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Chinese Telecom Giant to Integrate Blockchain Technology Into 5G Systems

In an interview with the Chinese news source, Securities Daily, Liang Wei, Director of China Telecom Group’s Blockchain and Digital Economy Laboratory made it clear that 5G technology is already revolutionizing China’s digital economy and blockchain technology is being integrated into these systems due to its numerous technical characteristics…

Blockchain technology can help achieve more efficient and safe 5G resource sharing and usage tracking. Decentralized protocol sharing and payments can be done automatically via smart contracts.

Liang Wei, Director of China Telecom Group’s Blockchain and Digital Economy Laboratory

Tesla “tabless” battery patent published prior to Battery Day

Tesla has published a new patent for battery storage and the contents are potentially very significant to Tesla’s mission to produce long-range, lower-cost electric vehicle batteries that will last as long as its electric vehicle hosts. The new patent – originally filed in November last year, but only published this month – describes a “tabless electrode” that does away…

We want to — leave the exciting news for that day, but there will be a lot of exciting news to tell. And I think it would be one of the most exciting days in Tesla’s history and we’re just trying to figure out the right timing for that.


What Microsoft’s latest patent on crypto mining tech could mean

With digital payments becoming more mainstream, seamless and convenient, the emerging concern for hygiene following the global COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent government-imposed physical distancing has made banknotes and coins less popular for payment. Cash payments go through many hands, digital ones do not…

150 Hours of Storage? Company Says That’s True to Form

The Minnesota-based power cooperative that on May 7 said it would close a large Midwest coal-fired power plant also noted it has a contract with Form Energy, a Bill Gates-backed company that offers a long-duration energy storage solution, one that the group says could provide 150 hours of continuous power. Form Energy has been a quiet…

Our vision at Form Energy is to unlock the power of renewable energy to transform the grid with our proprietary long-duration storage. This project represents a bold step toward proving that vision of an affordable, renewable future is possible without sacrificing reliability.

Mateo Jaramillo, CEO of Form Energy

SimpliPhi Power builds clean energy microgrid for Covid-19 hospital in migrant camp

Batteries combined with photovoltaics are providing power for a Covid-19 pop-up clinic at the Matamoros Migrant Camp of 3,000 asylum seekers in Mexico near the Texas border. SimpliPhi Power has partnered with non-profit organisation Footprint Project to supply a clean energy microgrid to power the camp’s first mobile medical intensive care unit…

Electric boats can generate energy for the grid on remote islands

Networks of homes have been used as virtual power plants, and vehicle-to-grid technology has turned electric cars into a source of power. For small or remote islands, however, the best form of distributed energy generation might come floating offshore. Engineers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have demonstrated – at least in principle…

Cheap energy, smart people, a trove of resources — it’s make or break for Oz

Australia’s manufacturing sector could save $1.6 billion a year, or 23% of its energy costs if Australia’s current coal- and gas-fired electricity were replaced with renewables, and those savings will become greater over time, given the constantly falling cost of renewables-based energy production. Powering Onwards: Australia’s opportunity to…

Covid-19 has been a really important wake-up call for Australia, in terms of why we need a resilient manufacturing industry.

Dan Nahum from The Centre for Future Work at The Australia Institute (TAI)

In Brief: London and Hong Kong Remain the Most Expensive Cities for Construction

New York and San Francisco are the most expensive cities in the United States for construction, according to Arcadis’s 2020 International Construction Cost Index (ICC), produced by international design and consultancy firm Arcadis. Both are in the top five internationally, with London, Hong Kong, and Geneva leading the list overall. The report also indicates…

Fifteen years ago, we were exploring whether sustainable construction was even possible. Now, we are not only implementing it, but implementing it regularly.

David Hudd, North American cost consultancy director for Arcadis

The City of Darwin introduces smart lighting

A bold initiative, especially considering the ongoing disruption caused by COVD-19, the system will feature more than 9,500 public and streets converted to run on a new digital system, saving citizens an estimated A$600,000 in annual rates. The smart network will allow faults to be detected much faster, with initial testing being carried out…

Yurika Energy’s Smart Connected Solar technology, coupled with the substantial physical footprint of our portfolio of Australian retail assets will deliver significant efficiencies and large-scale renewable energy supply.

Michael O’Brien, MD of QIC

What’s in store for proptech and sustainability?

The issue of climate change is one that’s been on most people’s agenda around the world for a while now. While it’s encouraging to see awareness days like last month’s 50th anniversary of Earth Day being celebrated, living sustainably needs to be front of mind every day, if we want to take back control and look after our planet…

COVID-19 will not slow Southeast Asia’s shift from coal to renewables

From oil price shocks to billion-dollar bailouts, the mayhem wrought on the energy sector by coronavirus has led many to wonder just which companies will survive and which technologies will thrive when we emerge from the crisis. Early signs are that volatility in the fossil fuel sector is further driving the case for Asia to embrace the security of…

Lithium-ion storage is here to stay with no ‘post Li-ion’ era in sight

Researchers from Germany’s Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology recently convened for a three-day discussion on the future of energy storage with a basic assumption: “The quest for post Li‐ion and lithium battery technologies is incorrect in its essence.” The groups discussed the kind of storage technologies that…

Redox flow batteries are expected to outperform Li‐ion only for stationary applications where their key feature of storing the energetic chemicals in external reservoir enables large‐scale, energy storage from renewable sources during peak‐production times and supplying when production falls.

How Australia could harness its energy tides

Among those exploiting this tidal potential is Mako Energy, based in Sydney. The company manufactures submarine turbines between two and four meters in diameter. A turbine operating in constantly flowing water can produce enough electricity to power up to 20 homes. Their design allows them to generate electricity even in low flow waters…

We are developing turbines on a scale where they can be easily deployed in remote communities, coastal businesses, island communities, and resorts.

Douglas Hunt, general manager of Mako Energy

San Diego Port District Seeks Bids for Microgrid

The San Diego port district is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide microgrid infrastructure at its Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal. The microgrid is being funded with a $4.9 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) and $4.4 million in matching funds. The San Diego Unified Port District is building the project to…

ACWA Power, Silk Road Fund complete partnership

ACWA Power, a developer, owner, and operator of power generation and water desalination plants, recently announced the completion of the transaction to introduce Silk Road Fund as a partner and a 49 percent shareholder in ACWA Power Renewable Energy Holding Ltd. (ACWA Power RenewCo). ACWA Power RenewCo is ACWA Power’s…

Our partnership with the Silk Road Fund is a testament to the robust relations between Saudi Arabia and China. Our collaboration will enhance ACWA Power’s ambitious growth plans in the renewables sector in MENA, Africa, Asia, and Central Asia.

Paddy Padmanathan, president and CEO of ACWA Power

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