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ScottMadden Partners with SEPA to Explore Hawaii’s Bold Vision for 100% Renewable Energy

ScottMadden, Inc., one of North America’s leading management consulting firms specializing in energy, recently joined the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) in a fact-finding mission to the Aloha State—Hawaii. The group of more than 20 energy industry executives aimed to uncover how the state hopes to achieve its ambitious goal of…

Power Ledger to give French customers their choice of energy

The ambitious Australian startup is partnering with green energy retailer eKWateur in an attempt to revolutionize France’s electricity market using its P2P technology, enabling customers to customize their energy mix. Power Ledger seems to be taking Europe by storm. In February, Power Ledger won the Alperia Startup Factory Innovation Camp…

Power Ledger has proven the technology works and now we’re ready for a full-scale country rollout in what will be our largest project to date. This also marks a world-first in energy trading, with customers able to select their energy mix, knowing it’s certified via an immutable blockchain platform.

Power Ledger executive chairman Jemma Green

First look at Tesla’s biggest solar roof installation yet – it’s massive

Tesla has installed the biggest solar roof installation we have seen yet and it’s massive. Interestingly, the solar installation is located in Florida as Tesla managed to Hurricane-proof the system. Last month, we reported on Tesla claiming that it achieved solar roof production of 1,000 per week. They made that claim based on achieving the production of 4 MW…

The key point in having multiple inverters is this: During a daytime power outage excess solar energy (after powering home and with full Powerwalls) cannot be bled into the grid; so, one or more of the inverters need to be shutdown. By having multiple inverters they can be shutdown independently until Powerwall energy starts being used again. Once Powerwalls reach a certain threshold, shutdown inverters can come back online to re-charge Powerwalls. This scheme continues during the whole daylight power outage.

Devaloy, a computer engineer

Interview with Hoon Kim, Stake Technologies

It started from a blockchain seminar at Tokyo University, where the CEO Sota Watanabe met CTO Takumi Yamashita. At the time, Sota was a blockchain researcher, while Takumi was developing his own proprietary blockchain. Takumi had the knowledge to develop and implement a fully functional blockchain, but he wasn’t knowledgeable in understanding…

We have several strong points that currently no other blockchains can easily replicate.

Hoon Kim, core development

IDTechEx Research: Redox Flow Batteries’ Advantages for Stationary Energy Storage Market

An increasing number of news articles about Redox Flow Batteries are present on the web. This technology, mostly adopted in on-grid and off-grid applications, has been studied for the last 50 years, and it is currently being commercialized (most of the time) in a containerized size, for medium- and large-scale applications…

COVID-19 Pandemic Could Drive Strong Demand for Microgrid Technology

All thanks to demand for resiliency, and far better energy security at all times. When a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Puerto Rico in early January 2020, and a 5.9-magnitude earthquake days later, Puerto Rico was left without electricity. However, microgrids continued to run. Microgrids could have even helped California after PG&E…

Synvertec raises funds to take its grid management solution to Asia

Israel-based Synvertec Ltd, the developer of a power grid stabilisation technology, has secured USD 1.5 million (EUR 1.37m) to support its expansion to Asia and strengthen its research and development (R&D) capabilities. The fresh funds have been provided by CLP-OSEG, a joint venture (JV) between Israeli new energy investor Other Sources Energy…

We are now at a stage where the question is not whether a solution such as ours is going to be needed, but rather how to successfully implement it and manage it properly.

Synvertec CEO Ronny Izhak said in a statement.

Tata Power Solar launches rooftop solution in Delhi, Mumbai

Tata Power Solar, a subsidiary of Tata Power (one of India’s largest power generation and distribution companies), has decided to take its solar rooftop business to the retail level by launching a rooftop solution in India’s capital, Delhi, and the commercial capital of Mumbai, the Hindu Business Line reported. The eventual rollout of this operation will be…

Total To Build France’s Largest Li-Ion ESS Using Saft Batteries

Total, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, announced the largest battery-energy storage project in France – 25 MWh/25 MW system to be installed later this year in Mardyck, at the Flandres Center, in Dunkirk’s port district. The main purpose is to increase fast reserve capacity for the French power grid, which has to deal with…

The development of renewable energy that is intermittent and decentralized requires the security of the electricity grid through flexible electricity storage capacities, especially in the form of batteries.

4 Essential Elements Of The Upcoming Green Revolution

When it comes to caring for the planet, investors are all too often portrayed as the bad guys – yet when you choose to invest in the right places, you can make a positive difference to the health of our ecosystem and our future prospects as a species. National Geographic recently talked about the benefits of sustainability and the coming green revolution…

More protein and good for the planet: 9 reasons we should be eating microalgae

As the climate warms, the land we use for growing energy-intensive crops such as wheat and corn is becoming less productive . We need to find ways to feed the earth’s growing population that isn’t so burdensome on the environment. One potential solution is to cultivate microalgae – microscopic aquatic organisms that are packed…

$1 million feasibility study announced for billion-dollar Oven Mountain Pumped Storage project near Armidale

A local billion-dollar new renewable project is one step closer, with the Oven Mountain Pumped Storage scheme set to receive government support to prove its viability. New England MP Barnaby Joyce announced on Wednesday the proposed project east of Armidale will receive a $1 million subsidy for a feasibility study. The study will be funded by…

We’ve made massive investments in the New England into renewable energy, in fact we’re one of the biggest renewable energy hubs in Australia.

New England MP Barnaby Joyce

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