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As the Rest of the World Plans a Green Recovery, America Is Once Again Falling Behind

As attention around the world shifts from the immediate health crisis provoked by the coronavirus pandemic, countries are contending with an array of considerations necessary to reopen their economies. Industries will be pumped with money, infrastructure revitalized and workers trained in new skills as government and financial leaders…

This market is going to be the dominant market of the world for the rest of this century. If the United States is not in a commanding position, our economy will suffer tremendously.

John Kerry, the former Secretary of State

The Future of Green Energy

As the world looks to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, there’s hope in the growing renewable energy market. In this episode of Heat of the Moment, Daniel Schrag, the director of Harvard University’s Center for the Environment, speaks to host John Sutter about the benefits of renewable energy and the policy challenges involved in moving to…

Scientists study the impact of renewable energy on the economies of countries

Researchers at SUSU School of Economics and Management have analyzed the use of renewable energy sources for the economies of G7 countries. The study revealed the relationship between the economic development of regions with a large share of the energy industry in the economic sector and the environmental situation in these countries…

Although we see some achievements in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving the environmental situation in some European countries, the EU is considered the third-largest source of atmospheric pollution in the world, which indicates the need to revise priorities in economic development strategies. Country-specific estimates indicate the negative impact of energy prices on CO2 emissions.

Andrew Adewale Alola, a senior employee of the Department of Financial Technologies

Tesla’s ex-storage chief on Trump, Musk and the ‘holy grail’

Mateo Jaramillo has convinced some of the world’s wealthiest and most influential energy technology investors that his battery can drive natural gas off the grid. That promise is about to be put to its first major test. Jaramillo’s company, Massachusetts-based startup Form Energy Inc., announced last week the first real-world pilot of its…

We didn’t have [a specific battery technology] in hand at the time of that first funding round. Aside from the capital, they gave us the mandate to go and figure out what the right type of solution was. … They gave us the hunting license to do the right thing.

Mateo Jaramillo, CEO at Somerville, Mass.-based Form Energy Inc.

Huawei’s digital technologies facilitate successful grid connection of Adani 50 MW PV plant during COVID-19 lockdown

To date, Adani Green Energy has deployed 2.6 GW of renewable energy projects, among which over 96 percent use Huawei’s Smart PV Solution. The Rajasthan project uses Huawei Smart PV 1500 V Solution, including 312 SUN2000-185KTL-INH0 smart inverters. Prior to India entering nationwide lockdown, comprehensive project arrangements…

Total Solar Distributed Generation to Expand Operating Solar Rooftop Portfolio in Asia Pacific by 60 MW In 2020

In the Asia Pacific, Total Solar Distributed Generation (DG) has completed nearly 8 MW of roof-mounted solar systems so far in 2020, and is projected to complete construction of key projects by end 2020, growing its portfolio of operating solar energy assets in the region by around 60 MW. Projects completed in 2020 to date include solar rooftops for Bolloré…

The Total Solar solution provides clean, cheaper power directly to customers allowing them to cut costs significantly, as well as be more self-sustaining in their energy needs, and reduce their carbon footprint. We are committed to enabling positive impact, even in this time of adversity, and our growing portfolio and continued success demonstrates and validates the unique offering that we can provide.

Gavin Adda, CEO of Total Solar DG, Southeast Asia

NREL researchers evaluating blockchain for transactive energy applications

Blockchain serves as a distributed digital record of actions agreed and performed by multiple parties. Blockchain’s primary value is providing mathematical proof about the state of data, so that different parties to a transaction can agree on the outcome even if they do not know or trust each other. Though commonly associated with cryptocurrencies…

Distributing grid operational decision-making is revolutionary. It’s really like somebody in the 1980s expounding on the economic opportunity of the Internet. Everyone would have laughed at you. That’s kind of what’s happening right now with blockchain applications—the foundational tools for another technology revolution are emerging, and this could be one of them.

—Dane Christensen, a mechanical engineer in NREL’s Residential Buildings Research Group and a principal investigator on a blockchain pilot project

Grid-scale energy storage and COVID-19: Fluence’s John Zahurancik Q&A

After we reported earlier this month that despite the impact of COVID-19, progress continues to be made on nearly every one of more than 70 projects underway by energy storage technology provider Fluence, here’s the full interview with Fluence’s chief operating officer John Zahurancik that that news story came from. Fluence, which has the backing of…

Chemicals giant that runs ‘world’s most polluting plant’ wants to buy wind and solar

A day after it was excluded by the world’s largest investment fund over its reliance on coal, South African mining and chemicals giant Sasol – operator of what’s labeled the most polluting industrial plant on the planet – said it’s seeking 600MW of wind and solar power to help green its business. Sasol published a request for information (RFI) to potential…

Virtual AUW highlights: Energy transition

Stimulus and recovery measures in response to the pandemic must foster economic development and job creation, promote social equity and welfare, and put the world on a climate-safe path. By making the energy transition an integral part of the wider recovery, governments can achieve a step-change in the pursuit of…

There are some factors that are not affected by the pandemic on the African continent, and these include population growth, fast urbanization, electricity demand growth, and the abundance of renewable resources. Access to reliable and sustainable energy, which is crucial at all times, is becoming even more important for strategic infrastructure during a global crisis and in order to stimulate economic recovery after the virus.

Silvia Piana, Head of Regulatory Affairs for Africa Region in the Global Power Generation Division | ENEL

Corporate power purchase agreements – time to get ready!

Over the past few years, measures have been introduced to diminish subsidy support, which has had an impact on the bankability of renewable energy projects in the region. In Bulgaria, for example, a twenty percent levy has been introduced on solar and wind farm revenues and the amount of energy that can be purchased at preferential FiT…

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