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Europe can be 60% powered by solar before 2050

The 100% Renewable Europe: How to make Europe’s energy system climate-neutral before 2050 report, by trade body SolarPower Europe and Finland’s Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, claims to be the first study to model a fully renewable path to climate neutrality for the European energy system by mid-century…

Following the publication of the European climate law, six member states asked the European Commission to include a 100% renewable energy scenario in the commission’s energy and climate projections for 2050. The minister said either of the 100% renewables pathways could also make the continental energy system more resilient.

Luxembourg’s energy minister Claude Turmes

Cenfura Token (XCF) First Public Listing on Bilaxy Exchange

The Cenfura Token (XCF) was listed on the Bilaxy exchange April 7, 2020, and trading commenced April 9, 2020. This marks the first public listing outside of the Cenfura Platform. The token is used as part of a blockchain-based solution for managing renewable energy assets. The Cenfura Token (XCF) is available in XCF/BTC, XCF/ETH, and XCF/USDT pairs…

This first public listing marks an important milestone for Cenfura and our team as we deploy our token, platform, and technology to revolutionize how renewable energy is managed, bought, and sold across the world.

Randall Meals, Cenfura President & CEO

Staying on Course: Renewable Energy in the Time of COVID-19

In a short few weeks, much of the world has been shut down due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, which has crossed borders and oceans, rapidly devastating communities and livelihoods. Decisions being taken now to address the social and economic impacts of the crisis come amid profound uncertainty about both the course of the pandemic and its…

New Discovery to Make Green Energy Much More Efficient

The authors of the study, published in Topics in Catalysis magazine, believe that converting carbon dioxide into fuel, for example methanol, is an effective way to reduce its toxic emissions into the atmosphere. In their opinion, the optimal solution is using renewable energy to do this. Today, to synthesise methanol from CO2, the photocatalytic method…

We have shown that modifying TiO2 surface with metal particles increases methanol formation rate by 22 times. Platinum and nickel turned out to be the most active particles. Developing this technology will make it possible to synthesize organic substances without using sophisticated equipment required in the classical synthesis method.

Sergei Dubkov, senior researcher at the Institute of Advanced Materials and Technologies at “MIET”

Enel Seeks 50% Financial Partner for Africa Renewable Unit | Financial Post

Enel SpA is looking for a financial partner to buy as much as 50% of its African renewable business as the Italian energy giant looks to extend wind and solar power projects across the continent. The search for a company to form a joint venture started before the coronavirus outbreak stalled the regional economy and will continue regardless…

Earth Day 2020: How 8 tech companies are doing their part

Tech companies are stepping up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22, with a variety of initiatives and events. The theme for this year’s Earth Day is climate action, according to the official Earth Day site. The mission is to encourage individuals and organizations around the world to continue moving toward…

When Earth Day was founded, the government led the charge for climate action and brought attention to the widespread environmental issues. Now, 50 years later, businesses are leading the charge by setting aggressive targets and holding their shareholders and supply chains accountable for meeting these goals.

Mathias Lelievre, CEO of ENGIE Impact

Madison’s first solar-powered charging station for electric vehicles opens

MADISON (WKOW) — You have probably seen charging stations in parking lots of some businesses in the area. The city of Madison now has a new way to charge their fleet of electric vehicles — the sun. The city’s first solar-powered charging station is now available to use…

One great example is if we had a power outage. Right now we have roughly 30 electric vehicles in the city, so if we had no power we wouldn’t be able to power the electric vehicles. This way we can charge the vehicles with the sun. We can charge two vehicles at one time.

Tyson Roessler

Powin Unveils Three Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems

Powin Energy Corp., a company that specializes in scalable battery energy storage systems, has released three new products: the Stack225, Stack230 and Stack230P, its first products utilizing Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (CATL) battery cells. All three products were designed by Powin around CATL’s large form factor cells, utilizing…

With its 20-year performance guarantee, the Stack230 presents an affordable option for utilities and IPPs looking to pair storage with new or existing solar projects. We aim to accelerate the modernization of the electric grid by increasing the value of renewable generation assets with long-duration, affordable and high-quality energy storage systems.

Geoff Brown, president of Powin

Sustainability as a Driver for Microgrids: It’s Real

Ask almost any microgrid developer why customers choose to install microgrids and they’ll cite three main reasons: electric reliability, cost reduction, and sustainability. The third, sustainability, is sometimes viewed as a bit squishy, perhaps not easy to quantify. Or as Lux Research put in a new report released today…

Companies have already been driven to bankruptcy in part due to not responding quickly enough to these changing consumer demands, making sustainability an important factor for businesses to consider.

Gihan Hewage, lead author of the report

Southern Africa: How sunshine and wind can drive an emerging economy

WHEN THE SUN sets, a lot of things become much harder to do without electricity. In simple terms, electric light can let someone continue studying after dark or allow an entrepreneur to work for longer. Electricity can empower those in the home to join the workforce and keep that workforce healthy. It will also power machines, factories…

Polish Banks to Go Paperless Using Billon’s Distributed Ledger Technology

Retail banks in Poland began providing customers with notifications of commissions and fees changes on the blockchain via a new document management product offered by the Polish Credit Bureau (BIK, or Biuro Informacji Kredytowej in Polish). BIK is using the Blockchain Platform powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT), provided by…

This launch marks the first step of the commercialization of the BIK Blockchain Platform. This version eliminates the need for paper notifications. Further versions will focus on streamlining complex multi-party processes and expand to other market sectors in Poland.

BIK CEO Mariusz Cholewa

These Chinese Blockchain Platforms Are Launching Soon, Here Is Why

Just a few months since China’s President Xi Jinping announced blockchain as one of the country’s technological priorities and advocated to “seize the opportunity”, there has been a lot of progress on the main blockchain initiatives and most of them will be in production very soon. The ultimate goal is to enable and establish the People’s Bank…

Power Ledger and ekWateur to Roll Out Energy Trading Platform in France

French energy retailer, ekWateur, supplies 100% renewable energy to 220,000 consumers across France. It has partnered with Power Ledger and will use the Australian technology company’s blockchain-enabled platform, Vision, to enable households to select their preferred renewable energy type and origin. The new collaboration, as per Power Ledger’s…

Whether consumers want to source energy from their neighbor’s solar rooftop panels or a wind farm in Bordeaux, our platform gives consumers a choice and control over their energy source.

Power Ledger executive chairman Dr Jemma Green says:

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