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A much-needed stimulus for today — and tomorrow

As Congress considers necessary legislation to avert a depression, it must not only consider the urgent needs of today but simultaneously create the foundations for a new American economy ready for the threats and opportunities of the 21st century. Our complacency now shaken, it’s time to look with clear eyes at how America should position itself…

Birol: COVID-19 shock shows renewables’ importance for power balance

Electrical energy is crucial for modern society, the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Executive Director Fatih Birol warned in a commentary. Especially against the backdrop of the current coronavirus crisis throughout the world, where we need power is needed for medical equipment and the information flow, challenges for the…

Electricity networks are far more vulnerable than pipelines to extreme weather – a vital consideration for policymakers as they plan for increasingly electrified energy systems. The long-term task is to make networks tougher by investing in underground cables and decentralized storage – and by designing network layouts that are resilient to emergency situations such as hurricanes and floods.

Fatih Birol, head of the International Energy Agency

Team develops photosynthetic proteins for expanded solar energy conversion

A team of scientists, led by the University of Bristol, has developed a new photosynthetic protein system enabling an enhanced and more sustainable approach to solar-powered technological devices. The initiative is part of a broader effort in the field of synthetic biology to use proteins in place of man-made materials which are often scarce, expensive…

In the past, two main types of protein have been used for solar energy conversion in technological devices. The first are from ‘oxygenic’ photosynthetic organisms -plants, algae and cyanobacteria—that contain chlorophyll as their main photosynthetic pigment and produce oxygen as a waste product of the process. The second are from ‘anoxygenic’ organisms, bacteria that contain bacteriochlorophyll as their primary photosynthetic pigment.

Lead author of the study and Reader in Biochemistry at the University of Bristol, Dr. Mike Jones

Coronavirus pumps the brakes on the electric vehicle revolution

One of the starkest ways the coronavirus pandemic has upended daily life is its impact on transit: Simply put, we’ve stopped moving around. Flights and cruises are being canceled en masse, subways are losing riders, and highways have become eerily empty as commuter traffic peters out. Far from just impacting transportation today, the pandemic…

Without this effect, we’d probably be heading for a record year in global EV sales.

Colin McKerracher, head of advanced transport at BloombergNEF

Lithium Demand for Electric Vehicles Could Grow 599% by 2025

The unique physical and chemical properties of lithium make it useful in a diverse range of applications. It’s resistant to high and low temperatures, which makes it a common component in industrial greases and lubricants. Lithium is lightweight, which makes it valuable in high-strength metal alloys, such as those used in fuel tanks for…

Solar, batteries, micro-grids and ISP should be added to Covid-19 response

The Clean Energy Council has added its voice to the calls for the government response to the devastating Covid-19 economic impact to include investment in no-regret projects such as rooftop solar for low-income houses and emergency services, battery storage, and micro-grids and putting in place key infrastructure identified by the Integrated System…

We are lobbying the federal and state and territory governments to make renewable energy and energy storage a key part of their Covid-19 response packages to both stimulate the Australian economy and protect households and businesses from high electricity costs.

Clean Energy Council CEO Kane Thornton

Neutrino Energy Dedicated More Than Ever to a Better Future

While mainstream science has just caught up to the idea that extremely thin layers of carbon are capable of responding to and carrying electrical energy with almost 100% fidelity, founder Holger Thorsten​ Schubart and the team at Neutrino Energy Group have been hard at work developing usable neutrino energy technology since 2015. And current hard…

Sinohydro wins contract to build a 20MW solar farm in West Africa

Sinohydro has signed an engineering, procurement and construction contract to build the 20 megawatt (MW) Gardete solar plant in the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau. Sinohydro has won the contract, according to local media, after submitting the best bid to an international auction that closed earlier this month and was run by the…

BENIN: ESMER to train entrepreneurs in renewable energies

The city of Abomey-Calavi now has an incubator/accelerator to support young entrepreneurs in the domain of renewable energies. The incubator, called Esmer Academy, was launched on March 10, 2020, by the Minister of Energy of Benin, Dona Jean-Claude Houssou. It is an initiative of the Renewable Energy Business School (Esmer), set up in…

The incubator will have to alleviate the problem of the lack of qualified renewable energy entrepreneurs in Benin. If we want to transform our country sustainably, we need well-trained young people to take over.

Nafiatou Tien Ebo, the director of Esmer

What tech will shape energy management?

Past the era of early realizations, now organizations are searching for small but significant gains to give them a competitive edge. A range of industries is now opting to use more sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind. But making the most of low-carbon energy generation will require us to embrace new technologies that help them fit…

Fintech firms say new tech could speed recovery from COVID-19

Financial technology companies are working to improve behind-the-scenes market functions, such as exchanging securities and making lending decisions, saying the use of new technologies could help markets recover faster than they did in past financial crises. New York-based Paxos Settlement Service last month became the first firm to use…

Hybrid Renewable Systems With Storage Makes For Revolution

The coronavirus pandemic is causing chaos, leaving only the brave to do anything but look from the sides to see where it is all going. My take is that this is a time to look strategically at one’s portfolio to see whether it is future-proofed. Readers who follow me will be aware that in addition to two very rare events (COVID-19 and oil price war) happening now…

Solar technology is of course the glue for these hybrid solutions. Think about these opportunities as the markets work themselves out. My view is that now is a good time to reposition your energy portfolio towards future opportunities rather than investing in the fossil fuel past and hoping it might return.

Keith Williams

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