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Coinbase Implements Fixes, Shortage Of Blockchain Specialists + More News

Following two outages on April 29 and May 9, Coinbase said they are changing their database deployment topology, resolving the issue with the driver closed connection logic, and implementing better jitter to prevent connection storming. Also, they’re rolling out safeguards that will allow them to contain the impact of future database failures to as…

WEF Says Pandemic Could Have Negative Effects on Global Transition to Clean Energy Without Urgent Stakeholder Action

The current coronavirus pandemic could put the brakes on the world’s recent progress and attempts in transitioning to clean energy, says the World Economic Forum (WEF). The massive drop in oil prices, currency volatility, and a focus by government to redirect green spending on mitigating the socioeconomic costs of COVID-19 are pulling attention and…

This giant reset grants us the option to launch aggressive, forward-thinking and long-term strategies leading to a diversified, secure, and reliable energy system that will ultimately support the future growth of the world economy in a sustainable and equitable way.

Roberto Bocca, Head of Energy and Materials, World Economic Forum

Duke Energy helps expand solar in North Carolina

The 35 MW solar facility will be constructed in Iredell County. Under a 20-year power purchase agreement, Duke Energy will secure zero-carbon power to partially offset the city of Charlotte’s energy demand. The city will partner with Carolina Solar Energy, a North Carolina-based solar energy company, and Ecoplexus, an international solar energy…

GM’s Spring Hill Manufacturing to run on the sun

General Motors’ Spring Hill Manufacturing plant is expected to be powered by 100 percent solar energy beginning in late 2022. This green tariff agreement with the Tennessee Valley Authority is expected to supply up to 100 megawatts of solar energy per year, or the amount of electricity consumed by 18,000 United States households annually.* The energy will…

Our commitment to renewable energy is part of our vision of a world with zero emissions. We’re committed to using our scale and relationships to increase renewable energy demand and availability.

Dane Parker, GM chief sustainability officer

Thailand explores blockchain for palm oil trade

Thailand’s Energy Ministry is exploring using blockchain for palm oil trade, a Bangkok Post article said. The goal is to cut down the middlemen so that farmers can realize higher profits. Thailand is the third-largest producer of palm oil globally but contributes only a single-digit percentage to global production. The country produced three million…

The government is trying to control domestic palm oil prices and raised the content of blended biofuel gasoline to 10% [B10] and 20% [B20] in April 2019 to absorb the surplus volume of crude palm oil [CPO] and keep the price of fresh palm nuts above three baht per kilogramme.

Sontirat Sontijirawong, the Energy Minister

Guidehouse Insights Report Shows Blockchain-Based EV Charging & Grid Integration Market Is Expected to Experience a 78% Compound Annual Growth Rate from 2020-2029

A new report from Guidehouse Insights provides forecasts for blockchain-enabled charging hardware deployment, electricity demand from blockchain-based platforms, and revenue from electric vehicle (EV) charging and integration applications through 2029. More and more traditional energy stakeholders are experimenting with blockchain…

Beyond contributing efficiencies to the information management layer of EV charging and integration solutions, blockchain technology can enable owners of EVs to take advantage of new revenue streams in the form of peer-to-peer charging applications and grid services.

Johnathon de Villier, research analyst with Guidehouse Insights

What Microsoft’s latest patent on crypto mining tech could mean

With digital funds changing into extra mainstream, seamless and handy, the rising concern for hygiene following the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent government-imposed bodily distancing has made banknotes and cash much less common for cost. Cash funds undergo many palms, digital ones don’t. We are progressing in the…

Artificial Intelligence Controlled Blockchain

In a world that becomes progressively more advanced each year, technology must be able to keep up with the latest trends and demands. This alone has fired a spark for artificial intelligence to become one of the fastest-growing industries in the past decade. From enhancing products and services to optimizing internal business operations…

Seaweed Clean-up Could Provide Biofuels And Cleaner Beaches

The glorious beaches of the Caribbean are losing their appeal as fertilizer runoff fuels a seaweed explosion. A cheap way of turning this material to biofuel could restore the tourism industry, help power the islands in a carbon-neutral manner, save some rainforests on the other side of the world, and slightly reduce the ocean’s build-up of plastic…

Ultimately, for this to work it has to make financial sense. Processing marine biomass like seaweed usually requires removing it from the saltwater, washing it in freshwater, and drying it. The costs of these processes can be prohibitively high.

