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Kazakhstan Makes Headway in Green Economy Transition With Launch of Solar Plant

Kazakhstan inaugurated a new solar power plant on Monday in Turkistan, the Caspian country’s southernmost region bordered by Uzbekistan. The plant with a capacity of 4.8 megawatts (MW) covers approximately 27 acres and consists of 12,798 solar panels that absorb sunlight through its silicon cells and then convert it into energy…

‘The project goes in line with the ‘green’ economy policy and contributes to the industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan.

Interview with Ana Trbovich, Grid Singularity

Grid Singularity is engineering, open-source software that simulates and operates custom energy exchanges, creating local marketplaces. This is the company that conceptualized and co-founded the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) to support open-source blockchain innovation globally and has been proclaimed the World Economic…

In Europe, with the legislation adopted last year, energy communities are encouraged. We will now see how quickly markets will open up to this novel, bottom-up market design, and how different market responsibilities will be shared.

Dr Ana Trbovich, Grid Singularity Co-Founder & COO

Alliant helps DNR go off the grid; utility to serve park buildings with solar panels and batteries

In a first for a Wisconsin utility, Alliant Energy has helped a customer go off the grid. The Madison-based utility this spring installed solar panels and batteries to power a pair of state Department of Natural Resources buildings in a remote park south of Sauk City. Alliant says the system — which is known as a “microgrid” and consists of a 6-kilowatt solar…

Increasing the extent to which the DNR and state government as a whole is moving to green energy is clearly a priority.

Mark Aquino, DNR secretary’s director and acting parks director

How Will A Slow Reopening Of Business Affect Cleantech?

Offices and factories have shut down. Millions of people have lost their jobs. Daily life for everyone has been altered in ways that our imaginations never could have embraced. And, while the skies are clearer in many places than they’ve been for years, it is uncertain as to whether even a slow reopening of business post-COVID-19 will have any…

How to go carbon neutral: Lessons from a Danish island

When fish stocks crashed in the Baltic in the late 1990s, the islanders of Bornholm, Denmark, realised they had to reinvent themselves. Their rocky outcrop, some 200km east of Copenhagen, had been in decline for years. Its 40,000-plus inhabitants needed a new path, and they chose to pursue sustainability. Now they are more prosperous…

Bornholm was in a kind of crisis; we needed to find new ways to make jobs, to work to be self-sufficient, to make more worth and value, and to make the value stay on the island.

Winni Grosbøll, mayor of the Danish municipality

World has ‘historic’ opportunity for green tech boost, says global watchdog

Global efforts to minimize the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic present a historic opportunity to scale up the technologies needed to speed a transition to cleaner energy, the head of the world’s energy watchdog says. Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), said support from governments…

I believe there is an opportunity – and I call it a historic opportunity here.

Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency

Ford cancels Lincoln electric vehicle program with Rivian

Lincoln Motor, the luxury brand under Ford, has canceled plans to build an all-new electric vehicle based on Rivian’s skateboard platform. Crain’s Detroit reported that dealers were informed Tuesday. Rivian and Ford said in a statement sent to TechCrunch that this was a mutual decision based on the current environment, which was meant to imply that…

Given the current environment, Lincoln and Rivian have decided not to pursue the development of a fully electric vehicle based on Rivian’s skateboard platform. Our strategic commitment to Lincoln, Rivian, and electrification remains unchanged and Lincoln’s future plans will include an all-electric vehicle consistent with its Quiet Flight DNA.

Lincoln spokesperson

Why hydrogen fuel cells are the future of sustainable transport

Fuel cell technology has been in development since the late 1800s and hydrogen fuel cells have been around since the early 1930s. However, they have never been as widely discussed as they are today. That’s because the technology is almost at a stage where it can be employed in consumer vehicles on a mass scale, with refillable fuel cells able to…

European grid operators launch blockchain-based flexibility platform

Three European Transmission System Operators (TSO) have collaborated to launch a new, blockchain-based flexibility platform, Equigy. It is designed to allow the integration of small and distributed consumer-based assets, such as electric vehicles (EVs), residential battery energy storage and heat pumps to play a role in the grid-balancing process…

In many countries, we are therefore still reliant on fossil fuels to balance the grid when renewable sources aren’t available. This is not good for the planet and it’s costly. Equigy offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution to this challenge.

Rene Kerkmeester, initiator and programme director of Equigy

Blockchain Startup Generates $5 Million for African Govts within 11 Months

As blockchain technology is taking the market by storm and creating exponential growth, Africa would not be exempted. Delivering Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) and SaaS solutions designed to increase the efficiency of marine service and real estate services for land departments and their related government agencies, blockchain startup Domineum and…

World’s Largest Solar Project Will Also Be Its Cheapest

Abu Dhabi has set a global record-low solar price as authorities confirmed the winning bid in a 2-gigawatt tender. Upon its expected completion in mid-2022, it is slated to be the largest single-site solar energy project in the world. The Al Dhafra project had five bidders, with the lowest offer coming in at 1.35 U.S. cents per kilowatt-hour…

Solar, wind and battery storage now cheapest energy options just about everywhere

Further cost reductions in both large scale solar PV and onshore wind projects mean that these two technologies are now the cheapest form of new-build energy generation in areas that count for two-thirds of the world’s population, and 85 per cent of the globe’s electricity generation. The latest benchmark report from research company…

Part of it is due to photovoltaic and wind technology getting better at extracting renewable resources. But our analysis also suggests that since 2016, auctions are forcing developers to realize cost savings by scaling up project size and portfolios. Larger scale enables them to slash balance-of-plant, operations, and maintenance expenses – and have a stronger negotiating position when ordering equipment.

Tifenn Brandily

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