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Power Ledger, Nicheliving partner for large-scale solar energy trading rollout in WA

In yet another partnership with a property group, Western Australia-based tech company Power Ledger will roll out its blockchain technology for solar energy trading across 10 residential developments in the Perth metropolitan region. The energy trading tech will be deployed under a three-year deal signed with Connected Communities Energy…

Nicheliving is the largest medium density developer in Western Australia to deliver blockchain technology to manage energy delivery and trading. New homeowners are always looking for ways of reducing the upfront cost of providing power infrastructure and Power Ledger’s platform is available to help pay back a solar investment faster, while reducing the carbon impact of energy.

Power Ledger Co-Founder and Chairman Dr Jemma Green

Interview with Alex D’Elia, Prosume

Prosume connects independent power producers, consumers, utility companies, and energy communities in a locally shared market where each peer is free to interact in a multi-tenant ecosystem. The main goal of the project is to promote the decentralization of power models and empower energy communities…

Renewables are obviously a must if we want to move to a more sustainable and fair society, and truly are willing to leverage their potential.


The Green Outlook of BigBang Core: Blockchain + Energy Industry Chain

Energy is the foundation of social development. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in human life, economic status and influence of countries. The continuous evolution process through technological means of the energy industry never stops. “Energy Internet” was proposed to push the industry to a new pattern, which laid the foundation for multi-energy…


On April 22, 2020, Michigan State University joins the world in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. MSU is also celebrating its track record of progress in combating climate change and helping lead the way to a global sustainable future. MSU achieved a GOLD rating in 2019 for its sustainability efforts in its third triennial assessment using…

Hydrogen electrolysis using renewable energy begins at 10MW Fukushima plant

What is thought to be the world’s largest ‘single-stack’ green hydrogen electrolyzer, a 10MW project in Fukushima, Japan, began operations on schedule last month, provider Asahi Kasei has said. Asahi Kasei emailed today with more details on the project. This site reported that the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R)…

IDTechEx Research: The Vanadium Flow Batteries as Energy Storage Devices

While Li-ion batteries have totally conquered the electric-vehicle industry, and currently dominating the energy storage sector as well, the redox flow batteries are silently (but not too much) taking their share of the stationary energy storage market. Initially studied by NASA, and further developed in the 1980s by the research group led…

Diamonds shine in energy storage solution

Dr. Haifei Zhan, from the QUT Centre for Materials Science, and his colleagues successfully modeled the mechanical energy storage and release capabilities of a diamond nanothread (DNT) bundle — a collection of ultrathin one-dimensional carbon threads that store energy when twisted or stretched…

Unlike chemical storage such as lithium-ion batteries, which use electro-chemical reactions to store and release energy, a mechanical energy system itself would carry much lower risk by comparison.

Dr Haifei Zhan

Meet Blue Ion LXHV: The most complete microgrid solution you’ll find in one enclosure

A major pain point in commercial-scale storage and microgrids is integrating all the disparate pieces of equipment together into a cohesive whole. Blue Planet Energy is attempting to ease this pain with the most complete system we’ve seen yet, the Blue Ion LXHV, which includes LFP batteries from Blue Planet, a pre-integrated…

This hydrogen storage ‘sponge’ could be the key to safer EV fuel cells

A group of scientists claim to have made a breakthrough that addresses one of the biggest challenges associated with hydrogen cars. It could make hydrogen electric vehicles (HEVs) safer and give a significant bump to the distance they can travel on one tank. Researchers led by scientists from Northwestern University, Illinois, say they have developed…

It’s like a bath sponge but with very ordered cavities. You can wipe up spilled water with a sponge, and reuse the water by squeezing the sponge.

Prof Omar Farha, from Northwestern University in Evanston, US

How Blockchain and Other Online Innovations Help Alternative Energy

In the age of technological advances, it can seem like some new technology is vying to make a major difference in the world every single day. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming and difficult to know which technologies to take seriously and which ones will go the way of fireworks – beautiful for a minute but quickly fading into nothing…

African leaders enlist renewables to build future of energy resilience

Global renewable experts will steer the roll-out of large volumes of solar and others in Africa, in a bid to help the continent tap into its vast green energy resources to power its response to COVID-19. Renewables will be enlisted to energize African hospitals, medical gear, water pumping, and other critical anti-pandemic functions, under a partnership…

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that energy is critical for all spheres of life and is now proving to be a matter of survival.

H.E. Dr. Amani Abou-Zeid, the AUC’s Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy

The Potential of Blockchain Technology in Financial Services

Blockchain is a powerful technology that is set to transform many industries, and create new applications in various fields. It is one of the emerging technologies that is driving the digital transformation of companies around the world. Blockchain, or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), consists of an expanding collection of records that contain the…

Pioneering the possibilities: N.J.’s energy and resource leaders pave way for a clean, green future

As the nation prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, the environment is poised to enjoy a monumental year in 2020. Ever since commemoration of the first Earth Day in 1970 – when 20 million Americans came out to protest environmental ignorance and demand a new way forward for the planet – Earth Day has helped drive the…

We were the first state to enact a mandatory recycling law; we are an original member of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; we are recognized around the globe for establishing maximum contaminant levels for PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) chemicals in drinking water; we have preserved more than 700,000 acres of land through our Green Acres Program; and we hold to account those polluters who contaminate our communities.

McCabe of the Trenton-based agency’s efforts

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