Professor Mike Allen of the University of Exeter

Intel outlines its 10-year corporate responsibility plan and pandemic response initiative

Corporations need to take a collaborative approach to solve world challenges and should start by tackling the current coronavirus pandemic, according to Intel’s most recent edition to its annual Corporate Responsibility Report (CRR). Intel has committed more than $60 million to accelerate access to technology needed to combat the pandemic and…

Much of the process preceded COVID-19. But the pandemic underscored the critical importance of collaborating with others to apply the power of technology to address the critical global challenges.

Suzanne Fallender, director of corporate responsibility at Intel

Electric vehicles may play role in post-COVID-19 revival and battery metal producers should be ready

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought economies to a standstill and the resulting reduction in carbon dioxide emissions could push clean technologies like electric vehicles (EVs) to the forefront. This is likely to present opportunities for battery metals producers and those that are developing projects. Since the outbreak, NASA satellite…

We need to make the key pillars of energy transitions – such as energy efficiency, renewables, and battery storage – top priorities for creating jobs, improving critical infrastructure, and driving innovation.

IEA executive director Dr Fatih Birol

Strata Solar Replaces Peaker Plants With Massive New Tesla-Powered Energy Storage Facility

Strata Solar announced this week it has completed the pre-construction development work on one of the largest stationary energy storage facilities in the US . The new 100-megawatt, 400-megawatt-hour facility will be installed in Ventura County, where it will offset some of the peak power generating capacity lost by the shutdown of the Mandalay…

Ventura Energy Storage is exactly the type of modern and clean energy infrastructure investment our community needs. Our citizens want more renewable energy and companies like Strata Solar help make it happen. Together, the City of Oxnard and Ventura Energy Storage are the leaders in the transition to technologies that enable clean energy.

Oxnard Mayor Tim Flynn

Hawaiian utility selects huge solar and storage proposals on way to 100% renewables

The Hawaiian Electric Company, the largest electric utility on the Hawaiian Islands, has selected 16 solar-plus-storage or standalone storage projects on the islands of Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii that will deliver a combined 459MW of solar generation and nearly 3GWh of power storage. The projects were awarded as part of Hawaiian Electric’s efforts to…

We went big with the scope of this request for proposals to see what the renewable energy market would support and to ensure lots of competition.

Jim Alberts, Hawaiian Electric senior vice president for business development and strategic planning

It is Time to Invest in India’s Clean Energy Future

As India prepares to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the government is proposing several measures to get the economy back on track. A huge strategic opportunity lies in investing in clean energy that creates jobs, improves energy security, saves the environment, and is good for India and the world. India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is…

COLUMN-Which metals will gain most from a green energy revolution?: Andy Home

If the world is serious about reducing global warming, it’s going to need a lot of minerals and metals. More than three billion tonnes will be required by 2050 to deploy sufficient wind, solar and geothermal power, as well as energy storage, to have a chance of limiting warming to 2 degrees Celsius by 2100. That’s according to the World Bank…

Demand for high-impact minerals is therefore both potentially high and uncertain. Relatively small changes in the amount and type of energy storage technologies and sub-technologies deployed could have large implications for the markets of these minerals.

the World Bank

Boiling Point: Giant batteries are changing everything for clean energy

Welcome to Boiling Point, a newsletter about climate change, energy, and the environment in California and the American West. I’m Sammy Roth, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Two days after Donald Trump was elected president, I woke up early and drove east from Palm Springs along Interstate 10, stopping just before the California-Arizona state line, about halfway between Los Angeles…

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