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Evaluating the global energy system

For Naga Srujana Goteti, a postdoc at the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), finding a meaningful career has required starting from scratch — three times. She first worked as a software engineer after earning a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, but after just one year in the role, she felt like something was missing. Her father, a civil engineer…

Today, we are facing a dual challenge: satisfying growing energy demand while reducing emissions. The composition and operation of energy systems determine our ability to meet this challenge. We developed SESAME to study all energy sectors at the pathway and system levels.

Emre Gençer, a research scientist at MITEI and leader of the SESAME project

The most important US energy chart of the year is out: 8 big takeaways

The 2019 US energy flow charts released by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) came out last night and there are some notable changes and things we should discuss. The numbers below represent “quads” or quadrillion BTUs, with the total consumption totaling 100.2. Conveniently, you can pretty much interpret the below…

Rejected energy is part of the energy of a fuel – such as gas or petrol – that could be used for a purposeful activity, like making electricity or transport. However, because of the technologies that we currently use to consume fuels a lot of it gets tossed out by turning it into heat in the environment, which is totally useless [or worse].

Julius Caesar

Staying on Course: Renewable Energy in the Time of COVID-19

In a short few weeks, much of the world has been shut down due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, which has crossed borders and oceans, rapidly devastating communities and livelihoods. Decisions being taken now to address the social and economic impacts of the crisis come amid profound uncertainty about both the course of the pandemic and its…

As Africa looks for clean power, nuclear interest grows

ACCRA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Faced with power shortfalls, demands for greener energy and drought threats to hydropower, a growing range of African nations are considering a shift to an unexpected power source – nuclear energy. South Africa has the continent’s only commercial nuclear power plant. But according to the International…

While I agree that the continent is in dire need of energy, with 600 million people still living without access to electricity, it takes 10 years and billions of dollars to commission a nuclear power station.

Benson Kibiti, director of communications for Power for All

Block Lattice Architecture Or Blockchain? DLT or DAG? Europeans Rally on GDPR-Compliant, Open Source, Cross-Border Framework for Phone Application Development

A team of close to 130 people from 17 institutes, organisations and companies in Europe is developing a technology that is intended as an alternative to privacy-invading tracking technologies used in some countries in Asia to combat the COVID-19. Top experts from multiple European nations are working on an open-source…

Given these divergences, the European Data Protection Supervisor calls for a pan-European model COVID-19 mobile application, coordinated at EU level. Ideally, coordination with the World Health Organisation should also take place, to ensure data protection by design globally from the start.

head of the EU privacy watchdog, Wojciech Wiewiorowski

Improving the Power Grid with Blockchain

Blockchain has been making big news in the industrial automation sector over the past few years for its potential to address critical issues ranging from the industrial supply chain and food and pharmaceutical safety to OEM-to-manufacturer contract management. Now the distributed ledger technology is being used to optimize the power grid…

Real-life Examples of Blockchain-Based Digital Transformation

Introduced in 2008 as the technology enabler for Bitcoin, blockchain can now address many challenges across a wide range of industries. Its architecture and built-in trust mechanisms make blockchain implementation a perfect way to collect, store and share data. Blockchain, as most other innovative emerging technologies, has long had a status of a…

How Technology Can Help Your Business Become More Energy Efficient

If you’re looking for areas in which you can find significant savings in your business, then energy is an important area to look at. Energy consumption happens on such a large scale in business that it’s easy to just accept that it’s a big expense and pay the bills when they come through, but if you look at it in more detail, you’ll see there are significant…

Report Examines Sustainable Minigrids for Rwandan Refugee Camps

Investment in clean energy solutions — in particular minigrids — offers the potential to reduce the costs and environmental impact of humanitarian operations, according to a briefing note on Rwanda published by Imperial College London, UK. Fossil fueled systems often power humanitarian assistance work. Philip Sandwell and…

Depending on the context, they might also power refugee households, marketplaces, or businesses founded by refugees.

Javier Baranda Alonso, humanitarian energy researcher at Imperial College London

Study: Pandemic lockdowns are encouraging more consumers to buy electric cars

Auto industry analysts are predicting that sales of electric vehicles will suffer badly due to the pandemic. But it’s not the first time that legacy industry sources have written off EVs. However, a new UK survey suggests that the coronavirus is making consumers more aware of the environment — and therefore more inclined to buy an…

USC scientists develop a better redox flow battery

USC scientists have developed a new battery that could solve the electricity storage problem constraining the widespread use of renewable energy. The technology is a new spin on a known design that stores electricity in solutions, sorts the electrons and releases power when it’s needed. So-called redox flow batteries have been around a while, but the USC…

We have demonstrated an inexpensive, long-life, safe and eco-friendly flow battery attractive for storing the energy from solar and wind energy systems at a mass-scale.

chemistry professor Sri Narayan, lead author for the study and co-director of the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute at USC

Ecolog partners with University of Newcastle for commercial rollout of printed organic solar cells

The innovative, low-cost, printed, organic PV technology developed at the University of Newcastle has made a major step towards commercialization. Following last year’s large-scale trial for solar panels printed from a conventional printing press, the university has signed a strategic memorandum of understanding with Ecolog, a Dubai-based…

Energy plays a pivotal role in our lives. Leveraging this revolutionary technology, Ecolog Energy Solution is going to change the relationship between people and energy. Whether printing energy for remote operations or peacekeeping missions or powering up consumers in developing countries, we are about to redefine the boundaries of what is possible.

Ali Vezvaei, Group CEO of Ecolog International

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