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Covid-19 has revealed world’s heavy reliance on electricity

The huge disruption caused by coronavirus has highlighted how much modern societies rely on electricity. The pandemic is also revealing how electricity’s role is set to expand and evolve in the years to come. Millions of people around the world are now confined to their homes, thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. They have now resorted to…

Tesla bids to deploy one of the biggest batteries in the world with 244 Megapacks in Hawaii

Tesla is working on a bid to deploy one of the biggest battery systems in the world with 244 Megapacks, Tesla’s latest giant battery system, on an island in Hawaii. After a lot of rumors and anticipation, Tesla launched its “Megapack” last year. It’s the company’s latest energy storage product, after the Powerpack and the Powerwall, and it is meant as an even…

Each Megapack is equipped with liquid-cooled lithium-ion batteries for energy storage; a circuit breaker panel/customer interface bay; DC-to-DC converter units to step up the voltage; a 675 kVA inverter that converts DC stored in the battery to AC used on the Company grid; and a thermal management system. The equipment is packaged as a single unit in a shipping container-type housing referred to as the IP66 enclosure.


Demand for electricity drops sharply amid quarantine

Government orders for citizens to stay home have slashed electricity demand by 15 percent, especially in countries with strict measures to limit the movement of people amid the coronavirus disease pandemic, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). This figure from the IEA, which is hosted by the Organization for Economic…

In most economies that have taken strong confinement measures in response to the coronavirus—and for which we have available data—electricity demand has declined by around 15 percent, largely as a result of factories and businesses halting operations.

IEA executive director Fatih Birol

Hawaiian Electric proposes ‘self build’ battery storage in Pulehu

Hawaiian Electric is proposing to “self-build” a 40 megawatt/160 megawatt-hour battery storage system at its Waena power station near the Central Maui Landfill in Pulehu that will lead to the closure of the Kahului Power Plant at Kahului Harbor. Given the current coronavirus restrictions, the utility has changed its public meeting to one…

New Technology Offers Sustainable And Low Cost Fuel For Heavy-Duty Applications

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, has developed a technology to turn ethanol into fuels for high-end applications. Vertimass LLC scaled up this newly invented technology. The fuel produced is suitable for use in the shipping and aviation industries. The price of the fuel expected to be competitive with regards to conventional…

Big Tech in Blockchain: Comparing IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google and More

The world’s largest technology companies have made concerted efforts to investigate and integrate blockchain technologies over the past few years. Partly driven by a massive boom in interest caused by Bitcoin’s stellar bull run in 2017, blockchain technology quickly became the new catchword in tech. A swathe of startups entered the fray…

IOTA Foundation: A New Visionary in the Field of Blockchain Technology

IOTA is a ‘permissionless distributed ledger’ for the millennium economy as it would form the backbone of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the near future. It stands out as the first open-source distributed ledger enabling micro-transactions without fees and data integrity for machines, which would play an important role in backing the IoT…

By having a cryptographically secure source of unified truth, we envisage a grand technological Cambrian explosion of innovation to arise from it. Our vision is to enable all connected devices through verification of truth and transactional settlements which incentivize devices to make available properties and data in real-time.


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