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Total to Build its Largest Battery Energy Storage Project in France

Total is launching a battery-based energy storage project in Mardyck, at the Flandres Center, in Dunkirk’s port district. With a storage capacity of 25 MWh and an output of 25 MW of power, the new lithium-ion energy storage system will be the company’s largest in France. The project will provide fast reserve services to support the stability of the French power…

This project is part of Total’s strategy to develop the stationary energy storage solutions that are critical to the expansion of renewable energy, which is intermittent by nature. It will contribute toward the goal of increasing the share of renewables in France’s energy mix, while helping to stabilize the domestic power grid.

Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of Total

Ossiaco Has Built The One Home Solar Inverter To Rule Them All

Ossiaco has developed a new inverter that it believes will truly revolutionize the worlds of residential energy management, solar, and EV charging in one fell swoop. As a privately-owned and funded company, Ossiaco has been flying under the radar for some time now, but we spoke to the leadership team and it is clear the team is perched at…

How Elon Musk’s Innovative Battery Farm Works

Elon Musk’s high-performing backup “battery” in South Australia has made the news for saving the state tens of millions of dollars. But how can a strictly backup power source that supplies power for just an hour make such a huge difference? And how does the battery facility work within the grid? Let’s take a look…

The Tesla battery can respond to these frequency events much more quickly than coal or gas-fired generators, which have traditionally performed the role in Australia, and at a much lower cost. The grid has a heartbeat that needs to be regulated. Batteries really are able to solve a multitude of problems.


Energy powerhouse EDF part of trial using smart tech and heaters to optimize electricity use in buildings

Three firms are working together to trial more than 100 internet-connected electric storage heaters in a bid to heat homes using electricity which would theoretically be cheaper and less carbon-intensive. In an announcement Wednesday, Kaluza — which is part of energy technology firm the Ovo Group — said that the heaters from Glen…

The only way to create an efficient and resilient grid able to handle this new demand will be through smart technologies in people’s homes. This way we can intelligently spread demand throughout the day, helping to reduce grid stress, carbon emissions and energy costs.

Conor Maher-McWilliams, Kaluza’s head of flexibility

ACT virtual power plant trial to help optimize DER network integration

An ARENA-backed trial run by ACT network operator Evoenergy in partnership with French power electronics specialist Schneider Electric and Melbourne-based energy tech company GreenSync will research and test the effect that the integration of distributed energy resources is having on Canberra’s increasingly decentralized energy grid…

Evoenergy’s trial will help to maximize the amount of distributed energy that the network can accommodate, while maintaining the stability of the system. This project will utilize two leading industry platforms to demonstrate a coordinated approach to DER management.

ARENA CEO Darren Miller

New Energy Nexus and cKers Finance Grow Investment Partnership to Build New Distributed Solar Segments in India

The financial innovation program of New Energy Nexus announced that it is increasing its exposure in India by investing in the cKers Finance Sustainable Energy Bond (SEB). cKers Finance is working with a range of investors looking to deploy capital in the sustainable energy space, and in a short span of three years has become the…

The falling cost of solar technology is democratizing the availability of energy through distributed solutions. We are very excited to grow our partnership with cKers Finance, which has developed innovative financing products suited to the needs of these segments.

Danny Kennedy, Chief Energy Officer at New Energy Nexus

The oil market’s plunge won’t bring down electric vehicles

Cheaper gasoline thanks to the oil price collapse isn’t expected to badly undercut electric vehicles, but the overall economic dislocation from coronavirus is a hurdle, analysts say. Why it matters: EV sales have grown in recent years, but they’re still basically a niche market and tiny percentage of overall vehicle purchases, so any new headwinds are worth…

Ameresco picked to build hybrid microgrid in California town

US energy efficiency and renewables firm Ameresco Inc (NYSE:AMRC) will design and build an integrated microgrid at a wastewater treatment plant in the Northern California community of McKinleyville. The company has been selected to incorporate existing diesel generation with a new solar photovoltaic (PV) array and battery storage…

Canadian Solar Signs Solar Power Purchase Agreement in Australia with Amazon

Canadian Solar Inc, one of the world’s largest solar power companies, today announced that its subsidiary Canadian Solar Australia has signed a power purchase agreement (“PPA”) with Amazon. The solar power will be supplied from the Company’s 146 MWp/110 MWac Gunnedah solar farm, which will reach commercial operation by 2021…

Canadian Solar is a leading developer in the Australian solar market, where we have a pipeline of nearly 1.2 GWp, including 335 MWp of projects ready to build. We look forward to growing our solar projects and solar module supply businesses in Australia, while expanding into other C&I sectors in this region. We see a bright future ahead as Australia continues to expand its renewable energy market.

Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Canadian Solar

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