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BayWa flush for North Carolina solar build

BayWa RE has secured tax equity and construction financing for its over 133MW Fern solar project in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. RBC Capital Markets syndicated a tax equity investment commitment, while the lender group comprised of coordinating lead arranger Rabobank and joint lead arranger Banco Sabadell have committed to providing…

Our success in securing tax equity and project financing for this landmark project demonstrates our ability to continue to attract investors to the fundamental value proposition of renewable energy.

BayWa RE Solar Projects chief executive Jam Attari

Renewable Energy and Tokenized Assets with Cenfura

Cenfura is an Independent Power Producer (IPP), which owns and operates renewable energy assets across the globe. Cenfura’s assets include the ability to support Transactive Energy: a novel way of buying and selling energy on a decentralized marketplace. All of Cenfura’s renewable energy assets, functions, and services within…

Dear Oil Executive, Is There A Lack Of Imagination?

Yesterday, the price of oil dropped below the $0 line. For the first time in history, the price was negative. Bloomberg reports that the price reached minus $37.63 per barrel. This means oil companies are paying people to haul oil away because they have so much of it, more is on the way, and they have to make room for the new oil deliveries already…

Germany, UK produce record solar power amid smog-free skies

Germany’s photovoltaic plants produced 32.227 GW on Monday (40% of the country’s power), which beat the country’s previous record on March 23. The UK broke its solar record on Monday at 9.68 GW. The previous record was 9.55 GW in May 2019. The coronavirus lockdown has reduced pollution. Pollution can block sunshine and coat…

Ideal weather conditions and lower levels of pollution than normal mean solar is providing record levels of cheap, clean power to the grid. At a time when most of us are working remotely, we can say that solar is truly keeping the Wi-Fi on.

Chris Hewett, chief executive of the UK’s Solar Trade Association (STA)

Digital Realty and Citi: clean energy data centres

Part of Digital Realty’s ongoing mission to use clean energy across its operations, the contract will represent 30% of the company’s total power requirements. Citi will provide more than 260,000 MWh per annum – 55% of the output generated from the 162 MW Glasscock County wind farm project – which will power Digital Realty’s 13 data centres in Dallas…

The data centre industry underpins the growth of the digital economy, and we believe it is critical for industry participants to recognize the importance of managing the environmental impact of their digital infrastructure.

A. William Stein, CEO of Digital Realty

Ayming Institute launches book on green industrial revolution

The ‘green industrial revolution’ is a blanket term generally applying to the adaptation of modern industry to reduce its negative impact on the world’s climate. Driven by a variety of global environmental concerns, in some regions this is spurred by the scarcity of cheap affordable renewable energy. In others, it is driven by a need to reduce…

Evidence of large-scale environmental disruption is striking – from gas masks for schoolchildren in Delhi to fires in Australia – and yet the government seems powerless. Therefore, despite being presented as the embodiment of the problem, industry is our only hope. In Profit & Planet, we argue that the only realistic way to address environmental challenges is to promote business innovation and entrepreneurism. The challenges laid out in this book concern us all.

Fabien Mathieu

China joins the IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme

China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC) plans to join two IEA Bioenergy tasks: “Energy from Biogas” (Task 37) and “Climate and sustainability effects of bioenergy within the broader bioeconomy” (Task 45). According to IEA data, in 2019 China accounts for comfortably over half of bioenergy additions in the power sector (4.7 GW) and it…

China joining the IEA Bioenergy TCP adds a key strategic member representing the world’s largest population and a country with tremendous growth opportunities in biofuels, biopower, by-products, and biogas in the context of the larger bioeconomy. We are delighted to welcome China as a formal member and look forward to their impactful contributions.

Chair of IEA Bioenergy, Jim Spaeth

As the coronavirus continues to impact renewables industry, another turbine manufacturer suspends guidance

In the latest example of how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the renewable energy sector, wind turbine firm Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) has withdrawn financial guidance for the 2020 financial year. In a statement dated April 21, SGRE said the “uncertainty associated with COVID-19” was “compounding challenges in India and…

Over the last five years (2015 – 2019), the Asia Pacific region accounted for over three-quarters of global power demand growth, while leading the world in wind and solar capacity installations.

Alex Whitworth, a research director at Wood Mackenzie

Ameresco report touts potential, challenges of flow batteries in military microgrid energy storage

Flow battery technology in energy storage could eventually replace or compete with diesel generation and lithium-ion as part of a microgrid package but needs to improve on load reliability and cost-competitiveness. This conclusion ends a new report by renewables and energy efficiency firm Ameresco. The company is working with 2ndPath Energy…

First, based on assessment of the reliability modeling results and critical load coverage curves produced, we can conclude that a VRF battery enabled microgrid can provide satisfactory reliability performance at all five sites by meeting the baseline performance requirement over a 168-hour outage that could occur at any time.

Ameresco-2ndPath Energy report

Blockchain Bites: Ripple Sues YouTube, Monero Hits the Box Office and Draper Wants Crypto Everywhere

Ripple Labs and CEO Brad Garlinghouse are accusing the video hosting juggernaut of failing to remove reputationally damaging and fraudulent advertisements for free cryptocurrency giveaways. According to the suit, scammers have impersonated Garlinghouse and also created channels purportedly linked to Ripple, in a guise to dupe watchers…

Decentralized working: How blockchain is helping IOHK weather Covid-19

For many companies, the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and the resulting need for remote working has caused serious upheaval. But for some that have already undertaken significant digital transformation, the impact has been relatively minimal, such as for blockchain software developer IOHK, thanks to its decentralized working…

Blockchain enables accurate transactions and recordkeeping – enabled and verified by a global network of participants, avoiding any central, single point of failure and ensuring that control is vested in the hands of many, rather than a single, centralized entity.

Tamara Haasen, chief of staff at IOHK, tells Verdict

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