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Chinese company sells coal plants, moves aluminum production to hydro-rich Yunnan

Aluminum producer China Hongqiao Group Limited is selling its coal-fired power generation assets to Shandong Guoxu New Energy Co. as part of a plan to move its manufacturing bases to Yunnan Province to take advantage of low-cost hydroelectric resources. The board announced March 18 that it had entered into the Assets Transfer…

In recent years, the Chinese government has been striving to improve environmental protection. In light of the nation and Shandong Province implementing policies related to reducing coal consumption during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan, governments of different levels have been taking proactive measures to accomplish the objectives of environmental protection during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan.

China Hongqiao Group

A New Era Is Beginning for the Grid Edge. Is the Utility Industry Ready?

As the 2020s progress, flexible energy portfolios will grow significantly as resources on either side of the meter proliferate in the U.S., Europe, Asia and beyond. The degree to which this wave of new flexible resources can be tapped for grid balancing will depend on four key areas, according to a new research insight from Wood Mackenzie…

Energy Storage Systems Co. Secures $5 Million Investment from Major Japanese Trading Firm

In a news release, Eguana Technologies Inc. (EGT:TSX.V; EGTYF:OTCQB) advised that it has closed the previously announced $5 million strategic investment in the company by Japan’s Itochu Corp. (ITOCY:OTCMKTS; 8001:JP). The firm indicated that the investment was structured as unsecured convertible debentures and that proceeds from the…

DE: Nissan & partners complete V2G pilot for renewables

Transmission system operators TenneT, energy provider The Mobility House and carmaker Nissan have completed a vehicle-to-grid pilot project launched in 2018 to redistribute renewable energies in Germany. The partners focussed on electric car batteries for storing and adding locally produced electricity into the grid in zones in North and South…

The pilot project has shown that we can use electromobility in the future to control the weather-dependent renewable electricity production flexibly. That takes the strain off the electricity grid and helps us to limit expensive curtailment of wind turbines. The short-term flexibility that electric mobility provides us with can supplement the grid expansion and become an important building block for the energy transition.

TenneT Managing Director Tim Meyerjürgens

A new US bill would provide grants to support recycling batteries

Senator Angus King (I-ME) introduced the Battery and Critical Mineral Recycling Act of 2020 this month. The groundbreaking bill aims, as it simply states, “to support the reuse and recycling of batteries and critical minerals, and for other purposes.” According to King’s website, the legislation aims to incentivize, through grant programs…

Critical minerals like lithium and cobalt are vital to developing clean energy technology — and the good news here is that we have these materials on hand already, from old phone and computer batteries in the desk drawers of American homes and offices.

Senator Angus King (I-ME)

Australia’s first EV “subscription” service to give drivers taste of electric cars

Australian drivers will soon be able to get a taste of what it’s like to drive an electric car via a new subscription service launched by software startup Blinker. Interest in electric vehicles (EVs) is on the rise in Australia, with EV sales tripling in 2019 to 6,718 new electric vehicle registrations, driven mostly by the first deliveries of the Tesla Model 3…

We have a network of dealers we are hoping to announce later this month. We’re now beginning to see a trend towards [electric vehicles] and people wanting to do it specifically for EVs.

Blinker managing director and co-founder Michael Higgins

India x Cleantech — March 2020

Welcome to another issue of our new India x Cleantech series! On a monthly basis, we are pulling news from across clean technology sectors in India into a single, concise summary article about the country. The Indian government has sharply increased its budgetary allocation for renewable energy for 2021-22. Various renewable energy programs…

Lead batteries make innovation push to better compete for energy storage projects

Lead-acid batteries are already a multi-billion-dollar industry and are widely used in automotive and industrial applications. But for the power sector, they are a small player relative to lithium-ion batteries, which make up over 90% of the global grid battery storage market. One reason for their fast growth is cost — lithium-ion batteries have an…

They can take a bullet and still operate safely.

Consortium for Battery Innovation Manager Matthew Raiford

Global offshore capacity nears 30GW with 6GW 2019 surge

The offshore wind industry installed just over 6GW of new capacity in 2019, taking total capacity to 29GW, according to figures released by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). Last year’s installations marked a 35.5% increase in 2018, which saw 4.5GW installed. Europe remained the largest market for offshore wind, accounting for 59% of the 6.1GW…

While mature markets in Europe continue to account for the majority of these installations, Asia Pacific is now increasingly contributing to this growth, with China leading the way as the global offshore wind leader in new capacity.

GWEC chief executive Ben Backwell

Global wave & tidal stream energy production surges tenfold

Ocean Energy Systems (OES) annual report shows cumulative energy produced from wave and tidal stream sources surged from less than 5GWh in 2009 to 45GWh in 2019. Numerous other wave and tidal stream devices have been deployed in open-sea waters for testing, while further ‘push and pull’ mechanisms are stimulating the ocean…

Our latest report underlines the considerable international support for the marine renewable sector as leading global powers attempt to rebalance energy usage and limit global warming. Decarbonization has been appointed as the main strategy to tackle this challenge and many countries around the world have revised or set ambitious targets for emission reductions while ramping up the electricity production from renewable resources.

Henry Jeffrey, Chairman, Ocean Energy Systems

Renewvia, DPI to co-develop solar microgrids in sub-Saharan Africa

US solar developer Renewvia Energy Corporation and renewables investor Dream Projects Incubators (DPI) will work together on solar microgrids in Kenya and Nigeria, it was announced this week. Renewvia and DPI have set up a special purpose vehicle with the goal of capitalizing large portfolios of solar microgrid projects in sub-Saharan Africa…

California pilot plant could be churning out ‘sustainable’ lithium as early as 2023

Following recent reports that newly accessed geothermal power resources in California could also provide access to lithium as a valuable by-product, a pilot facility is now in development. Resource developer Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) recently signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) for 40MW of geothermal energy with…

Lilac has taken a fundamentally different approach to extraction of lithium from Salton Sea geothermal brine using unique ion exchange beads developed by our team in Oakland in contrast to prior work by others to adapt conventional aluminum-based absorbents which have not performed well in this application.

Lilac Solutions’s CEO and founder Dave Snydacker

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