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AEMO: The grid can handle 75% renewables by 2025

Australia’s main electricity grid can safely accommodate up to 75% renewable energy as soon as 2025, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) finds in a new study. However, such a huge jump in solar and wind power on the grid is possible only if market and regulatory arrangements are changed. On Thursday, AEMO released the…

Australia has the technical capability to operate a power system where three-quarters of our energy at times comes from renewable energy resources.

Audrey Zibelman, AEMO’s Managing Director and CEO

Covid-19 the ‘biggest shock to energy system’ in decades says IEA

Based on an analysis of more than 100 days of real data so far this year, the IEA’s Global Energy Review states that the drop in energy demand this year will “dwarf the impact of the 2008 financial crisis and result in a record annual decline in carbon emissions of almost 8 per cent”. Coal and gas demand has been hardest hit by the effects of the…

Amid today’s unparalleled health and economic crises, the plunge in demand for nearly all major fuels is staggering, especially for coal, oil and gas. Only renewables are holding up during the previously unheard-of slump in electricity use.

IEA executive director Fatih Birol

Want to Rebuild the Economy with Clean Energy? Germany Offers 20 Years of Lessons

BERLIN—Twenty years ago, before climate change was widely seen as the existential threat it is today, Germany embarked on an ambitious program to transform the way it produced electric power. Over the next two decades, it became a model for countries around the world, showing how renewable energy could replace fossil fuels in a way…

What Germany did has made a huge difference for everybody, for the whole world, and the United States should pay attention to that.

Greg Nemet, a University of Wisconsin public affairs professor who has spent years studying German energy policy

Five-year renewables deal to power 1.3 million Guatemalans

The deal covers the provision of 42GWh of renewable energy to power some 1.3 million consumers in Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, and Escuintla. Enel’s Matanzas and San Isidro hydro plants in the Baja Verapaz department will generate the energy to supply EEGSA as part of the agreement. The deal will help customers of EEGSA to reduce annual carbon…

This agreement confirms EGP as a leading renewable energy partner for large corporate customers while supporting their embrace of the energy transition and supplying sustainable energy to Guatemalans. We are committed to further contributing to the renewable development of the Country, leveraging on our technological know-how as well as the sustainable approach we have implemented at a global level.

José Sánchez, Country Manager of Enel Green Power in Guatemala

Entergy gains OK for solar project

Entergy Arkansas announced Wednesday that it has gained approval to build the state’s largest utility-owned solar project in White County. The solar array in Searcy will produce 100 megawatts of solar power and have 10 megawatts of battery storage, which will help provide power on cloudy days…

Large-scale solar facilities provide the most cost-effective solar power for all customers, keeping rates low while delivering the best value for renewables in Arkansas.

Laura Landreaux, Entergy Arkansas’ president and chief executive officer

Renewable power surges as pandemic scrambles global energy outlook, new report finds

The pandemic-induced global economic meltdown has triggered a drop in energy demand and related carbon emissions that could transform how the world gets its energy — even after the disease wanes, according to a report released today by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The precipitous drop in energy use is unparalleled back…

News Release: NREL Helps Found Consortium to Boost Solar Perovskite Commercialization

Working with leading domestic solar companies, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the Washington Clean Energy Testbeds at the University of Washington, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the University of Toledo have formed the U.S. Manufacturing of Advanced Perovskites Consortium…

Perovskites have the potential to become a game-changer for solar and many other fields. By combining our research efforts, this new consortium will bring this technology to market sooner than if we were all operating alone.

Martin Keller, director of NREL

Why the electric vehicle wave is still coming

If you look at the 2020 annual estimates for global electric vehicle sales, it sure seems grim. Wood Mackenzie predicts that because of the pandemic and resulting economic disruption, sales of EVs around the world will drop by 43 percent this year. Automakers that sell vehicles to consumers tend to be hit hard by macroeconomic trends…

Core industry, technology, environmental and policy shifts have been happening over the past decade that will continue to ensure EVs continue on their trajectory to the mainstream.

The Renewable Energy Transition – is Green Hydrogen a Viable Solution for ASEAN countries?

While renewables like hydro, solar and wind power are widely known, an energy source gaining momentum as a highly versatile energy source of tomorrow is hydrogen, particularly green hydrogen. Toshiba shares how countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines are looking at hydrogen as a potential clean energy solution, and how …

Transforming the energy system—a post-COVID-19 win-win for people and planet

As large parts of the world hunker down and social distance to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more research is being released and studied suggesting that we can build back better to create a healthy, resilient, prosperous, just, and decarbonized world after the current crisis dies down. Employment opportunities are a key…

Post COVID-19 fiscal stimulus packages provide an opportunity for initiating a transformational and green recovery with the creation of green jobs.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) energy and climate expert Mark Radka

Start-up of the Day: Energy from waste, simply produce it in your own basement

Two major challenges await us in the future. Actually, they have been with us for a long time already. We produce too much waste. While we need more and more energy. The Aachen start-up AES – Autonomous Energy Systems has developed a solution for both problems. But there is also a third point – independence. The systems function in a…

COVID-19 to accelerate solar adoption across Sub-Saharan Africa

A number of countries have recently announced plans to turn to solar to deal with the energy crisis aroused by the pandemic, according to a statement. For instance, through a partnership with the African Development Bank and the World Bank, Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency (REA) unveiled its solar-related pandemic response measures…

The pandemic and price war has led to a historical fall in crude oil prices, with such falls last seen during the Gulf War. In times of such difficulty, turning to solar PV might be a great initiative. However, rigorous planning is needed to ensure that disruptions in the global solar PV supply chain doesn’t affect this shift that is planned to take place.”

Solar hits new milestones as renewables become world’s cheapest choice

“Dramatic” recent gains have pushed solar’s levelised cost of electricity below US$30/MWh and will see the industry break the US$20/MWh average in a decade, BloombergNEF (BNEF) has said. New analysis from the consultancy found that utility-scale solar and onshore wind new-builds have become the cheapest option in countries home to two-thirds…

Since 2016, auctions are forcing developers to realize cost savings by scaling up project size and portfolios. Larger scale enables them to slash balance-of-plant, operations and maintenance expenses – and have a stronger negotiating position when ordering equipment.

BNEF energy economics analyst Tifenn Brandily

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