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Shell Subsidiary Creates Virtual Power Plant Using Blockchain in Germany For Renewable Energy

On March 12, the Royal Dutch subsidiary of Shell, Sonnen Group, made the announcement that it’s working with the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) to create in Germany a blockchain-based virtual power plant (VPP). This VPP will include a distributed network comprising of energy storage systems for residential areas in order to reduce the…

With a flexibility market for renewable energies and the automatic exchange of supply and demand, we are realizing the next step towards a smart grid that can deal much more flexibly with fluctuations from renewable energy.

Sonnen eServices’ managing director, Jean-Baptiste Cornefert

Volkswagen’s Making Big Promises About Electric Vehicles and the Energy Grid

Volkswagen Group’s transition toward electric vehicles has been no secret. Since getting busted with software designed to defeat emissions testing five years ago, the manufacturer has trumpeted the merits of electrification at every opportunity. Still, some continue to wonder how an EV-dominant world will work, expressing concerns that peak…

How quickly can data and algorithms improve? Our customers should benefit from deep learning every week, and every day. We are moving from being a device company to being a software company.

Michael Jost, VW’s head of product strategy

How biodiversity loss is hurting our ability to combat pandemics

The frequency of disease outbreaks has been increasing steadily, according to recent World Economic Forum article. Between 1980 and 2013 there were 12,012 recorded outbreaks, comprising 44 million individual cases and affecting every country in the world. A number of trends have contributed to this rise, including high levels of global…

Motorists would use smart charging in return for energy bill discounts

The utility operator, which owns and maintains electricity cables and lines across London and the South East, conducted a survey of 800 motorists to get their views. Concerns have been raised that the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs) over the next decade could place the UK’s power grids under immense strain due to the extra energy…

Electric vehicles are coming and we have a key role in making sure our customers can benefit from new technologies. That’s why we’ve been listening to stakeholders involved in the market from energy suppliers to customers to develop new incentives that deliver benefits. Smart charging is a key part of the solution we can use ahead of building new infrastructure to create capacity for the additional demand.

Ian Cameron, head of innovation and customer services at UK Power Networks

Daily on Energy: Examining the logic behind Trump filling up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

EXAMINING THE LOGIC BEHIND TRUMP FILLING UP THE STRATEGIC PETROLEUM RESERVE: President Trump’s move to buy low-priced oil to restock the nation’s emergency Strategic Petroleum Reserve won’t halt the price crash rocking the shale industry. But analysts concerned that Congress and the executive branch have been taking the SPR…

The best thing the administration can do for producers is to do everything possible to move past this health crisis and get the economy back on its feet.

Joseph McMonigle, a former chief of staff at the Energy Department in the George W. Bush administration and president of the Abraham Group

Driving the EV transition with open data

As an industry, we’ve become exceptionally good at managing fluctuating energy demand and matching supply to it. However, there are new challenges on the horizon. Transport, heat, and industry are all sectors rapidly turning to electrification to decarbonize and the impact of opening up data is challenging ‘business as usual’ in the energy…

Can 5G really be sustainable?

Away from the giddy fanfare heralding the advent of fifth-generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks, has there been enough sober contemplation of 5G’s environmental impact? Consider that by the end of 2025, 5G will attract 2.6 billion subscriptions, generating 45 per cent of the world’s total mobile traffic data, according to the…

Unfortunately, consumers will need to replace their current 4G phone with the 5G-compatible one, which means ditching a perfectly working phone.

Matthew Moreton, managing director at mobile phone comparison site Compare and Recycle

What Sustainability Looks Like in the AV Industry

Modern society is becoming more concerned with sustainability and the protection of our shared environment seemingly every day – with the wealth of information at our fingertips about the potential impact of everyday human decisions, that impact is being measured and considered more often than ever before. Ignoring this trend…

In all these cases, we worked to deliver designs within the consumption of power as wattage per square foot to meet the LEED certification standard and provide information around the individual design intent, functionality and criteria so we could offer an edge in terms of design innovation. An example of such could be specifying manufacturers that maintain a small carbon footprint or utilize recycled materials in their products, including packaging, etc.

Electrosonic Director, Technical Innovation, Yiannis Cabolis

ABB publishes Sustainability Report 2019

ABB has released its Sustainability Report 2019 outlining the company’s performance in its key areas of Leading Technology, Responsible Operations and Responsible Relationships. Last year, ABB reached or exceeded more than half of its sustainability targets ahead of schedule…

ABB has a clear commitment to society. This translates into enabling our customers to become cleaner, safer, more resilient and less resource-intensive. It also means that we have to operate in a responsible way.

ABB Chairman Peter Voser

Fair Winds and Following Offshore Work in Asia

Climate change has been a hot topic over the last few years, with tighter environmental regulations being introduced. Large multinational companies are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and transition to cleaner energy solutions. However, renewable energy is not a new concept. Europe has been pioneering alternative…

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