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A watchful eye: the new issue of Future Power Technology is out now

The International Atomic Energy Agency has revealed 189 incidents of nuclear and other radioactive materials being out of regulatory control in 2019. Six of the incidents were related to trafficking or malicious use. We speak to the IAEA about security threats in the nuclear supply chain. Also, we find out how the US is handling lobbying efforts from energy…

Shell’s Latest Offshore Wind Bid Would Power a Huge Green Hydrogen Cluster

Shell Nederland and Dutch energy company Eneco have confirmed they entered last week’s Dutch offshore wind tender as part of a joint effort to create a record-breaking hydrogen cluster in the Netherlands. The tender closed last week, with Ørsted confirming to GTM that hydrogen also formed part of its bid for the 700+ megawatt tender…

The energy transition calls for guts, boldness, and action. Through the connection of this wind farm to our possible future green hydrogen plant in the Port of Rotterdam, we want to develop a new value chain together with our partners and governments — from wind to hydrogen — to create a green hydrogen hub.

Marjan van Loon, president-director of Shell Nederland


File this one under the category of “with friends like this”: None other than liberal icon Michael Moore has now joined the ranks of the renewable energy-bashers. Working with Director Jeff Gibbs, his long-time collaborator on left-of-center polemics like the anti-NRA Bowling for Columbine and anti-Bush/Iraq War “Fahrenheit 9/11” Moore has, in his…

SHAME on these filmmakers for making a film like this, full of misinformation and disinformation, to intentionally depress audiences, and make them think there are no alternatives…Let me make it absolutely clear that the new documentary, Planet of the Humans, by Jeff Gibbs — with executive producer Michael Moore, is inaccurate, misleading, and designed to depress you into doing nothing.

Writing for Films for Action, award-winning long-time environmental filmmaker Neal Livingston

Why it doesn’t make economic sense to ignore climate change in our recovery from the pandemic

It will be tempting for some to overlook the climate change challenge in the rush to restart the economy after the pandemic. Federal energy minister Angus Taylor has flagged he wants to develop Australia’s gas-fired power to help boost the economy. And conservative political strategist Sir Lynton Crosby recently argued business survival is more important…

Energy Observer: Unprecedented levels of performance on first transatlantic passage

Energy Observer’s first transatlantic passage from France to the Caribbean served as a testbed for this year’s key innovations in renewable energies. Thanks to her new fuel cell system developed with Toyota, automatic wings, new solar panels, and innovative propellers, the long passage from Finistère to Martinique was completed self-sufficiently…

With its multiple touchscreens, its automatons and computers, the thousands of sensors which send data about the various systems via satellite every 10 minutes, its three large refrigerators and cold rooms, its bread maker and its multiples robots (SMEG is testing all its ranges aboard), its 100% electric galley and all the equipment synonymous with a large vessel, Energy Observer enjoyed excess energy throughout the journey, with unusual levels of comfort.

the Energy Observer team

Circular Economy, Renewables & Energy Efficiency

The companies driving the production of the world’s resources — from food to paper to medical supplies — are tasked with creating effective solutions to meet market demand while minimizing energy usage and other environmental impacts. Consumers – and the brands they trust – are looking to suppliers to understand how they are making better use of…

VW design chief: ID electric vehicles among first created all-digitally

Computer-aided design has been part of the toolkit for engineers creating cars and their components for decades. Yet the actual car design itself hasn’t completely made the digital transformation until very recently. Volkswagen is one automaker that’s taken at least some of its vehicle design all-digital. In a web conference presentation for the press…

When we laid out the MEB platform, we worked in a very intense and fast way, more with our colleagues in R&D and the engineers. We proposed a lot of body styles and had a board presentation showing our ideas, then we got the task to put all of them on the road.

Klaus Bischoff, the head of design for the entire Volkswagen Group

Transition to renewable energy at risk in Asia Pacific

But 150GW of wind and solar projects across Asia Pacific could now be delayed or canceled over the next five years if the coronavirus-led recession extends beyond 2020, warned energy research company Wood Mackenzie. This would dash hopes for a swift shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the region. While generation costs of new solar…

As the scale of renewables investments grows, governments have begun to lower or cancel subsidies and expose renewables projects to market forces. Given the potential impact of the coronavirus outbreak, governments may need to rethink the timelines for withdrawing support, and the timing of energy transition plans.

Alex Whitworth, research director at Wood Mackenzie

Coronavirus lockdown speeds India’s shift from coal to solar power

The world’s second-largest coal consumer has seen its energy demand collapse by nearly 30% during the lockdown which started on 25 March, with coal generators bearing the brunt. In 2018, the International Energy Agency forecast Indian coal demand would more than double by 2040 – a major challenge to international efforts to prevent climate…

There is potential for India to really surprise the global community and contribute to the decarbonization story while doing it in a very cost-effective way.

Tim Buckley, director of energy finance studies for the Australia and South Asia region at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (Ieefa)

UK Firm Will Provide Drone Fuel Cells via Robotic Skies

UAV-services provider Robotic Skies is teaming up with UK fuel-cell startup Intelligent Energy to offer expanded, post-sale support for drone fuel cells. Intelligent Energy manufactures very light, power-dense hydrogen fuel cells used for many drone applications, especially projects requiring longer flight times, like drone delivery…

Intelligent Energy fuel cells achieve three times the flight duration compared to batteries and their lightweight design means they can lift larger UAVs and carry heavier payloads.

Robotic Skies press releases states

The POWER Interview: Utilities Find Opportunities in Distributed Energy

The growth in renewable energy, along with new forms of power generation not dependent on transmission via the traditional grid, has created new business opportunities for both legacy generators and start-up power producers. BOND, a Massachusetts-based company founded in 1907, is today a fifth-generation construction management and civil…

There are a lot of varying opportunities out there for utilities in the distributed energy space; it’s all a function of how to work with the regulators and local/state agencies to have new policies enacted to help further develop and implement some of the newer technology. The two biggest areas that we see utilities being able to explore are geothermal technology and battery storage.

Tony Bond, president of BOND Civil & Utility

University College London joins Hedera’s governing council as first academic member

Yesterday, public distributed ledger Hedera Hashgraph announced that UK’s University College London (UCL) is joining its governing council, the first educational institute to participate as a member. Only governing council members run nodes with permission to write to the distributed ledger. UCL is among the top five universities…

The addition of UCL to the Hedera Governing Council marks a historic moment. As the very first university on the council, they help Hedera expand our reach into the education sector, with the engagement of a leading global educational institution already making waves in the DLT space.

Mance Harmon, CEO, and co-founder of Hedera Hashgraph

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