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The Green Energy Transition After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Winston Churchill famously remarked “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” It’s hard to argue that the coronavirus pandemic is a “good” crisis, but it is certainly monumental. Governments across the globe are racing to save businesses and individuals whose lives and livelihoods have been upended by shutdowns from the coronavirus…

Put clean energy at the heart of stimulus plans to counter the coronavirus crisis. … The progress this will achieve in transforming countries’ energy infrastructure won’t be temporary – it can make a lasting difference to our future.

Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency

TOTAL Invests $490 Million In Indian Solar Joint Venture

TOTAL recently announced that it invested US$ 490 million in a joint venture with Adani Green Energy. The joint venture will host 2.1 gigawatts of operational solar power projects previously fully owned by Adani Green Energy and its subsidiaries. The two companies now hold 50% each in the new joint venture. Adani Green Energy is one of the…

Save Big with Heat Pump Hot Water Heating and Home Battery Storage

Creating hot water is the second-largest component of home energy consumption, accounting for 12% of a typical home’s energy use. In the United States, over 85% of residences use natural gas or standard electric water heaters, though they are not very efficient. By pairing a new type of water heater with home solar power, you can expect much better energy…

I calculated that over a year, my old electric hot water heater will use about the same amount of energy my electric car would need to cross the country 4 times. Heat pump hot water heaters are much better and what I consider the 21st-century water heating technology.

Joe Wachunas director of solar advocacy group Solar Oregon

Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant Is Already a Success

Tesla’s extreme Australian makeover continues with a new “virtual power plant,” part of the continent’s overall program to encourage these collections of renewable resources. Tesla is just the first to make and report on a virtual power plant for the program. Like the large energy storage facility Tesla operates in South Australia, the goal of…

And the more the utilities raise rates, the more it will make sense for customers to switch to distributed solar or use less energy, meaning less revenue for the power companies, meaning higher rates, and so on in a vicious cycle. Investors in power companies—especially the bond markets that fund their long-term capital projects—will demand more return, leading to higher rates, accelerating the ‘death spiral.’ Or at least that’s how the utilities paint the situation.

esVolta Selected by California Choice Energy Authority for 60 MWh Energy Storage Project

esVolta, a developer and owner of utility-scale energy storage projects across North America, has been selected to deliver a new Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery energy storage system for California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice), a hybrid joint powers authority made up of five operational community choice aggregations (CCAs) in the cities of…

The award of these contracts for our Black Walnut project is an important milestone for esVolta. We are extremely pleased to be able to provide cost-effective energy storage capacity for these leading CCAs and help them advance their mission to deliver affordable power to homeowners and businesses across their vibrant southern California communities.

Randolph Mann, president of esVolta

Sustainability is a catchphrase in 2020

With the growing demand for environment-friendly products, PrintWeek looks at how print and packaging companies are positioning its sustainability quotient in the times of climate change and global warming. The print industry as a whole has undergone significant change in the past couple of years. Consumers are demanding eco-friendly…

Southeast Asia’s renewable power transition more likely to take hit from COVID-19: Specialists

BANGKOK: Regional aspirations for a swift transition from fossil gas to renewable power are more likely to be dashed by the financial and market crises triggered by the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, consultants say. Southeast Asian nations already struggling to satisfy local weather change targets will discover these targets farther from…

The collapse in oil and gasoline costs and decline in coal costs collectively will undermine assist for renewable power in most international locations, at the least within the short-term, as a result of governments produce other issues to fret about.

Dr Philip Andrews-Velocity, Senior Principal Fellow on the Power Research Institute on the Nationwide College of Singapore

DOE issues funding opportunity for energy storage technologies

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) issued a new funding opportunity announcement (FOA) to advance energy storage technologies. The objective of the FOA is to develop energy storage technologies for existing fossil-fueled power plants, as well as new power…

Africa’s Uptake of Renewable Energy is Moving in the Right Direction

The trend is largely driven by solar, with a large pipeline of projects amounting to 1.2 GW expected to come online in 2021 outside South Africa, over double the amount commissioned in 2018. With the right policy framework and investment, Africa could meet a quarter of its indigenous energy needs through renewable sources by 2030, according…

Flow battery could make renewable energy storage economically viable

Researchers at the University of Southern California looking to crack the renewable energy storage problem have developed a new version of a redox flow battery from inexpensive and readily-available materials. Though there are huge lithium-ion battery installations from the likes of Tesla that can store energy harvested from renewables like…

To date, there has been no economically viable, eco-friendly solution to energy storage that can last for 25 years. Lithium-ion batteries do not have the long-life and vanadium-based batteries use expensive, relatively toxic materials limiting large-scale use. Our system is the answer to this challenge. We foresee these batteries used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings to capture renewable energy.

lead author on the study Sri Narayan

The Coronavirus and Climate Action

In recent weeks, many Americans have voluntarily and radically altered their behavior in order to protect others from the novel coronavirus. Those who are less vulnerable are making sacrifices in order to protect those who are more vulnerable: the elderly, the immunocompromised, and—in our country, with its broken social safety net—the uninsured…

“AmeriCoin: It’s time to bail out Main Street” states Alastair Caithness Chief Blockchain Policy Advisor of Libertarian Party and CEO of Ziyen Energy

The CARES Act, the US Federal Government’s recent stimulus bill of over US$2.2 trillion, has been heralded as necessary to save the United States from the devastation of economic collapse. By following the Obama era playbook’ $700 billion bail-outs of Wall Street in 2008, the current approach of the Federal government will leave the American citizens…

AmeriCoin is the only feasible way to save Main Street America. The Federal stimulus plan will push too many Americans into poverty, dependent upon the Federal government for their survival. This plan is exploding the Federal deficit, which will turn the US into a debtor nation, potentially destroying our economy and world standing well into the 21st century.

Alastair Caithness, Head of the AmeriCoin project

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