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Pilbara miner Element 25 secures capital for its “green metals” export plan

Australian mining company Element 25 (the 25th element being manganese), has secured $2 million of standby equity capital for the development of the Butcherbird High Project in the Pilbara, a high purity manganese mine with the potential to use renewable energy to produce manganese sulphate for lithium-ion battery cathodes at an export price…

With a long term PPA, renewables are now significantly cheaper than gas generation.


Fusion researchers endorse push for pilot power plant in US

The growing sense of urgency around the development of fusion technology for energy production in the United States got another boost this week with the release of a community consensus report by a diverse group of researchers from academia, government labs, and industry. High among its recommendations is development of a pilot fusion power…

This is first time in a generation when the fusion community has been called upon to self-organize and figure out its highest priorities for getting from fusion science to fusion energy.

Bob Mumgaard, chief executive of MIT spinout Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS)

Electric Motors Versus Internal Combustion Engines

Next time you stand for 90 seconds filling your petrol tank, you might think of the enormity of what is happening, in energy terms. Chemical energy is entering your tank at a rate of typically 17 million Joules/second, or 17 megawatts—equivalent to the energy given off by 17,000 one-bar electric heaters! This large number is the basis of many difficulties…

Human rights risks threaten battery supply chains’ sustainability – now is the time to act

The battery and renewable energy industries are facing increased scrutiny for their human rights impacts. In December, U.S.-based technology and electric vehicle companies were named in the first lawsuit seeking to hold downstream companies responsible for allegedly aiding and abetting child labour in cobalt extraction in the Democratic…

BluWave-ai Completes Oversubscribed $3.9M Seed Funding Round

BluWave-ai announced today the completion of a $3.9M round of seed financing. Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) had the largest contribution with $2.43M of non-dilutive financing, confirmed in Q3 of 2019. A consortium of international private investors complemented this with $1.2M in the same quarter. In Q1 2020…

Identifying high-potential opportunities and providing early-stage funding is critical to reducing risk and encouraging follow-on investments from domestic and international investors. BluWave-ai is an excellent example of Ontario-accelerated global innovation and OCE is proud to be a partner in its ongoing success.

Claudia Krywiak, President and CEO, OCE

Brookfield to acquire rest of Terraform Power, creating 36 GW, $50B renewable energy giant

The deal is part of a growing trend of investment capital seeking to find returns in the renewable energy market, attorney Brad Thompson, team lead for the Duane Morris Energy industry group, told Utility Dive. Thompson is seeing increasing interest from clients looking to pick up existing renewable energy facilities and not just invest in new…

It’s not a new trend, but the dollars behind these moves are getting bigger and bigger as the chase for return on investment continues.

Brad Thompson

CBI invites research proposals to advance lead battery tech in energy storage

The consortium is seeking research bids focused on facilitating the latest understanding in energy storage applications, such as microgrids for renewable energy, load following for electrical grids and demand response for commercial and industrial applications. The International Renewable Energy Agency predicts that 150 GW of energy…

As demand for battery energy storage continues to grow and the demand for flexible and cleaner sources of energy to supply energy to the grid increases, battery technologies have been recognized as a cornerstone in achieving sustainable decarbonization and electrification goals.


Snowstorms, Remote Locale, and Practical Jokes Can’t Stop Alaskan Microgrid

A sudden snowstorm in a far Northwest arctic locale, sleeping in a laundromat (for no better place) and practical jokes were only some of the challenges facing Grass Valley, Calif.-based BoxPower in deploying a new solar/storage microgrid in the indigenous village of Deering in remote Northwest Alaska. The installation is the second microgrid…

Breakthrough Batteries, Part 2: Potential Grid-Tied Applications for Non-Li-ion Batteries

Advanced battery technologies are poised to disrupt long-term resource planning for grid applications sooner than many market actors realize. In Breakthrough Batteries, Part 1: Investment Is Accelerating the Era of Clean Electrification, we explored how rapid improvements in lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery costs and performance, coupled with growing…

Tech Powering a Green Future

The 20s of this century will see the next wave of far-reaching industrial and social change. Its name? Sustainability. As we have already seen with digitization, the necessity of implementing sustainable business practices is impacting the business model. Bans and sacrifice alone will not be enough to effectively combat climate change, which growing…

Those who are not committed at least to ensuring their production operations become carbon neutral will be putting their license to operate at risk.

Andreas Schell, CEO, Rolls-Royce Power Systems

African Development Bank to Provide Underserved Communities with Sustainable Energy

The project, which will be implemented by Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency, is a boost to efforts to achieve the target of universal energy access by 2030. Joint financing of $200 million from the Bank and Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF) will de-risk and scale-up private sector investment in the off-grid sector, nurturing a business…

Imagine the impact a project like the NEP will have when it is replicated across rural communities in the country.

Nigeria’s Minister of State for Power, Goddy Jedy Agba

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