a new level with Greeneum proprietary technology. Ultimately, stakeholders in the energy market will be able to drive efficiencies, save millions on operations, and impact the global renewable energy marketplace. Greeneum has unique incentive mechanisms to generate economic incentives for renewable energy projects (Through a voluntary carbon market) and a way to generate savings and efficiency in the management of solar and GREEN projects, microgrid, and grids operators.

Can you tell us a bit about the background and goals of Greeneum?

Greeneum’s aim has always been to create a viable, efficient, and smart green energy market. Our network is focused on using blockchain and AI machine learning technology to help accelerate the transition to green and sustainable energy. We offer GREEN certificates and Carbon Credits to producers of green energy in our network.

GREEN tokens, SolarPETs, D-SaaS, etc. are some of the innovations we offer to the members of our network. With our local and global energy trading system, we aim to help producers, consumers, prosumers, and investors connect with each other on a transparent and reliable network. Read more about the concepts here.

Founded in 2016, Greeneum has a team of experienced professionals who have achieved great success in their respective fields. From data science to blockchain to solar and renewable energy promoters, the team has some of the best in various industries working together for a common goal.

What size is the company currently, and what kind of growth is expected? Is the outlook bright? How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect your original plans?

We currently have around 50 employees and plan to add more as the network increases. Our primary focus is on bringing in new affiliates to our Greeneum network so that they can interact with each other and understand the production and consumption of green energy in a better way.

We are extremely positive about the future of green energy around the world. While we cannot deny that COVID-19 is creating a lot of disturbing waves for many countries, it has also brought out the importance of nature.

We’ve seen a slight shift in perspective where people are acknowledging that humans need to co-exist with nature and not take it for granted. While economic aspects might create some turbulence, it will also lead to more and more looking at green energy as an alternative and reliable energy resource.

Could you briefly explain your GREEN token model? What advantages does it bring?

GREEN tokens are our utility smart contracts created on Ethereum blockchain. Similar to cryptocurrency, GREEN tokens can be traded and exchanged to purchase green products in our marketplace.

Green energy producers and prosumers in our network can earn GREEN tokens and use them to purchase an array of services to manage green energy production, get in-depth insights and predictions, get Carbon Credits, etc. The main advantage of GREEN tokens is the feasibility of using them on our global network without worrying about security and liquidity. Our platform is transparent, reliable, and uses the latest technology in the market. Members can also exchange GREEN tokens for cryptocurrency on our platform.

Can you open up a bit more about the choices you have made regarding the blockchain and what benefits these choices provide to you and your customers?

Greeneum has always believed that using the latest and advanced technology will provide better results. We use ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proof) technology on our blockchain network. This makes it possible for members in our network to make transactions without exchanging or compromising any crucial data. Network efficiency, data security, and automated validation and authentication of data are some of the advantages of our blockchain. When ZKP is used in connection with PET, our network becomes a complete system that can collect, validate, track, and store data without compromising and security while continuing to ensure transparency of the network. With the inclusion of Atomic Swaps, our blockchain also facilitates exchanging GREEN tokens for cryptocurrency.

Why did you choose to have your own marketplace?

Greeneum’s vision is to create and facilitate a strong network of green energy producers and consumers. By creating an exclusive marketplace for like-minded people, we are making it easy for producers to meet investors directly. Funds are crucial for any project, and by having a unique marketplace with full transparency, the concept of completely decentralizing the energy market can also be implemented. The users in our network can directly interact with the producers and vice versa.

Also, by creating a global green marketplace, interested members from all parts of the world can meet on a single platform to share and exchange information and buy resources and services. Having our own marketplace also gives us the opportunity to upgrade it and introduce new technologies regularly.

Could you tell us more about the SolarPETs? How does it contribute to green energy?

SolarPETs (Proof of Energy Transactions) are used to collect and calculate the amount of green energy generated by a producer. They use real-time algorithms and automated PET systems that connect the Solar Energy Systems to our Greeneum network. The collected metadata is validated and stored on our blockchain. Based on this data, producers are given green certificates for every 1MWh of green energy they produce. SolarPETs help track the amount of green energy produced using solar systems. They help in predicting green energy production and in evaluating the prices. SolarPETs are also used to optimize reserves and resources while preventing PV (photovoltaic) related grid faults. Energy transactions and off-grid solar energy resources are validated using SolarPETs.

How many clients are connected to you as of today?

We have 16 major clients connected with the Greeneum network. Names such as Deloitte, IBM, MIT, ISOLAS, Solar Change, and many more are working with us. We will be adding more organizations, utility grids, consumers, producers, and investors to the network in the coming days.

Our network is open for not just energy producers and consumers but also those who are willing to take up green energy production through renewable resources. Governments, NGOs, and individuals with projects based on green energy can become a part of our Greeneum network and make the best of the services we offer. Data security and global connectivity are two major advantages.

What does your future roadmap include, and what do you see as the biggest obstacles for achieving those goals?

Our roadmap for this year includes working on APIs for wind projects and offering WindPETs to our members along with working on APIs for utilities and microgrids, and distribution of GREEN tokens. For 2021, we are working on launching the Impact Project in Africa and Latin America to take renewable and green energy to people who don’t have the essential energy resources. We will also be launching our marketplace in the second quarter of 2021. Government laws play a significant role in slowing down the expansion of green energy. But with countries realizing the importance of using renewable resources, we’re hopeful that laws will facilitate and promote green energy production. With COVID-19, economic constraints might cause some delay, but they can be overcome with the right kind of approach.

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