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Northam signs energy efficiency law, Virginia first southern state with 100% clean energy standard

Governor Northam is continuing efforts to make Virginia an energy-efficient state as he signed a bill Sunday making the Commonwealth the first southern state to transition to clean energy by 2050. The governor signed the Virginia Clean Economy Act that commits to providing 100% carbon-free electricity by removing harmful carbon emissions and…

These new clean energy laws propel Virginia to leadership among the states in fighting climate change. They advance environmental justice and help create clean energy jobs. In Virginia, we are proving that a clean environment and a strong economy go hand-in-hand.

Governor Northam

National Grid says possible power outages for up to 72 hours amid upcoming storm

National Grid has been preparing for a powerful storm heading towards New England starting Monday morning. Heavy rain, strong gusts of wind, and high gusts across Massachusetts and Rhode Island are expected. According to National Grid, the storm will start after 8 a.m. and continue until 8 p.m…

Covid-19 Lockdown: India Moves To Ensure Renewable Projects Remain Unaffected

As India struggles with the Covid-19 outbreak and the resulting 21-day lockdown, the government has taken measures to insulate the renewable energy sector as much as possible. India imposed a 21-day lockdown on the 25th of March. The lockdown immediately resulted in a sharp decline in power demand as all commercial and industrial…

HIVE completes $4 million acquisition of mining firm

HIVE Blockchain Technologies has acquired a cryptocurrency mining operation with access to 30 megawatts (“MW”) of low-cost green power at a leased facility located in Lachute, Quebec. According to an official press release shared with Coin Rivet, the cost of acquiring mining firm Cryptologic stands at C$4,000,000…

We’re extremely pleased to have completed the acquisition of this Facility. Multiple factors make Quebec a very attractive location for us including geographic diversification and competitive costs for green energy, skilled labor and taxes.

Frank Holmes, Interim Executive Chairman of HIVE

The Guardian view on the climate and coronavirus: global warnings

So far, discussions of a coronavirus exit strategy have mainly focused on the steps that could bring an end to the lockdown. In the short term, both in the UK and elsewhere, there is nothing more desirable than letting people resume their lives, once it is safe to do so. But the speed of the “return to normal” is not the only thing that matters…

Pandemic could slow, then speed, Colorado electric vehicles evolution | Joey Bunch

When the world comes back, Colorado’s fast track into electric vehicles will get a restart. A slowing economy works against it, for sure, but there’s still a lot going for it. The Centennial State has been in hot pursuit of California on electrification for a couple of years. When Democrats took control of the General Assembly last year and green-minded…

The greatest opportunity for environmental benefits will happen as we look to longer-term policies beyond 2026. Automakers need a policy environment that drives not only fuel economy improvements, but that also supports the infrastructure, market and other conditions necessary for the transformation of light-duty vehicles to a lower- and net-zero carbon future.

John Bozzella, the president and CEO of the alliance

Egypt considers 6.3 GW wind energy, concentrated solar power and PV projects

The New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) is studying requests to build power plants at a total capacity of 6.34GW, of which 2.75GW projects are by the private sector. NREA Head Mohamed Al-Khayat told Daily News Egypt that the potential projects include photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of 170MW and wind farms of 250MW by…

Egypt’s total electricity production capacity amounted to 20.782bn KWh in 2019, including 14.597bn KWh from hydroelectricity plants, 3.270bn KWh from wind farms, and roughly 2.403bn KWh from solar parks. In addition, traditional thermal power plants produced 4.7m KWh. The country’s total fuel savings reached about 4.3m tonnes of oil equivalent.


Chinese Blockchain Investment on the Rise, but Comparison to US Is Apples to Oranges

China is rapidly catching up to the United States with regard to blockchain-related investments, according to a recent report put together by New York-based research firm CB Insights. The researchers found that the East Asian country accounted for 22% of blockchain investments in 2019, compared to 31% for the U.S. This represents a significant…

Currently, the main investors are mainly domestic venture capital institutions and individual investors as early-stage investors. However, we believe that with the increasing internationalization of Blockchain technology, the percentage of foreign investment institutions will increase over time.

New Cathode Material Based on Titanium Fluoride Phosphate for Metal-Ion Batteries

Researchers from the Skoltech Center for Energy Science and Technology (CEST) have designed a new cathode material based on titanium fluoride phosphate, which is stated to be stable and has achieved superior performance at high discharge currents. This latest development acquires all the more importance in the light of the rapid growth of…

From the perspective of inorganic chemistry and solid-state chemistry, this is an excellent example showing once again that rather than blindly following the generally accepted dogmas, we should look at things with eyes wide open. If you choose the right chemical composition and synthesis method, the impossible becomes possible, and you can find new materials with unexpected properties and new opportunities for practical applications.

Artem Abakumov, director of CEST

Gibraltar to Introduce Regulations for Reducing Alleged Market Manipulation by Blockchain or DLT Firms

Albert Isola, Gibraltar’s minister for digital and financial services, has confirmed that the territory will be introducing regulatory guidelines specifically for eliminating or reducing market manipulation – which is allegedly being carried out by crypto and blockchain companies. Isola explained in a recent interview with The Banker why…

We looked at developing a token regime two years ago, because we were concerned about the boom in token sales. But by the time we came to launching the regime in 2019, it was close to the publication of the Financial Action Task Force recommendations, so we decided to wait. Also, the market seemed to be quietening down, so the risk tapered.

Albert Isola

Printed Solar Cells – Are We There Yet?

Dubai headquartered Ecolog International has announced the inking of an agreement with the University of Newcastle relating to printed solar cells. Printed solar cell technology promises cheap, portable, flexible and lightweight products that can be used in a wide range of applications – everything from clothing to large-scale, “roll-out” solar farms…

Our ultimate goal is to see our printed solar cells all over the world, generating renewable energy for all in remarkable new ways.

Professor Paul Dastoor

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