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Low costs boost demand for renewables during coronavirus crisis

Sourcing the cheapest energy sources possible may not be the best solution for the medium and long term for the security of supply, Acting Deputy Executive Director of the International Energy Agency Dave Turk warned governments. He said at a webinar organized by WindEurope that 50% of energy usage worldwide has…

The demand for renewables may strengthen 1% in 2020 and energy output in the sector is seen expanding 5% while other market segments are hit due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on consumption.

Environmental approval recommended for gigawatt-scale renewable energy hub

Australia’s largest proposed renewable energy project got a step closer after being recommended for approval by Western Australia’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) subject to conditions. The Asian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH), which could feature up to 15 GW of solar and wind capacity, aims to supply local energy users in the…

Renewable energy topped coal in US for 40 days straight

Renewables have generated more electricity than coal for the last 40 days, surpassing previous records. Wind, solar and hydroelectricity have produced more electricity than coal since March 25, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration analyzed by the Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis (IEEFA)…

But in the first quarter of 2020, renewable generation unexpectedly exceeded coal, and with this strong performance continuing in the second quarter, there is an increasing chance that the milestone could occur this year.


Not Only Does New Solar Chimney Design Cut Energy Costs By 50%, It Can Also Save Lives During a Fire

A must-have in green building design, solar chimneys can slash energy costs up to 50%—now research reveals they could also help save lives in a building fire. In a world-first, researchers designed a solar chimney optimized for both energy saving and fire safety, as part of the sustainable features of a new building in Melbourne, Australia…

Delivering on two important functions could boost the already strong cost-effectiveness of this sustainable technology. We hope our findings will inspire more investment and development of solar chimneys in Australia, and around the world.

Researcher Dr. Long Shi


The Al Dhafra project in Abu Dhabi is set to be the largest solar plant in the world, with the capacity to power approximately 160,000 households across the UAE with electricity. Now, Abu Dhabi Power Corporation (ADPower) has announced that not only will the project break records for its size, it will also provide the cheapest tariff for solar…

The cost-competitiveness of the bids received is truly remarkable – positioning Abu Dhabi as one of the world’s most attractive markets for solar energy development and reinforcing the economic benefits now achievable through renewable technologies.

Othman Al Ali, Chief Executive Officer of EWEC

Tech CU Partners with SunPower to Provide $1 Billion in Solar Financing

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tech CU (Technology Credit Union) announced today it will provide $1 billion in financing for residential solar loans via a partnership with SunPower, a sustainable energy company that provides customers with complete solar solutions and services…

We have enjoyed unprecedented success as one of the first lenders to partner with third party finance providers in this space, and are thrilled to add SunPower, a premium solar equipment manufacturer and solution provider, to our growing list of solar funding partners.

Todd Harris, CEO of Tech CU

Energy of the future: Photosynthetic hydrogen from bacteria

The transition from fossil fuels to a renewable energy supply is one of the most important global challenges of the 21st century. In order to achieve the internationally-agreed target of limiting global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees, the international community must drastically reduce global CO2 emissions. Although Germany was long…

For this purpose, the storage of solar energy directly in the form of hydrogen is particularly promising—this creates no CO2 and the efficiency is very high due to the direct conversion.

Dr. Kirstin Gutekunst

Storing solar and wind energy with compressed air

Salt-water aquifers under British waters could hold 77-96 TWh of renewable-energy-powered compressed air for the two-month windows required of seasonal energy storage, according to a study conducted by the University of Edinburgh. An investment of $16-59 million in 6,300-7,800 such offshore wells could achieve storage efficiency of…

The technology discussed in my study, however, uses a different type of geological store, which has no commercial plants or demonstrators in the world. Although a field test was conducted in the 70s in the USA.

Edinburgh researcher Julien Mouli Castillo

Post Covid-19: China’s innovation development of hydrogen and fuel cell industry

On 23rd April (2020), the Beijing-Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued Notification of Improvement of New Energy Vehicles Popularization and Application Policy of Fiscal Subsidies…

AIIM exits two South African renewable energy projects

African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM), a member of Old Mutual Alternative Investments, has announced the successful divestment of AIIF2’s 14% stake in Cookhouse, a 139MW wind farm, and 34% stake in REISA, a 75MW solar PV facility. African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM), a member of Old Mutual Alternative…

We are immensely proud to have played a role in these projects and believe the above-target returns achieved support our strategy of investing in first-mover projects where we are able to take advantage of our experience across similar projects in the region. The exits mark a long involvement in these projects for AIIM, starting at the inception of the renewables market in South Africa.

Paul Frankish, Investment Director at AIIM

IBM Teams With 3 European Power Grids to Build Green Energy Blockchain Platform

IBM has created a blockchain consortium with three of Europe’s electricity grid operators to help smooth the transition to renewable sources of energy. It’s an important step in the direction of decentralizing and democratizing the way power is consumed, which is essential if nations are to reach 2050 carbon-reduction goals. The new Equigy…

We can make the cause of the problem, which are all these renewable assets and people using EVs, also the solution. If they can scale together then it’s possible to participate in the market for flexible power.

Leo Dijkstra of IBM’s Energy, Environment & Utilities unit

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